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Who Is It That Has Such Ill Will For America?

There seems to be some very malicious intent on the part of somebodys to run The United States of America deep into the ground where no one can ever find it; somebodys wants it seriously destroyed. For its leaders to have allowed so many events to occur on its watch – events they surely must see and realize are intimately connected and interwoven that they can only crash like a stack of dominoes when nudged – seems to be such a mystery. Or is it? The engine can only run for so long on its current condition before finally collapsing.

Particularly, what is going on with our penal, justice and law enforcement systems will ultimately have a negative and profound long-term affect on life as we have come to know it here. The disproportionate incarceration rates of young black and Hispanic males for small drug crimes are staggering. Due to the methods by which much of the economic data we are given is calculated, the foundational devastation that is occurring beneath our feet goes largely unnoticed to the masses – especially to those of us who feel we are OK/safe for the most part because we have taken the correct steps to keep it that way. To not see how these events connect and affect us all, is very naive. We are the ones who don’t typically pay attention because we are too busy making sure we remain OK/safe; but we are also the ones who hold the power to demand that America change its course. If we don’t, we are going to find all of our neighborhoods (black, white, Asian, Hispanic, or whatever) surrounded by million dollar privately and publicly owned prison facilities, filled with American citizens who will one day re-enter society, no longer able to earn a fair living due to the stigma of now being labeled an ex convict. Now what for them? Remember, many of these people are being locked up for crimes that just a few decades ago would’ve maybe gotten them a warning. Today the same offense costs 5-10 years of your life. People don’t see this – it isn’t reported in the mainstream media. Prisoners become guaranteed streams of revenue for a prison system that PROFITS from the imprisoment of American citizens. Why is this OK?? What kind of madness??! So in truth, many of our “criminals” aren’t necessarily bad people – they are just victims of a system designed to criminalize them for profit.

What can we expect as a result of this allowance? More crime, fully militarized local police forces (citizens will be asking for additional protection out of fear – they’ll foolishly vote it into legislation), increased unemployment, homelessness, starvation, more hate/racism, increased debt, and the list goes on and on. None of this will happen because people are bad per say, but simply because they will be trying to survive! No different than someone who is currently living in the ghettos of America. This cycle has already begun; it has been happening underneath our noses for several decades now. Some might argue a century but let’s not split hairs. It is moving very rapidly to those who are aware of it and watchful. The good news is, it can be dialed back. Bad news – It will take many years to do so and a bravery and solidarity of the people of this nation that is largely unknown to this alive today. We have lost our will to fight. We are unguarded at a time when we should be most. So I do believe it is possible, but not at all an easy undertaking.

Though America’s beginnings were constructed in murderous conquest, extortion, slavery, and major injustices towards Native American, African and poor people, it was once upon a time a country that had so much potential for true greatness; it has had numerous chances to truly ‘right its wrongs’, but has turned its back. It has continuously pissed those opportunities away by failing to do what is right by ALL people, and choosing instead to bow down to corporate and racist interests. America has held the golden key in its palms [but fumbled] on many occasions, to become the flagship for other nations to pattern themselves after. Many have greedily done so, and have tied their hitches onto it and its whores of Wall Street. They will sink right along with her if they refuse to abandon ship. The many wrongs that America’s “leaders” and citizens have allowed to continuously be done to underprivileged poor people and people of color, is a debt that cannot be overlooked and must eventually be paid. They can’t be so blind not to see the inevitable consequences of their actions, which is why I feel it is that the continuous running down this same self destructive path is intentional.

The America we could have known has been taken captive, and is being held hostage. She is being raped and is screaming for freedom. Who will come to her rescue? Somebodys at a very high level does not want good for America. Either that, or they want so good for themselves that they can only see America as a pawn in their rearview. I can see it so clearly…can’t you?

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Is Black America Failing Its Young Men?

youth inprison

I recently heard from a friend that Attorney General Holder is considering passing new laws that would eliminate mandatory or extensive sentencing for drug crimes. 

I don’t know fully what this means exactly, as I have not done much research on his intention with these new laws. While I find the information on the surface to sound appealing and admirable, I must admit that I do sense that additional trickery could be at hand with the passing of such a law. America has not been too kind in its attempts to restructure laws that obviously place black people at great risk and disadvantage. There has been little hesitation to put large segments of them right at the epicenter of harm’s way. These perceived attempts have mysteriously and consistently been undermined by individuals and groups who occupy powerful positions within the United States’ legislative branches – entities that possess the potential to determine the fate of millions of black people, as well as all Americans who reside under its control and living near the bottom of its socio-economic totem pole. For centuries now, there has been an ongoing battle for the rights and equality of African descendants in America, and their basic rights as humans. In fact, their humanity in general has been questioned and continuously hangs in the balance. While there are many people living in the United States who believe black people are just as much human as anyone else, not many of them would be willing to trade shoes with a black person – not in America. Being judged based purely on your skin color – something you have essentially no control over, and shouldn’t desire to – can be a heavy burden to bear. This imbedded mindset has not totally disappeared, and if you believe that it has, then you are naive. Too much evidence exists to the contrary.

Back to the law changes. Remember, it isn’t the length of a sentence – nor any mandatory sentencing laws at all – that tosses both black and hispanic males into this social under-caste system that current legislation does, but it is the tag that comes along with any conviction that hinders them from re-entering society with a fair chance at reform – things like higher education, housing, economic and employment opportunities, and even a retention of their right to vote. Sentencing is only the beginning, and just one part of the casting process. The stigma that is attached to someone who carries a felony conviction on their backs, is just as bad as actually “doing the time” itself. Whether sentenced or not, 6 months or 6 years, it is the attachment of this label – and the criminalization that is to follow – that places them in jeopardy of losing the aforementioned rights. So let’s not be suckered into some soothing political lingo, disguised to woo the general public – particularly blacks – into thinking they will be getting a better deal than the one they are currently living. I mean, don’t get me wrong, no jail time sounds like a really good deal, especially to poor and underprivileged families who are forced to live in impoverished conditions due largely to the strong male figures having been systematically removed from their communities, causing them to search outside for assistance. These economic conditions are most conducive to producing a life of crime just to survive, and an unfortunate cycle that is predictably hard to break.

Many black people are asking the question today:

Is it the black community who is failing the young black men in our communities by not giving them the support they need? My answers are, “yes and no”. Yes, we are failing them because we have allowed and are allowing it – again – to happen on our watch. And no, we aren’t failing them…in larger part, it is the system that blacks and hispanics have had no part in setting up, that is failing them.  I am speaking of the American legislative and penal systems in particular. Law enforcement agencies are failing them; drug enforcement agencies are failing them; the U.S. federal government is failing them; the education system is failing them; the American people are failing them. Just about everything around them is set up to be a pitfall. The police protection they are theoretically given, is only a facade for covering up a much more sinister plot to destroy them. They are living underneath a social and political system, with the primary aim of killing them – both literally and figuratively. They are being slowly and systematically plucked out and exterminated in genocidal proportions. The evidence of these claims is blatant, but yet remain obscure to most. We can look right at the blaring data that suggests such a genocide is – and has been – taking place; but so many will still deny that it is. This baffles me!

I often wonder:

Do most of us turn away our heads because we feel so helpless to do anything about what is happening? Do we avoid touching on it because it hasn’t touched close enough to home for us personally yet? Do we avoid it because the scars from the pains of our past run so deep, and we don’t care to re-open them or revisit it? Is it possible that we are completely oblivious to what it taking place?  Or are we just afraid of challenging the system…or rising up against it in revolt? I seriously hope the two latter are not the case.

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

It really does take a village: Even in a world of feminism and equal rights for all, a strong, hard-working, family focused male figure is essential for providing communities with the stable foundation it needs to build itself up. Men are the hunters and gatherers; they are the core. A community with high quality feminine and masculine images and actions for its youth to look up to and model after, yields a community that is unstoppable in what it can achieve. In thriving, non-infiltrated, black American communities of our past, the men were the strength, courage, and muscle of those villages – they were the motor that powered and guided the people to drive forward. The women were the oil, the backbone, the glue holding it all together as it sped along. The religion that African slaves were given was used by slave masters as a tool to misguide, miseducate, and subdue his captives. Though most eventually came to believe it was their religion, and not one they had adopted. Many Africans were heinously murdered by “good ole Christian folk”, claiming to love GOD, while hoisting a negro up on the branch of a tall oak tree with a noose around his neck – often in front of his wife and children. When one thinks with any level of logic, however, how is it possible for Christianity to be authentically an African’s religion, when in Africa Christianity did not even exist until the Greeks brought it over with them during their conquests and inquisitions? Africa had totally different philosophies and spiritual systems – practices that European imperialists considered to be “primitive and uncivilized”. Much of this was lost in the journey to the West.

The United States of America – the establishment that stole millions of African people away from their homeland – eternally separating daughters from mothers and fathers from sons – tearing apart entire families who had been together for many generations – is what has failed black people again and again by keeping them economically and socially destabilized and disadvantaged through the use of political and legislative power and police force, even by the use of brutality; thereby making it difficult to come together, find common ground, and organize any true movement away from the slavery that still exists today via the prison industrial complex’s mass incarceration agenda and other systems. Instead, America has moved “blindly” into a state of colorblindness, which is a myth and really does not exist. Color certainly does exist, though many are wishful that it did not. Let’s be clear about it, there was never any long-term need nor want – outside of slavery – for the so-called “savage” African’s presence in America. So there is a psychologically and perhaps physiologically imbedded disdain for those who fall under the “one drop rule”. There was, and is also, a political and propaganda-driven agenda to cause blacks hate themselves. It is very difficult to quantify, but this is why the lack of self love is so prevalent among black people today. This self hate would cause an implosion of epic proportions within the black community, and a self perpetuating genocide through black on black crime vis-à-vis “Chi-Raq”. We don’t value ourselves, so we kill ourselves. We don’t value the lives of those who resemble us, so we easily accept the apathy of others toward black life. None of this is by accident, but a deliberate and psychological design.

So….what about Michael Brown? What about Timothy Stansbury? What about Sean Bell or Oscar Grant? What about Eric Garner or Alonzo Ashley? I tell this appalling story to prove true that from a historical perspective, there has never truly been a value for black life in America. The way in which black people have been mishandled by the since their arrival on western shores – from slavery to Jim Crow to the War on Drugs and senseless killings of its youth – exhibits this fact  to me very clearly. That is the REAL problem we are witnessing come to a head today. It is even bigger than what I have shared here, but this is a good place to start.

“You can only conceal the fact that you are pregnant for so long – sooner or later the truth of your pregnancy must be revealed. American has been pregnant with a revolution for quite some time now, and soon she must give birth to that child.” -Bradford Speaks


dred scott

In 1847, in a fight for his and his family’s freedom, Dred Scott (then a free man for three years) was told: “It is too clear clear to dispute, that the enslaved African race was not intended to be included, and formed no part of the people who framed and adopted this declaration. Black men have no rights which the white man is bound to respect.” – Chief Justice Roger Taney, Dred Scott vs United States Supreme Court

This judgment has yet to be overturned….causes one to wonder why.





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Bradford Speaks is a Life Architect, Coach & Youth Speaker, who desires to wake up the world to see one that it could exist in if only it could employ more love and less hate and war. He seeks to speak to and inspire our youth to live at a higher level of consciousness, to see themselves as their brother’s keeper. He is also an author and self proclaimed philosopher. You may visit his company’s site, Bradford Speaks Life Management, LLC to learn more about his work, and to schedule individual sessions or book him to speak to your youth organization. 

Does “Truth” Really Set Us Free – Or Does It Kill Us?


As I exited the metro train at the airport destination, rode the escalator down into the corridor of the facility and walked into the building, looking straight ahead at me were two individuals standing next to a book stand of sorts. Their display housed a paperback publication called The Watchtower that was being handed out to travelers for FREE – much like the Christian missionaries do. The Nation of Islam (Black Muslims) in America, led by Minister Louis Farrakhan, also hand out a similar publication, a newspaper named The Final Call. The Final Call is a publication that has expanded its content immensely over the last few decades, now covering topics from religion to entertainment, technology, and other news from around the globe. Its contents I find to be very enlightening and far reaching. These individuals at the airport also had signs posted next to the WatchTower stand that bore the message, “the way we can bring peace to the world”. Now, if you are not familiar with what The Watchtower is, I’ll explain. It is a magazine that is published by the Jehovah’s Witness religious organization. It contains scriptures from the bible, and then provides its followers/readers an interpretation of the scripture – essentially telling them what they are supposed to glean from the particular passage. This practice is the same in all three major religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islamism – in order to push their particular religious agendas. Writers also give account of the missionary activities of believers around the world, and provide real-life examples of how to apply their teachings to every day life. Jehovah’s Witnesses are widely known for their early morning door knocking practices, one in which they walk around specific residential neighborhoods handing out their publication, along with other small pamphlets, seeking to share their truth with those who will listen and convert others over to their beliefs and way of life. Each edition of the magazine also consists of columns designed to give its readers additional guidance. I might add that the life principles teachings, detached from the religious aspect, can be a very good thing. But people must ultimately make their own minds up about following them; it tends not to last long if done any other way. Even then it can be short-lived or turned on its head.

As one who has great respect for freedom – freedom of speech, freedom to practice religion of choice (except for pushing it onto others – let them seek you out), freedom to marry whomever we wish, freedom to live as you will as long as you aren’t harming others, even the freedom to bear arms – I see this type of thing as a part of the problem in our attempt to obtain peace. I see this as actually a work against peace as opposed to working in conjunction with it. In this peace I’ll attempt here to explain why.

WhatMustBeDone_FerrakhanTo my knowledge – throughout documented history –  religion has never served to unify humanity as a whole; it has mostly served to separate them. There is fighting, abuse, and murder that has gone on for thousands of years, e.g. today this ridiculous was with Israel and Palestine, all in the name of religious superiority – a belief that one’s GOD is right and the other’s is wrong. The Christian crusades, as early as the 1st Century A.D. did the very same thing- it sought to impose the beliefs of the Catholic church on neighboring countries and continents. Its fanatics ran around various parts of the globe spewing its “truth” onto any part of humanity in order to convert them over to their belief, and often through the use of violent means. As people resisted, these crusades often turned into bloodbaths that resulted in the brutal torture and murder of tens of thousands of innocent humans. These militants believed that they were the enlightened ones who must reach the un-enlightened ones, for they surely had the Light that all others needed but just didn’t know it.

IS (formerly known as ISIS) or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, is made up of a group of religious zealots who believe that it is their duty given by GOD to bring Islam and Allah (their definition of GOD at least) to the rest of the world by force. This is their truth, and they feel compelled to do so even at the cost of their lives and the lives of many innocent others. It could be propaganda to bolster fear in America, but the organization has been quoted saying they intend to hang the flag of Islam on the White House eventually. America, IS is coming”. Or something along those lines. And to mention something like this to war-mongering America, are true fighting words, and have all the makings of sparking up global conflict. So you see now how what we believe can cause the opposite of peace – war?

Most of us have heard the words before, “know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. The problem with this is that truth is subjective to what the individuals considers and has accepted to be truth. How can all of our truths possibly be the same, when we all grow up under different social, political, cultural, and religious constructs? You can already see how this could cause intense disagreement between groups or individuals who have different truths and opinions, and are fervent about being right. Further, I contest that at the end of the day we really know no truth – that the only truth that bears undeniable proof is the individual’s truth; which can turn into a collective truth of millions, as in the case of religion. But that collectivism still does not make it true – it only makes it a cult. So I ask, is is really possible to have this peace that many speak so hoping-ly of?



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Bradford Speaks is a Life Architect, Coach & Youth Speaker, who desires to wake up the world to see one that it could exist in if only it could employ more love and less hate and war. He seeks to speak to and inspire our youth to live at a higher level of consciousness, to see themselves as their brother’s keeper. He is also an author and self proclaimed philosopher. You may visit his company’s site, Bradford Speaks Life Management, LLC to learn more about his work, and to schedule individual sessions or book him to speak to your youth organization. 

America’s Constant Lack of Respect For Black Life

police van-fergusonI have a question – Why is Mr. Al Sharpton always the one black person called onto the scene of violence against blacks, but doesn’t seem to ever do a damn thing!? I am not implying that he has never done anything at all for blacks; I believe he has done a lot up until a point, but I also believe that the mainstream media seeks him out to come and pacify or quiet down black people’s rage when the justice system has abused them. He does so by using the same old civil rights jargon of nearly 50 years ago, to numb the minds of protestors. He is still using the same old tired ass non-violent marches – while singing church hymns and negro spirituals – that he did back in the day with MLK. I am not crucifying Mr. Sharpton here, that isn’t the point of my post. I don’t know him personally, and as I said, I do believe he has fought in the past, but I also believe he has now been bought. I say this because it is common practice to have an inside (or spies) “policing” of a people by its own people. (Click Here To See Trailer for Mississippi Spies). We have not gone forward in terms of race relations, we have gone backwards!

I digress…I simply don’t agree that his approach is relevant in today’s fight against racism, as it is a very different fight than it was back then. That approach is played, brother! We don’t need any more peaceful protests, peaceful marches, peaceful nothing. What made the Black Civil Rights Movement so potent was relentlessness! When white America realized that if they killed two of the freedom fighters, five more immediately stepped up ready to die…kill that five, seven more took their place. It was that “we ain’t going nowhere until it stops mentality” that forced them to install legislative changes to make things more equal for blacks. This also forced them to find a new way to enforce Jim Crow When they realize they had a serious war on their hands that wasn’t going away easily. THAT is when things truly began to change and they decided to compromise and change the face of racism and the treatment toward ppl of color. But it only changed costumes, don’t get it twisted. Thus is why protesting publicly is so important. It shows resolve and resiliency that cannot be ignored. Looting is an act of war. Throughout history, looting has been done by opposing troops in order to weaken the state of the enemy and strengthen your own. When a country decides to go to war with another, one of the first things to happen is a disarmament of their foe by seeking out known military supply yards and destroying it. In this destruction, they will salvage what they can to use against them.

ferguson teargas-missouri-protests

So this is how we solve problems in America? We are on camera to the entire world, and as one who projects itself as the world’s leader and peace preserver, we can’t even preserve peace within our own borders; from South America to Central America, to the North. Prayer doesn’t seem to be cutting it either, as the number of senseless murders of young black men is steadily rising. While you are on your knees praying for Michael Brown, another 25-year old black male – a known mentally disturbed one – was murdered in Los Angeles, less than 48 hours after the Ferguson shooting! Shooting an unarmed person is a complete act of cowardice, in my opinion. In many cities around the United States, these young black people are being profiled, and police are being trained to identify and select them as targets by the way they walk, talk, and dress. They are being run down like dogs in the streets in broad daylight, murdered in cold blood by the people who we as taxpayers compensate to protect them! They have rights, too! Most of them are unarmed, and NOT dangerous. It is a “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality that our law enforcement are being brainwashed with; showing very little respect for human life/black life, and civil rights – and that is bullshit! Additionally, the shooters are rarely justly punished for the crimes they commit! Just because a kid has on baggy jeans doesn’t mean he’s a thug or threat to you! Because his hair style doesn’t fit your description of what is conservative, civil, humane, or in alignment with your idea of the status quo, doesn’t make him any less human or deserving of such brutal treatment and disrespect. When we show no resistance to this type of behavior from our law enforcement, we are in essence saying that we are OK with it. So if you are not OK with it, you must not be afraid to speak up and speak out loud!

military gearI am all for Peace & Love, but there comes a point where you have to stand up and make it clear to the oppressor that what is going on around you just is no longer acceptable or tolerable. You must display that you are willing to fight (and die) to make it stop! WE must stand together to show them that this is NOT the kind of world we want to live in, and together create the one that we DO want. Big Ups to the Ferguson, MO residents, and the supporting St. Louis, MO black community for standing vehemently against yet another senseless slaughtering of an unarmed, young black male. Stand by and watch if you will, while your local police forces practice military tactics on civilians here on your home soil; the black male seems to be the primary “lab rat” at this point in the experiment. Not all police officers are bad, but if you are one and are unwilling to stand up against what you know is wrong, then you are no better than the rest of them. They are practicing in preparation to use these same tactics on YOU in situations of mass hysteria and any protest to whatever kind of police state they are trying to set up here. It is complete fear tactic that is designed to send a message of, “this is what could happen to you if you resist police force – you could find yourself at war in your own neighborhood”. You may or may not know, but many small town, local police forces are receiving millions of dollars worth of military grade protective gear, weaponry, and other war-ready technology from the United States federal government. This is the equipment they are using to deal with civilians in our communities. We must ask the question, “Why?” Why is such heavy artillery needed to control a population, some of which are armed, yes, but in no way comparatively? Most of the people in these neighborhoods are harmless, hard-working, and innocent, so why in the world would you need to possess such barbaric utility?

I don’t care what race, ethnicity, or color you are, if you have a job, must work every day like most of us in order to feed and support yourself or your family, and you refuse to fight in some way for those who can’t fight for themselves, then don’t be alarmed when you find yourself unable to protect your own rights and freedoms in the future. We must learn to see these victims as a part of our collective selves. In order to see an end to this insanity, this entire country must some day stand hand-in-hand, and rise up against these hate crimes against black America, and all people of color who have earned a right in blood to a share of this soil. Until then – and without racism – there will be no true peace in America.


~R.I.P. Michael Brown~


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Bradford Speaks is a Life Architect, Coach & Youth Speaker, who desires to wake up the world to see one that it could exist in if only it could employ more love and less hate and war. He seeks to speak to and inspire our youth to live at a higher level of consciousness, to see themselves as their brother’s keeper. He is also an author and self proclaimed philosopher. You may visit his company’s site, Bradford Speaks Life Management, LLC to learn more about his work, and to schedule individual sessions or book him to speak to your youth organization. 

What’s The BIG DEAL With All The Immorality?

right-way-wrong-way2-430x320I had a debate recently with regards to the perhaps not so apparent decline in morality in the U.S., and globally. I’m not big on morals per say, but I can at least recognize when something has truly gone awry. One of the individuals involved in the debate said – and I’m paraphrasing here – what is the difference between what is happening now and what happened when we were growing up? I remember my parents listening to songs about cheating, committing adultery, or engaging in casual sex. The older generations always complain that the generations behind them are morally deficient, sending the world too hell in a hand basket. When in fact, they’re no different than they were.

Here was my response: The difference, if I might speak on it, is that these songs were not played in the public classrooms, at school events, sporting events, or on the radio without using the *beeps* within the music to attempt to mask what were thought to be inappropriate lyrics for younger ears. Also, kids couldn’t download (free of charge) and have access to complete albums containing explicit lyrics, popping them into their ipods and constantly streaming and embedding these song’s messages into their unconscious psyche through tiny, privatized ear buds. What we take into our conscious mind largely shapes the way we view the world around us; this input molds our perceptions and the way we come to define things and experiences. Children trend to look up to these famous images that are presented to them via multi-media sources. Reality T.V. today is also a huge culprit for deteriorating our moral boundaries and gauges. Life truly does imitate art, and what we are experiencing in our world today is a reflection of the art that media is giving the masses, not excluding social media and the ability it allows to share and spread immorality like a disease.

Those old school songs were played, yes, but as a young boy I wasn’t fully aware of what they were talking about until I was much older. You mentioned rapper Ice Tea’s “F**k the Police” song, implying that it was during our era and was very controversial. Yes it was, but that song was actually released at the end of what most consider true hip-hop, and at the commencement of gangster rap and the cultivation of black on black violence by the “War on Drugs” that was launched against the black community by the United States federal government ing the early-mid 1980s. That particular song, like many others that preceded it, expressed the frustration of black people being oppressed and mistreated by law enforcement – this time in the Los Angeles, CA. area. This bold expression was warranted at the time, and had a necessary purpose of refuting such horrible treatment from police officers toward humans. The song wasn’t using derogatory terms about our women just for the hell of it, as gangster rap – and rap music in general – would eventually come into doing.

hip hop corrupt

We could debate this all night long, but what it really boils down to is how YOU wish to see our kids grow up, what kind of future world YOU want them to grow up in – either one of high values, dignity, and integrity, striving to live in their highest state of consciousness, or one that doesn’t respect you, your kids/family, your life, our planet, or life in general. If you desire the former, then what are YOU willing to do to bring it to fruition? YOU choose.

I don’t beat up on kids, for by and large they are a product of their environments – we all are to great degree. But we can all change. I do inspirational speaking to kids, and my goal is to encourage them to re-evaluate their own world views, and challenge them to create the kind of world they want to live in, and to be leaders in bringing that world into existence, guiding the generations that will follow them.


It is a personal choice – if YOU as an adult are cool with the world going in the direction that it is, you are certainly free to say or do nothing…just let it ride. For me, on the other hand, that just isn’t good enough. So you’ll see me in the trenches!



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Bradford Speaks is a Life Architect, Coach & Youth Speaker, who desires to wake up the world to see one that it could exist in if only it could employ more love and less hate and war. He seeks to speak to and inspire our youth to live at a higher level of consciousness, to see themselves as their brother’s keeper. He is also an author and self proclaimed philosopher. You may visit his company’s site, Bradford Speaks Life Management, LLC to learn more about his work, and to schedule individual sessions or book him to speak to your youth organization. 

America’s Long-Time Assault on Communism

comm vs capUntil now, I never fully understood why American politicians have historically held such strong hatred and opposition toward Communism. Similar reasons for America’s disdain for Communism could also be presented for another country’s disdain toward Capitalism – America’s current system of government and way of life. After doing more research, I have concluded that, in theory, Communism is actually not a bad thing. Now, I am not saying that I am now a subscriber to Communism or Marxism, and surely not in the way that many in the West have come to perceive what it actually is – a perception which is highly flawed, and has been perpetrated to the masses as evil, bearing a mean and vile dictator who abuses his own citizens and forces them to accept and exist at a lower standard of living. I have further concluded that none of the popular social and/or political theories or ideologies are bad per say. “In theory” they all could work. I am convinced that the people who are administering said theories and ideologies, who are putting motion to it, are the ones who corrupts it. In other words, it is man himself who poisons these systems.


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I also understand now why Communism has undergone so much ridiculing assault and persecution from American government and its foreign policymakers. The reason that Communism has been so hated by America and other Western super-powers, is that, in theory, Communism – much like Socialism – seeks to level the playing field for all of its constituents; it seeks to eliminate the ideal of socio-economic grouping, class, or caste. In a developing third world country, this kind of system can be quite advantageous. Let it be known, however, that such cannot be achieved without integrity, honesty and a regime that has a genuine love for its people. In order to level the playing field, the nation must take more of a nationalistic approach to harnessing whatever its valuable and natural resources are, and market those to the outside world so that its own Republic may reap the benefits, thereby creating a better quality of life for the whole of its people. Or, if multi-national corporations wish to share in the harvesting of some of the nation’s natural resources, or desires the use of its fertile land to manufacture and produce specific products to be sold globally, a tax should be imposed upon such corporations who wish to do so. This keeps the wealth of that nation inside its own gates.


GadaffiThe leaders and administrators of a Communistic system – as in all systems of government – must be willing to put aside selfish interests, and solely strive for the betterment of all of its people. Such a concept does not bode well in the minds of Western capitalists’, whose thirst and greed for acquiring insurmountable  wealth, power, control, dominance, and the hoarding of natural resources – water not excluded – has become unquenchable. This very mindset is what lies beneath every American-led (which are numerous) coup d’etats, successful and unsuccessful overthrows of foreign leaders and/or governments over the last two centuries. This is the root of foreign hatred towards America, not some non-existent jealousy of Americans’ materialistic fortune as so many believe. It is actually their meddling in affairs that do not concern them, and the exploitation of others, that they have been historically and directly responsible for. Through the use of mass media mental impressions, American governments’ and corporate entities’ primary objective has been to imprint an undesirable depiction of Communistic countries into the minds of Americans – a depiction carefully designed to gain the American peoples’ approval to intervene in actions that are positioned to be perceived as inhumane in those nations. These depictions often describes a leader who is a tyrant who abuses his own people. I’m sure this sounds a bit familiar to you – Muammar Gaddafi, Fidel Castro (went rogue due to America prodding), Sadaam Hussein, Presidents Miguel Da’vila (Honduras) , Jacobo Arbenz (Guatamala), Jose Santos Zelaya (Nicaragua), and the list goes on and on. History has found these accusations, in just about all cases, to be untrue. America’s “intervention” or interference in the personal affairs of foreign nations – which usually centers around some corporate financial interests there – is often dressed up in military garb, using militaristic force, all under the guise of implementing democracy. It is European – turned American – Imperialism at its finest! America oppresses these developing nations who simply desire a better way of life for the people of their homeland. Nationalization of resources or taxation of foreign countries for the use of or access to them, would cost American born, multi-national corporations, money; and could also result in the exile of those American corporations who don’t want to play by the new rules. Hereijacoboarbenzn lies the makings and eventual pursuit of a regime overthrow. They are conspired only to retain a financial foothold inside the corridors of these developing nations. Instead of playing by the rules of those nations, respecting the direction in which they are choosing to move their country, America bends them over, backwards, and around, to play by their rules. If the regime won’t cooperate, American-created unrest, chaos, and war will often follow as a result to cause a destabilization and division in the region. This makes for easy takeover via the installation of a”puppet” regime.


I share this sort of information with you so that we can all fully overstand the shape of our world, which cannot occur without first overstanding the shapers of it. If we are to change anything about it, we must know from whence we came and how we got here, in order to go in a different direction – or else we will end up traveling simultaneously in circles. Once your “eyes” are awakened to how this monster moves, you will never be fooled again. You will know why you should question its every move, whose side to stand on and fight with. Don’t be surprised if more often than not, you are standing opposite of the good ole’ U.S. of A.

Whenever America is heavily involved in a foreign country that is rich in particular minerals, resources, crops, or landmass that can produce a valuable asset, it has nothing to do with any democratic installation. Their presence is purely to protect American interests abroad – interests that are usually specific to some huge, multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporation in the West, and carries no benefit at all to the typical citizen.




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Bradford Speaks is a Life Architect, Coach & Youth Speaker, who desires to wake up the world to see one that it could exist in if only it could employ more love and less hate and war. He seeks to speak to and inspire our youth to live at a higher level of consciousness, to see themselves as their brother’s keeper. He is also an author and self proclaimed philosopher. You may visit his company’s site, Bradford Speaks Life Management, LLC to learn more about his work, and to schedule individual sessions or book him to speak to your youth organization. 

The New Jim Crow – Chapter 1: The Rebirth of Caste

“Initially, blacks brought to this country were not all enslaved; many were treated as indentured servants. As plantation farming expanded, particularly tobacco and cotton farming, demand increased greatly for both labor and land.

The demand for land was met by invading and conquering larger and larger swaths of territory. American Indians became a growing impediment to white European ‘progress’, and during this period, the images of American Indians promoted in books, newspapers, and magazines became increasingly negative. As sociologists Keith Kilty and Eric Swank have observed, eliminating “savages” is less of a moral problem than eliminating human beings, and therefore American Indians came to be understood as a lesser race- uncivilized savages – thus providing a justification for the extermination of native peoples.”

-Excerpt from The New Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander

Does this sound familiar at all? It should. European Imperialism has used this same tactic of degrading and dehumanizing the people that they need societies’ approval of, for the infliction of abuse upon and removal of them from society, quite often through genocidal means. They use mass media to paint the targeted people out to be dangerous, a threat to us all and our civil liberties. Truth is, these people are only seen as obstacles standing in the way of their greed – their ability to secure what they already have and to acquire more. Once this false image is seated in the conscious minds of society, a war against the targeted people is initiated.

This tactic has been deployed many times throughout modern history as a tool for capitalistic expansion reaching from the West – to name a few; the Jews in Nazi Germany, the Japanese, Africans via the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Black Americans and Jim Crow, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Cubans, Nicaraguans, Hawaiians, and many other Pacific and Caribbean islanders. The consistent theme here is that people, who appear to be – by their standards of civilization – savage and uncivilized. The fact of the matter is, they simply live their lives differently; they have different values, traditions, religious and spiritual beliefs – they are not wrong, just different. Most recently added to this list of misfits are – gays and Muslims in the middle east. The elite also used this very same tactic with its self-inflicted 9/11 assault on N.Y.’s twin towers and innocent American citizens. This was a plot intended to mount up American indignation toward Osama bin Laden (a former C.I.A. tactician) and the entire Nation of Islam, in order to garner American support of the “war on terror” creation and the eventual bombing of millions of innocent Afghani people and their surrounding regions.

We must stop falling for this same old trick; we must better educate ourselves on what is truth, and demand that all people are treated equally and fairly, as we are all creations streaming from the same Source. Regardless of what our beliefs, racial, and cultural differences are, don’t allow yourself to believe that you are better than anyone else – that is only in your mind. We are all great in our own unique way. No one has the formula on who is better than, and I do mean NO ONE! Nope, not even you.



20 BradfordSpoke 14


Bradford Speaks is a Life Architect, Coach & Youth Speaker, who desires to wake up the world to see one that it could exist in if only it could employ more love and less hate and war. He seeks to speak to and inspire our youth to live at a higher level of consciousness, to see themselves as their brother’s keeper. He is also an author and self proclaimed philosopher. You may visit his company’s site, Bradford Speaks Life Management, LLC to learn more about his work, and to schedule individual sessions or book him to speak to your youth organization. 


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