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America’s Long-Time Assault on Communism

comm vs capUntil now, I never fully understood why American politicians have historically held such strong hatred and opposition toward Communism. Similar reasons for America’s disdain for Communism could also be presented for another country’s disdain toward Capitalism – America’s current system of government and way of life. After doing more research, I have concluded that, in theory, Communism is actually not a bad thing. Now, I am not saying that I am now a subscriber to Communism or Marxism, and surely not in the way that many in the West have come to perceive what it actually is – a perception which is highly flawed, and has been perpetrated to the masses as evil, bearing a mean and vile dictator who abuses his own citizens and forces them to accept and exist at a lower standard of living. I have further concluded that none of the popular social and/or political theories or ideologies are bad per say. “In theory” they all could work. I am convinced that the people who are administering said theories and ideologies, who are putting motion to it, are the ones who corrupts it. In other words, it is man himself who poisons these systems.


comm vs cap2

I also understand now why Communism has undergone so much ridiculing assault and persecution from American government and its foreign policymakers. The reason that Communism has been so hated by America and other Western super-powers, is that, in theory, Communism – much like Socialism – seeks to level the playing field for all of its constituents; it seeks to eliminate the ideal of socio-economic grouping, class, or caste. In a developing third world country, this kind of system can be quite advantageous. Let it be known, however, that such cannot be achieved without integrity, honesty and a regime that has a genuine love for its people. In order to level the playing field, the nation must take more of a nationalistic approach to harnessing whatever its valuable and natural resources are, and market those to the outside world so that its own Republic may reap the benefits, thereby creating a better quality of life for the whole of its people. Or, if multi-national corporations wish to share in the harvesting of some of the nation’s natural resources, or desires the use of its fertile land to manufacture and produce specific products to be sold globally, a tax should be imposed upon such corporations who wish to do so. This keeps the wealth of that nation inside its own gates.


GadaffiThe leaders and administrators of a Communistic system – as in all systems of government – must be willing to put aside selfish interests, and solely strive for the betterment of all of its people. Such a concept does not bode well in the minds of Western capitalists’, whose thirst and greed for acquiring insurmountable  wealth, power, control, dominance, and the hoarding of natural resources – water not excluded – has become unquenchable. This very mindset is what lies beneath every American-led (which are numerous) coup d’etats, successful and unsuccessful overthrows of foreign leaders and/or governments over the last two centuries. This is the root of foreign hatred towards America, not some non-existent jealousy of Americans’ materialistic fortune as so many believe. It is actually their meddling in affairs that do not concern them, and the exploitation of others, that they have been historically and directly responsible for. Through the use of mass media mental impressions, American governments’ and corporate entities’ primary objective has been to imprint an undesirable depiction of Communistic countries into the minds of Americans – a depiction carefully designed to gain the American peoples’ approval to intervene in actions that are positioned to be perceived as inhumane in those nations. These depictions often describes a leader who is a tyrant who abuses his own people. I’m sure this sounds a bit familiar to you – Muammar Gaddafi, Fidel Castro (went rogue due to America prodding), Sadaam Hussein, Presidents Miguel Da’vila (Honduras) , Jacobo Arbenz (Guatamala), Jose Santos Zelaya (Nicaragua), and the list goes on and on. History has found these accusations, in just about all cases, to be untrue. America’s “intervention” or interference in the personal affairs of foreign nations – which usually centers around some corporate financial interests there – is often dressed up in military garb, using militaristic force, all under the guise of implementing democracy. It is European – turned American – Imperialism at its finest! America oppresses these developing nations who simply desire a better way of life for the people of their homeland. Nationalization of resources or taxation of foreign countries for the use of or access to them, would cost American born, multi-national corporations, money; and could also result in the exile of those American corporations who don’t want to play by the new rules. Hereijacoboarbenzn lies the makings and eventual pursuit of a regime overthrow. They are conspired only to retain a financial foothold inside the corridors of these developing nations. Instead of playing by the rules of those nations, respecting the direction in which they are choosing to move their country, America bends them over, backwards, and around, to play by their rules. If the regime won’t cooperate, American-created unrest, chaos, and war will often follow as a result to cause a destabilization and division in the region. This makes for easy takeover via the installation of a”puppet” regime.




I share this sort of information with you so that we can all fully overstand the shape of our world, an overstanding that cannot be acquired without first overstanding the shapers of it. If we are to change anything about it, we must know from whence we came and how we got here, in order to go in a different direction – or else we will end up traveling simultaneously in circles. Once your “eyes” are awakened to how this monster moves, you will never be fooled again. You will know why you should question its every move, whose side to stand on and fight with. Don’t be surprised if more often than not, you are standing opposite of the good ole’ U.S. of A.

Whenever America is heavily involved in a foreign country that is rich in particular minerals, resources, crops, or landmass that can produce a valuable asset, it has nothing to do with any democratic installation. Their presence is purely to protect American interests abroad - interests that are usually specific to some huge, multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporation in the West, and carries no benefit at all to the typical citizen.




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The New Jim Crow – Chapter 1: The Rebirth of Caste

“Initially, blacks brought to this country were not all enslaved; many were treated as indentured servants. As plantation farming expanded, particularly tobacco and cotton farming, demand increased greatly for both labor and land.

The demand for land was met by invading and conquering larger and larger swaths of territory. American Indians became a growing impediment to white European ‘progress’, and during this period, the images of American Indians promoted in books, newspapers, and magazines became increasingly negative. As sociologists Keith Kilty and Eric Swank have observed, eliminating “savages” is less of a moral problem than eliminating human beings, and therefore American Indians came to be understood as a lesser race- uncivilized savages – thus providing a justification for the extermination of native peoples.”

-Excerpt from The New Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander

Does this sound familiar at all? It should. European Imperialism has used this same tactic of degrading and dehumanizing the people that they need societies’ approval of, for the infliction of abuse upon and removal of them from society, quite often through genocidal means. They use mass media to paint the targeted people out to be dangerous, a threat to us all and our civil liberties. Truth is, these people are only seen as obstacles standing in the way of their greed – their ability to secure what they already have and to acquire more. Once this false image is seated in the conscious minds of society, a war against the targeted people is initiated.

This tactic has been deployed many times throughout modern history as a tool for capitalistic expansion reaching from the West – to name a few; the Jews in Nazi Germany, the Japanese, Africans via the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Black Americans and Jim Crow, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Cubans, Nicaraguans, Hawaiians, and many other Pacific and Caribbean islanders. The consistent theme here is that people, who appear to be – by their standards of civilization – savage and uncivilized. The fact of the matter is, they simply live their lives differently; they have different values, traditions, religious and spiritual beliefs – they are not wrong, just different. Most recently added to this list of misfits are – gays and Muslims in the middle east. The elite also used this very same tactic with its self-inflicted 9/11 assault on N.Y.’s twin towers and innocent American citizens. This was a plot intended to mount up American indignation toward Osama bin Laden (a former C.I.A. tactician) and the entire Nation of Islam, in order to garner American support of the “war on terror” creation and the eventual bombing of millions of innocent Afghani people and their surrounding regions.

We must stop falling for this same old trick; we must better educate ourselves on what is truth, and demand that all people are treated equally and fairly, as we are all creations streaming from the same Source. Regardless of what our beliefs, racial, and cultural differences are, don’t allow yourself to believe that you are better than anyone else – that is only in your mind. We are all great in our own unique way. No one has the formula on who is better than, and I do mean NO ONE! Nope, not even you.


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Thoughts on Father’s Day 2014

Several years ago I began to wonder why things like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other of these “days” that are set aside to recognize and celebrate greatness, only occur once each year. I understand that we only have a limit of 365 days in a year to recognize these countless moments of greatness and achievement, so from that regard I get it…well kinda, but not really. I firmly believe that it is imperative to recognize the positivity in these parts of our lives far more frequently than we currently do. For this reason, I am a big believer in constant uplift and encouragement in light of a job well-done.

In our personal lives this can easily be done. These achievements are much closer to home, and could be separated from the more nationally or globally recognized “event”, most of which were designed only to promote capitalism and to accelerate consumerism anyway. Now…what can diminish the value of giving and receiving such positive feedback, is the feeling that it isn’t authentic – that it’s only being given as an automated gesture instead of a pure act of the heart. To make it authentic, we must seek out the positive as opposed to the negative. There is always something good to be found and noted, but only if this is our intent. Truth is, we will find which ever one we are seeking most.

Today the focus is on Father’s Day, since that’s what someone has designated this day to be. I recall the times when I was married and raising a family with the mothers of my young children, seeing my children on a day-to-day basis. Like most parents, I poured much of myself into making their lives the best I could – into making them the best people that I could by living a great example for them to follow. I also recall often feeling underappreciated for the investment I was making in their lives. I get that this is what we as parents are supposed to do, but many of us go that little extra mile, you know what I mean? That’s the part I’m talking about. I wanted to be noticed for that! I often felt like my partners were either unable or unwilling to see it, or just didn’t care or value it much. I don’t think now that this was actually the case, but the business of life can cause us to glaze over things we might otherwise highlight in our parenting partners’ efforts.

I’ve learned that it really doesn’t matter if the parents are together in the same home raising the child(ren) together, if they’re doing a great job, tell them. Again, some will argue, “well it loses its value, Bradford, when you tell someone how great they are all the time.” To that my question is, Do you ever get tired of being told how amazing of a job you are doing in a particular area? If you said ‘yes’, then you’re lying! ;-) If you answered honestly with a ‘no’, then start today with letting your partner know how much you appreciate even the smallest things they do. But only do it if your intention is pure and springs from deep within. And every time you feel it, seize the opportunity to tell them again.

Here are a few example of what I mean:

1) “Honey, I really love the way you bathe our daughter with so much tender, loving care. Thank you for loving her the way you do.”

2) “Sweetheart, I want to thank you for the sacrifices you make to take our children to school in the mornings so that we can have that extra half hour with them before they’re off to school. It really means a lot to me.”

3) “Baby, I think you’re the most amazing mother a kid could hope for; we are all so lucky to have you.”

Now wasn’t that easy? The key here, however, is authenticity. If it isn’t authentic, you will risk sounding cheesy and scripted. When I think about saying these words to the women I co-parent with, tears form in my eye ducts – that is a sign of genuine, authentic gratitude. Try it, and let me know how it works for you. :-) List out the reasons to be grateful for them, and share with them one of them every day -  sincerely mean it.

Personally, I don’t do what I do as a father to my children for any other reason than the fact that I love them. And I’m sure you feel similarly. Even though it feels good, I no longer look for praise, adoration, or the approval of others on how well I am parenting. I don’t even expect it from the kids themselves – I’ve learned better. I do what I do for them for a much higher cause. Simply, I want them to make a difference in our world, a difference that will tremendously improve the world we live in. I want my kids to positively impact your kids’ lives, and yours, and your kids, too. I want them to be a light in utter darkness; to seek and know only happiness, and to innerstand that life is but a dream, and that you can make that dream whatever you want it to be. I also want them to know that they ARE their brother’s/sister’s keeper, and that “life” is certainly worth losing if the cause is a worthy one. Because truly, can life ever really be lost?

Happy Father’s Day to all of my brothers in the struggle to raise young men who will hold our women in the highest esteem, and young women who overstand how to love and hold down her man. And to my sisters who are forced to be dad in the interim, keep doing what you’re doing – it’s working. :-) Each and every one of your  contributions are valuable and appreciated, so be sure to make them as great as you possibly can!


20 BradfordSpoke 14

An American Observation

“Militarization of a planet, calling it the securitization of a nation; extortion and annexation of once free and independent nations; miseducation and covert designs of legislation for the intentional use of segregation, dehumanization, and extermination, of a certain [colored] segment of the population.

With your ‘war on drugs’ campaign, our youth you’ve imprisoned and criminalized; with your manipulation tactics of mass media outlets, their image you have stereotyped, stigmatized and villainized; and with manufactured fear, you have continually terrorized the heart of a nation, and those you have so heavily plagiarized.

Of all of these crimes, America, you stand guilty. When will you finally pay up? And you most certainly will.

20 BradfordSpoke 14

What Is The Endgame For America?!?

is the New World Order a theoryCan someone please tell me, what is the endgame here? What is the purpose of the seemingly intentional crashing of the American economy back in 2006-2007? It can be argued that its alleged “recovery” is a fake, as our nation continues to print money on fancier and fancier paper, but out of thin air! Was this an act of economic tyranny by our very own? Are we all standers-by, in the midst of witnessing the economic genocide of an entire nation, or an entire planet? When we consider the globalization and homogenization of our economy with those of other major and minor international players – which has resulted in a continual allowance of millions of would-be American jobs floating over to foreign shores – what are we to make of it? Surely government “leaders” knew of the negative impact that such a pivotal decision would have on America’s local economy and the citizens of our homeland, right? They couldn’t possibly be so oblivious to this…could they? You can get caught into blaming one president or political party over another if you want to. But truth be told, this all began with one political party at the helm, and has been carried on by another. In fact, it’s been subtly forming before most of us were even born. But I will speak in current terms in this post, just to keep it familiar to you. So apparently, their plans are congruent, and both agree that this is the direction in which we should be headed. Therefore, mustn’t we assume that they simply did not/do not care how it would affect us? Mustn’t we assume that millions of American families being homeless, jobless, hungry, forced to take jobs that are sub-par to the skill levels they have acquired, just in order to put food on the table, simply wasn’t a high priority for them? In all of their grand wisdom, surely they must’ve known how this decision would affect the millions of American college graduates’ ability to find and land decent jobs that are commensurate with their educations and student loan debt accrual, right?. Mustn’t we also assume that our government leaders see corporate and shareholder profits and interests as far more important than the survival of its own tax-paying citizens and their basic and essential needs for life being met? I think so.


Here is an excerpt from Stephen Kizner’s book, Overthrow – it will give a bit of a backdrop as to why America has pursued such a path, and how long it has been in play: In America’s inception, the population was just not large enough to support the vast amounts of production happening in this resource rich country, so the only way to expand the consumer market was through opening up foreign trade. In his late 1800s book, ‘The Influence of Sea Power upon History’, Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan, Naval Captain and Director of the Naval War College, argued that “no nation had ever become great without control of foreign markets and access to the natural resources of foreign countries. To achieve that control, he asserted, a nation must maintain a navy powerful enough to protect its fleet and force uncooperative countries to open themselves to trade and investment. A navy with such ambition needed a network of supply bases around the world, so Mahan urged the United States to not only build a canal across Central America (Panama Canal), but also to establish bases in the Caribbean, the Pacific, and wherever else it wished to trade.”  From that point, this has become the adopted worldview of our government and its hidden hand elite. There really is a “mad scientist” and a group of madmen behind all of the mayhem in our world today, seeking to take over the world! Sounds crazy, but I am convinced that it is true. Though I don’t know all of the details surrounding it, there does seem to exist – within the smoky lofts of American and global politics – a very sinister plan for world-wide colonization and dominance. This is a plot that most people are not aware of, or can’t even imagine their (s)elected leaders having in the works for their futures. Normalcy Bias has blinded the most of us.


Many will say that it is all a myth or conspiracy theory, but it is in fact, the drive shaft that set into (and keeps in) motion the Imperialist mindset we see today – an ancient European mindset that believes the rest of humanity is wrong, savage, and uncivilized in the way they live life; they believe it is their duty to “Christianize” them all and show them how to live a more enlightened existence like that of their own. And in the process, they have natural resources on their land that would help us expand commercialism and our wealth. How freakin’ arrogant!! This is the same mindset that has been behind America’s attacks on and attempted and/or failed colonization of places/people such as the Hawaii, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Africa, the Native Americans, and so many others. Often the results were mass murdering and slavery among these indigenous people and lands.


policestateHere’s the deal, by moving all of these jobs across seas, choking out the purchasing power of the middle and working classes by lowering living standards and failing to increase minimum wages/benefits, pushing more and more people into the poor house, reducing the population through an inability access to affordable healthcare and healthy food and water free of chemicals and GMOs/GEOs, suffocating small businesses with heavy tax burdens, who then becomes your consumer, America?? It seems like an economic suicide to me! Are there now too many people to consume the products you produce? Or is it since you produce so little now, giving it all away to China and India, you have little use for the large population? These actions makes little sense in an system whose functioning success is entirely dependent upon massive consumption. Are we all to eventually become Walmart shoppers, accepting poorer quality products because it is all that we can afford? Where is the once “land of opportunity” headed now, I ask?

In light of all of this, and so much more, please share with me your thoughts/comments below on what you feel is going on in our world today? What are these people attempting to accomplish, here and globally? Why does the U.S. continue to wage war or establish a military presence in so many places around on the planet (over 1,000 to date)? Why is it so heavily engaged in foreign affairs, neglecting its own, leaving so many issues at home unresolved? Share your insights with me, and please don’t tell me it’s the devil! Lol…I’m looking for true intellectual discourse here.


Rest In Present, Maya the Matriarch

Rest In Present, Maya the Matriarch

You have danced in this life like no one else was watching…

A Youth That Sees Past The Veil

YouthMarchWe all have our thoughts and opinions about the topics that we are most passionate about. Well, I love the youth! So here are the thoughts I have formulated based upon my observation of the recent student/staff protests that forced certain “celebrities” to cancel their commencement speeches – former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and International Monetary Fund chief, Christine Lagarde, being two of the notable names ousted. A few of the higher learning institutions involved were Rutgers, Harverford, Smith College, and Rice University.

I have great hopes that this recent happening is a sign of the emerging Millennial Generation taking a strong stance against the current regime infiltrating our federal government here in the United States, and helping this country to turn a crucial corner necessary to shift this current paradigm we have been tail spinning in for what seems to be forever. I hope their actions are an indication that they aren’t fooled anymore like previous generations have were, by the fancy titles, socioeconomic statuses, or lush office spaces you occupy, but are more concerned with what you stand for as one they would call their leader; your actions, as it pertains to the overall and long-term betterment and advancement of humanity. I hope this indicates to you, and to the world, that our youth today are more in tune with the carelessness of your decisions, the ill affects they have had on our already struggling society, and how many innocent lives your decisions have claimed. Place your hands behind your back if you will, as a guilty child does after realizing she’s done wrong, but the see the blood dripping from your fingertips. You have forced this generation to watched their young friends and family join your military forces, travel across the seas and oceans to fight and die, with many returning with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), and other disabilities that alter their lives forever. All because of senseless wars that YOU created – wars that had no real reason to ever occur. All this you do under the guise of National Security, but they see the falsity of it all. They now have access – through centuries of declassified government archives and the Eric Snowdens of our world - to the truth and hidden secrets of your past and ongoing evils. They see you (much clearer than my generation did) for who you really are – that you are actually the DISRUPTERS of peace and NOT the perpetuators of it that you claim to be. The jig is up! They are onto you, and they are tired of all the lip service you’ve given for decades, and are now demanding that you stand behind all the talk – either put up of shut up! There was a time during generations past when a person’s celebrity was enough to “woo” the public, especially students, into granting them the esteemed honor of giving a commencement speech at a prestigious university, and receiving an honorary degree from the institute as a result. This honor was based purely on their celebrity and their perceived service to humanity. It was an honor often given regardless of what they truly stood for, or the crimes against humanity they had committed, primarily because it wasn’t known by the masses what they actually did stand for. All we knew was what they told us. It appears that to this generation is not impressed with your rise to a high level in government or corporate America – that isn’t enough anymore. This no longer qualifies you to speak and influence a youth that is poised to take us forward. Particularly when it is your views that have brought such great harm and oppression to so many others around this great planet. Why would we want our youth influenced by such a mindset to carry on after you’re gone, perpetuating the terror you’ve forced our entire world to live in? Why would we want that, I ask? When selecting one to receive such a prestigious honor, we must consider at what cost to your fellow-man were you able to reach such career heights? Who have you toppled in order to get where you are? What have you done for the poor, homeless, jobless, and down-trodden? What have you done that is of service to someone other than yourself? Who else have you assisted in pulling up? What deeds have you done to advance peace in our world without first serving your own selfish agenda? What is YOUR criminal record?? youthactive I applaud these protesters who forced Condoleezza Rice and others to cancel their commencement speeches. I don’t want someone who doesn’t value human life speaking to my children. I don’t someone speaking to my children (or their friends), who supports policies – here and abroad – that seek to oppress the rights and liberties of others less fortunate. I don’t want someone who is heartless and void of compassion for others, giving guidance to my children. What about you? I hope that you as a parent want the same. If so, wake up and take a stance by your children. Don’t allow them to be lulled into someone’s celebrity, without making them set forth the good fruits of their labors. Make sure they know the truth about the world around them, and implore that they be a part of the much needed change. Refuse to allow them to exist in the darkness as you have. This requires a new way of thinking on your part, parents. Are you ready for the challenge? So here is a message to our so-called leaders: Stay up there in your glass towers until we come and knock you down. You can still change your wicked ways, and help turn this ship onto a better trajectory. This generation will then follow your lead, if you are showing proof of earnest in your efforts. If you are not, they will sniff it out.  Keep doing what you’re doing young people! I am proud of you!! I support you fully, and I have your backs. You are the change we have been so eagerly awaiting – the price for freedom can be high, but when the all smoke clears, you can stand tall with your chins held high, knowing that you truly made a difference for all of us. Be encouraged and live out your destiny! Now let’s go, we have work to do!    20 bradfordspoke 14


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