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Could Broken Hearts Have a Purpose?

April 14, 2011

the life of a human being certainly has its ups and downs, doesn’t It? well, at least that’s what they say. and there does not exist a DOWN to be experienced in this life that is greater than that of a broken Heart. we all will encounter this phenomenon at some point during our material existence, so that we may understand and appreciate the brilliance yet fragility of the human Heart. the broken heart is arguably THE single most painful and debilitating emotional experience to be fathomed by the human spirit; it is THE flat tire of ALL flat tires on the road of human life and existence on the material plane. if you think it won’t or can’t happen to you, think Again! we are all susceptible to it, and for good Reason. keep reading and you will see Why.

now before we get into what i believe to be the purpose of a broken heart, let’s first examine what a broken heart Is. according to wikipedia, the term broken heart is a metaphor, and may be used to describe the intense emotional pain or suffering one feels after losing a loved one, through death, divorce, breakup, moving, being rejected, or other means. it goes on further to say that although “heartbreak” is usually a metaphor, there is actually a condition – appropriately known as “broken heart syndrome” – where a traumatising incident triggers the brain to distribute chemicals that weaken heart Tissue. metaphor, my ass! Ha! a broken heart causes REAL, LITERAL, PHYSICAL pain in the chest region, are you kidding Me?! i personally believe broken heart syndrome is a very real Condition! but only those who have truly Loved someone are susceptible to It. and in order to finally See and Respect the power of Love the way we should, we all must at some point either in this life, or in a subsequent incarnation, pass through this gateway of heartbreak…for only then can LOVE be made alive and perfect inside our souls; which is a big part of why we are Here.

ok….so you wanna hear the good stuff about “catching” a broken Heart? although some might not consider what i’m about to say as “good Stuff”. but surely there is some good in it because there is SOME good in EVERYTHING, no matter how Traumatic…it all depends upon how we choose to view it. everything really does happen for a Reason. through self-discovery and extensive conversations with others, i have discovered that heartbreak actually carries a purpose…probably several, if you can believe that. now ain’t that a &%#! how can having a vital organ such as your heart, (figuratively) ripped out, crashed into the planet, tossed about like an old ragged and neglected toy, dragged across a dusty, rocky road, and shattered into a million pieces NOT have a freaking Purpose?? it BETTER…for anything so painful must certainly have a Reason! i mean, surely our creators would not allow us to experience something so hurtful without it having a really good reason, would they? EVERYTHING they allow is by design and not without purpose. so with that in mind, within the following paragraphs of this blog, i will share my thoughts and discoveries with you. why? because i Love you, and i want to encourage you to love Fearlessly! in the material state-of-mind that most of us operate in, this can be quite challenging, especially if we have already traveled down heartbreak lane once before. stripping down to your complete and total nakedness and choosing to Love again AFTER heartbreak is nothing short of sheer bravery…and some might say total Stupidity! 🙂 but learning to love purely and uninhibited is a necessity, and heartbreak is fortunately but unfortunately a phase of the purification process we all must undergo in order to perfect in us that which was intended from the Beginning. there are other ways as well that Love is being perfected in each of us throughout the material lifespans of our Souls. but this blog will solely explore the path of heart Break.

so…if no one has ever broken this down to you before, get out your pen and paper and get ready to Write! because if you have not already had your heart broken, trust that your turn is Coming. and when that time reveals itself, you may need these notes to reflect on for strength, and there is nothing more that ole bspeaks wants than for YOU to be strong and Prepared. not the strength to stop or avoid it though, but to be able to look back and know WHY heartbreak is finally knocking at your door; and perhaps you might even welcome it in with open arms, knowing the benefits it brings with It. 🙂

the purpose of a broken heart is to literally shatter it like glass…so that patterns like avenues, streets, alleys, valleys, canals, curves, crevices can be formed, all to allow for things to flow Freely. imagine, if you will, a map and all of the various elevations in the topographical make-up of a state such as arizona or Nevada. grooves and deep engravings have been carved into the earth’s surface by water travel, and the shifting around of the earth down through the ages. heartbreak, much like these natural occurrences, enables these veins and ports of travel to be expanded, creating the spaces needed for NEW LIFE, NEW LOVE, and NEW EXPERIENCES to freely and deliberately ooze in; through and between every nook and cranny of those millions of tiny little breaks and down into your very soul, creating a completely permeable canvas for life’s work to continue its course and magnificent work of art in You. these channels are also ways for impurities to be forced Out. during this time of struggle, allow to seep in new friendships and companionships, pick up that hobby you have longed to get started, rekindle old/lost, valuable friendships of the past, nurture neglected family ties, research your family tree, embark upon new and exciting adventures, travel to the ends of the planet if you are able, volunteer your time to help those in need; mainly what i’m saying is, search to find the true you and the real meaning of your limited time here…what important lessons are you to learn this go ’round? above all…seek a greater spiritual connection with your creators and the cosmic mind of the Universe. i mean, every inch of what you see and what you don’t See. after all, don’t cha feel at the end of the day there really has to more to all of this than meets the Eye?  i surely Do…broken heart syndrome is designed and purposed to BREAK YOU DOWN….to humble You!  just as many other trials we go through in life, but this one is a tad more special and critical than all the others combined, in my Opinion. for Love is the law around which all other laws can and should revolve, just as all our planets revolve around the light and life-giver, our Sun; with Love perfected, our world is Perfected. can you dig That?? the pursuit of all of the aforementioned experiences should help bring about a higher consciousness and evolution of self on the material or physical plane, but the real lesson here is the spiritual evolution taking place inside of you. if you miss this, you have missed to entire purpose of heart break. but only a conscious mind and spirit will “get” This. i believe that people who have experienced the peril of heart break in this life, or in a previous one, and have truly learned the lesson(s) buried within it, are the ones we witness staying in long-term, happy, healthy relationships with friends, loved ones, and significant Others. when we perfect Love, we will also experience this euphoric, nirvana of Love.

perhaps heart break can also give you a “second wind” so to speak, to Love even deeper the next time Around. the cracks will ultimately meld over time, but they will remain visible for all the world to bear witness to the battle scars and wounds you have GAINED from Love’s brutal War. these eternal scars are also left in order to remind YOU of the sensations of pain you felt during that moment in time, that you might be compassionately careful when approaching and handling the heart of another human being in the Future.

so, just because you have not yet been stricken with a case of extreme heartbreak, know that this exciting time awaits You. when it finds you (and it will), let those pieces sit there and leave your mind free to let the NEW stuff in and the old stuff out. the NEW stuff is LIFE, the old, DEATH! when your turn is finally staring you in the face, know that the person breaking your heart is doing you a favor, and they themselves are also on a path of learning how to Love perfectly.

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  1. Nicole permalink

    Beautifully written, as I do believe the purpose of heartache is to allow us to learn to love unconditionally, fearlessly and completely. Love you man!

  2. Princess permalink

    love this and very deep, but totally true.

  3. Perfectly dissected and written my friend! Kudos to you.

  4. Ms. Weary permalink

    I read this n was like where’s the rest, I need more. I really enjoyed reading this. I’m about to marry what I feel is the MOST LOVING man I’ve had the pleasure of having n my life n he told me the reason he is the man that he is, is bcuz of a couple of past heartbreaks. I’m thankful that those experiences made him BETTER N NOT BITTER!!!!! U hit the nail on the head wit this one Hanna!!!!!

    • That’s what’s up! It is always our choice to remain bitter or allow the experience to make us better. i’m glad he chose the latter, and congrats to you!!! :-))

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