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Love Potion-Vol #1

April 20, 2011

will these wounds on my heart ever fade,

will these sad memories ever be erased;

like an old-tyme black board, messages of time wiped away,

yet subtle scribings of the past peer through;

so will my life be without you. will this moment define me?

couldn’t a simple surgery remove the marks this love’s made,

the dark, course tracks left on my heart. where do i start?

days i want them there to stay, to remind me of the day,

i gave my all, only to fall…in a maze of love with you

your presence envelopes me when i don’t want it to,

but that’s hardly ever, true cause i never want to be away from you long,

without you my life is unfinished, desolate and dim;

for years you lit my path, now i stumble blindly at every door way.

where’d your love for me go? where does it hide?

gone like a winter sunset, i need your help to find it again

til then, feel these scars, touch them, kiss them, they are alive with breath;

only your arms can ease the swells i feel…own them now! for they belong to you

but the answer is: YES


  1. Felicia Ballet permalink

    Very nice. Very nice indeed. :o)

  2. Ms. Weary permalink

    I read this twice n found myself wiping away tears n remembering my Mother who is r should I say was my best friend. I say was bcuz she passed away. I never knew PAIN until January31,2010. She was the one person who knew ME!!!!! How does a person ever heal from that!!!!!

    • I feel your pain, sweetie. Healing is very difficult, but not impossible. Most of us only heal in part, and part of that is good for the reasons I mentioned in the post. Those feelings of loss are to serve as a reminder to us of the Love we felt from the one(s) lost, and that we should strive to pass on that same sort of Love to others we encounter. It is to make you cherish greater the ones who are left. But first of all, it takes time so be patient with yourself. Allow yourself time to grieve, the release is OK, it’s healthy, and it’s necessary. SEE it as a chance to rebuild Self, to go deeper on a journey inside of the Self, to KNOW who and what you are in this grand UNIverse. Meditate and allow only positive energy, and people bringing positive energy into your space. This can help speed up the healing. Lastly, don’t try to heal all the wounds. Allow some to stay…they are the battle wounds of Life! 🙂

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