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Osama bin Laden

May 6, 2011

earlier this week history was made as the final hunting down, assassination, brutal murder and death of osama bin laden was announced to the world. cheers filled the streets! “hoooray, hoooray! we finally got that bastard!  good for him, it’s a great day to be an american!” were some of the reactions i heard. internet news & tv reporters with american citizen reactions filled the airwaves. tweets, status updates, blogs and other sorts of dialogue crowded the i-waves. i’m not sure that i have ever seen us bask in the loss of a human life as we did this week. please do NOT mistake that i am saying this man was not wrong, nor am i saying that he did not deserve punishment for his evil deeds. but i must ask….since when did WE become GOD?? i am sorry, but i missed that memo. who are WE to judge another man–and by death? when did WE come to be a people so hungry to see another man’s blood spilt in the streets, his brains on a platter? are we, perhaps, becoming no better than they? maybe we’ve been this way for a longer time than we realize or care to acknowledge? mustn’t we ask ourselves these questions? what have we become as a people…as a nation? but i guess it’s highly possible to develop such a tolerance for barbaric behaviour with the long-term mental and subconscious conditioning we constantly receive through school, television, radio, music, and almost every other form of entertainment our culture enjoys. i mean, this is a nation supposedly founded on christian principles and morals…is this how christ would have wanted his followers to respond? an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth? is he looking down from upon high, and also cheering the death of a man who may not be one of his followers, but is surely a soul who belongs to the great Creators of this magnificent universe? and as i watched and listened to many of us, we reacted without remorse, no conscious it seemed, hollow, and with very little sympathy or empathy. THAT is scary! again i ask, what does all of this say about US?

osama bin laden carried the legacy of being one of most ruthless, cold-blooded and heartless islamic extremist/terrorists of our lifetime. we are told that he was assassinated by a unit of united states “Navy SEALs called Team Six“. i’m not even sure i believe it happened the way they reported it, but that’s irrelevant. on the day following the murder, an article was published on, describing what bin laden’s murderer may have looked like. the article personified this “mystery SEAL” to its readers, because “the world will probably never know who fired that fatal shot”…so we can re-live this glorious event through his non existent eyes and shadow. the SEAL is not to blame, he was just doing his duty and following his orders. heck, reading the article got even MY blood moving around…got me to thinking to mySelf…man, if i were 18 again, hell i’d sign right on up! helluva recruiting tool, if ya ask me. here are some of the words and phrases used to describe this honorable navy SEAL – “probably around 30 yrs old w/ a bachelors of master’s degree. most likely white and may have a wife and children.” sounds like the good ole american guy next door, right? appealing. “perfect physical shape…gazelle legs, no waist, huge upper body configuration and almost a mental block that says, ‘i will not fail!” dude sounds like a beast and a physical specimen that any young’un might want to mirror after, huh? and any babe might be intrigued by. and this next piece sounds like it was written for a US Navy SEAL commercial– “inside, the man who killed bin laden has something special–a rare mental agility, an unflinching  nature in the most harrowing situations and the seasoned sense of self to know he can succeed”. ooooooh weee! i’m ready to go fight somebody right now! ha! only thing that was missing — “do you have what it takes to succeed? to be a navy SEAL?

well, after almost an entire decade since the 9/11 bombing and total destruction of the twin towers and building #7 at the world trade center in NY– sept. 11, 2001 would be the day of our lifetime that will live in infamy– our military experts were finally able to track him down in his million dollar compound (not inside a cave) that kept him “far removed from the world”, and right around the corner from an american base, some sources say. apparently he’s been living in the same place for about 5-6 years now, living amongst his family. my point here is, he wasn’t even hiding, really! remember now, bin laden has been wanted by one of the wealthiest, most powerful and resourceful military and intelligence outfits on this planet! some may argue that china has surpassed the u.s., but the u.s. is still highly revered by all. bin laden was on america’s most wanted terrorist list for well over a decade, and just before 9/11 occurred the CIA all of a sudden called a “cease search” for him for some reason…look it up. this man’s name and his extremist al qaeda network, has been plastered throughout the media as one of the biggest threats to the american people and its national security. but you mean to tell me that our mammoth of a government, with prowess like no other, technology not known to and unsurpassed by most on earth, feared and respected by many, if not all, with intelligence agents planted in every corner on planet earth, could not find this 60 plus yr old man for almost 10 years??! Really?? Nooooooooo!! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! if WE believe they’ve been searching for him for all of this time and have been unable to locate him, you are off your rocker! these people can find a needle on mars! believe that! they can do ANYTHING THEY WANT TO DO! Literally!

i digress here. i personally wish his family well. bin laden may have committed some heinous crimes toward humanity during his carnation here on earth, and i get that. but were his crimes any more heinous than many of the crimes OUR country has committed towards many other innocent people? let’s all look inward, folks…let us not be self-deceived. i challenge each of You to consider that if You call YourSelf humane, and You were one of those celebrating and shouting with joy for the murder and death of another human being–an inhuman act in and of itself. just how humane are WE really? that is all.



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