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9-Eleven Was All A Lie! Here’s Why.

June 4, 2011

Really?? I mean, really people??? It’s been 10 years since this went down. Are we just gonna continue to sit here and believe what we’ve been fed as reality?! Are we that careless, that pitiful, that squeamish, that weak and helpless?? It annoys me so that the American people (including myself), all races, creeds, and colors, religious beliefs, have become so apathetic, selfish/self-centered, disconnected, insensitive, fearful, and for the most part spineless, that most of us are willing to turn a blind eye to a power structure that literally murders its own citizens for financial gain, power, and world domination, and through FEAR seeks to lead the “sheeple” into a New World Order that will ultimately rob us of many of the freedoms we now enjoy? Whatever happened to the fight we once had in our fabric, as a people and as a nation? now we just take it!  Have we kneeled down and allowed them to “dumb us down” to such a level that we can’t even recognize when we are being lied to, manipulated, or mistreated? Now let me clarify…I don’t believe it is just the U.S. government, but the hidden powers behind them, and even the power that lurks behind that facade. There are sooooo many layers to this thing, for it has been in the works for many years.

I am not angry, but simply disgusted with us! The 9/11 incident is by far the most overt display of a “cover up” in the history of America in our lifetime. If you have never watched the movie Zeitgeist, watch it. It is documentary aimed at exposing the blatant lies we were told about what really happened on that terrible and infamous day. What’s worse is that as i have sought to share my findings with some, and it was turned away as propaganda, as a conspiracy theory, before even exploring the possibilities of possible truth. We are complacent with going day to day without a care in the world of where today’s actions will leave forthcoming generations. We say, “just give me my good job, nice air conditioned home, let me do a bit of shopping, etc, and I’m good.” Well it doesn’t work that way. At some point this just won’t be good enough. Something will eventually have to give. You’ll either become a true slave to the system, or you’ll ascend above it. Many of us already are mental slaves to the system, yet are completely unaware of it. The most brilliant act of ownership is to enslave someone without them ever even knowing it!

Let me be clear that I don’t take the Zietgeist film to be 100% accurate, but it does bring up some interesting points worth thinking about, in my opinion. A few interesting facts that were highlighted in the Zeitgeist documentary on the 9/11 conspiracy are: 1) they interviewed the engineers/architects who engineered, designed and built the towers, and they unanimously agreed that a single jetliner could NOT cause the towers to collapse in such a “pancake” fashion as they did, nor could the jet fuel have burned at temperatures hot enough to meld steel the way it did; 2) the pulverization of hundreds of tons of concrete is not possible without explosives, and a particular kind of explosive. I haven’t personally witnessed a demolition before, except for on television, but my sixth sense tells me that the demolition team would probably not only want to, but would have to, keep all the demolished concrete and other debris in a neat, concise form for easy hauling and to avoid destroying surrounding structures. Much like the twin towers were. I would also think that a building collapsing on its own, without the aid of explosives, that the concrete from such would not pulverize in such a way as you can see in any of the video footage. My logic and intellect also tells me that there would probably be a lot more ‘chunks’ of concrete left within the debris instead of powdered concrete. The rapid and complete disintegration of the steel and concrete structure was truly something to behold. and according to demolition experts, the only explosive that can burn long and hot enough to meld steel this way is thermite – you’ll have to look up the chemical composition of this powerful explosive and how it can destroy just about anything on this planet to fully comprehend what I am saying; 3) why in the world did bldg 7, sitting way over by its lonesome, collapse in a similar fashion?? I mean….really? What did it do, get weakened knees from the fear of watching the twin towers fall?; and 4) if a Boeing 757, weighing approximately 60 tons (without passengers and other cargo) really crashed into The Pentagon, why was no baggage, passenger corpses, seat cushions, remains of the two multi-ton Rolls Royce jet turbine engines, found at the site? Can someone tell me, please? I don’t want to believe that the people we trust with so much of our lives are really capable of this. The dimensions of the insertion where the 757 allegedly entered the building structure doesn’t remotely coincide with the actual measurements of the 757 aircraft. At best, it was a much smaller plane that crashed into the building, if any.

All I’m saying here is that we should question things that our government and media pushes on us as truth…because more times than not, they’re feeding us bullshit! This is not just my opinion, it’s historical fact. They have always fed us just what they’ve wanted us to believe. This way they create our entire reality, and how we feel about the world around us. We must re-learn everything we have learned from textbooks, for they have been especially formulated and authored to keep us blinded from the truth, and therefore unconscious.

Don’t take my word for any of this, do your own research because the lies are numerous. This is how you can live and walk in truth, not FEAR. Learn to trust your own instincts, dare to live outside out what your five senses feed your mind. Only then will you be able to ascend beyond this material realm and finally walk in the light.

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