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Peaces of Life

June 26, 2011

Like any great researcher, we humans scurry daily, searching to find the peaces to this great and mysterious puzzle we call life.  With each ethereally conscious, but physically  unconscious incarnation into the 3rd dimension, we search the planet over through our input of experiences, we frantically ‘frisk’ those we encounter, for the peaces–often missing or broken peaces– that just might fit snugly enough together to structure a completed jigsaw puzzle, in hopes of some day forming an image that  makes sense in our minds; an image that matches the one we’ve long-held in our subconscious as what defines the perfection of our lives.

After almost 9 linear months spent inside of a human gestational cycle, and finally being released from his/her mother’s womb, the newborn inhales the first physical breath of life with each incarnation, intaking the energetic pulses from its surroundings, sensing with senses unfamiliar to the soul, in an attempt to rationalise or decode the reality it is now experiencing, and the onslaught of positive and negative forces being fed into its human conscience. From this point forward, the glasses through which this child will view the world around him, will be distorted and discolored with sprinkles of various opinions and viewpoints that have been shaped by others’ experiences. He will seek perfection in everything, but will not find it; only cracked and mangled artifacts and a skewed perception of a perfection that never was and never will be in this dimension of matter. Truth is, this perfection he seeks does not REALLY exist in this material world. For this planet is merely a laboratory, a testing ground for humankind to fulfill its karmic cycle through a vast array of experiences in a world of duality. Therefore, the child will spend a large part of life searching for someTHING to fulfill the desire of a ‘connection’ that he KNOWS is lost. Void of any knowledge of the use of senses outside of the 5 he is conditioned to use from birth, he stumbles around through life also now searching for the peaces his ancestors never found, and could not therefore teach him how or where to find them.

Many will achieve greatness in this life- academically, financially, successful professional careers and the like. Some will fall in Love (or what they THINK to be LOVE), marry their sweetheart and divorce that same sweetheart, co-create and rear offspring together (or apart), acquire massive material possessions in order to help ease this 3rd dimensional experience by enjoying some of the comforts that life on Earth has to offer; some will even seek fame and fortune! A few though, through a partially awakened conscience, will volunteer and/or dedicate their time (and some their lives) to helping the needy and less fortunate. All of this energy will be exerted by most, in a feverish and often futile attempt to find these peaces.

The peaces to life that we ALL are really seeking- whether consciously or not- is PEACE itself–peace in a place that is not home. We are constantly searching for balance in everything. This planet is not home, so in essence, it’s like trying to get comfortable sleeping in a stranger’s home and in an unfamiliar bed.  Don’t get comfortable…try your best to begin detaching from it wherever you can. Doing so will make your time here much more PEACEful, and provide you with the peaces necessary to create your own perfection from withIN…for this is where perfection of the soul begins.


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