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I Pledge No Allegiance To Liars!

September 2, 2011


This right here…is a bunch of malarkey! First off, I pledge no allegiance to NO FLAG, especially not to the flag of a country that does not stand rightly behind the words cited it its very own preamble. But instead hides behind those very words, and performs deeds that are quite the contrary to them. Republic for which it stands?? Really. -___-  No such thing! This would require that the Supreme power rest in the hands of the citizens…but we’ll see in the next paragraph how much of an oxymoron this is. I’ve never been a very patriotic fella, therefore my children are not so much either. I do, however, have mad respect for those who serve, and thank them for the willingness to give their Lives for the physical freedoms I do enjoy; but my issues are with the mental chains, not the physical ones. My father served in the United States military right out of high school. This service was not by choice; he was drafted and sent to fight in a war, just like thousands of other young men who took the same oath and death sentence for a country that wouldn’t put it all on the line for them. Plus, there just weren’t many other options available to a young black male at that particular point in time. The more I learn about the underlying design of this ‘system’ that we live in, the more I unplug from it and take on more of an anarchist’s mentality. I refuse to give allegiance to an entity whose historical origins considered and treated other living, breathing human BEings as less than human; a group of people that senselessly murdered and stole the land and riches from the indigenous people of this great continent. An entity who still today instigates wars and perpetuates terror in other countries in the name of democracy. But…I digress. And before you go ASSuming my intent here, please know that this has nothing to do with any race of people, but more about a culture of evil.

So let’s break this allegiance thing down a bit- ok, first let’s define the word Allegiance: (n) – 1. the loyalty of a citizen to his or her government or of a subject to his or her own sovereign. 2. loyalty or devotion to some person , group, cause, or the like. Hmmm…ok. Sooo…how can we give loyalty to an entity, when according to the ‘pledge’, WE are sovereign, and should then give this allegiance to ourselves (the people or body of citizens). Well, unfortunately I think this is going to require the definition of a couple more words. But stay with me. This post is not totally about the Pledge of Allegiance, that’d be boring (to some) but just sit tight. 😉 Ok. So let’s define Loyalty: (n) 1. faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, cause, etc. 2. Faithful to commitments or obligations. Well damn! Faithful adherence? That sure is asking a lot from an individual just for being born into a particular country…in fact, it sounds a lot like brainwashing when we are having our youth open up their school days with the recital of this garbage.  Repetition as such is a form of hypnosis and/or mind control, especially at such a tender age. Why is having our “loyalty” so important? But I won’t delve into that too deep here, that’s another post for another time. Ok, so let’s define one more word here…let’s see, ummm….how about Sovereign: another (n) – 1. a monarch; a king, queen, or other SUPREME RULER. Oh, really? So who is this supreme ruler or monarchy that we are giving this allegiance to? The president or commander-in-chief? Congress? The entity or institution called the American government? Or perhaps, the British monarchy? What I do know is that when this country was founded, the intentions were for the people to reign sovereign, not a political body. Until the international banking cartel got involved and forced us into debt and long-term bondage, the people were sovereign. I could go on to describe the words Republic, Liberty, and Justice. But I’ll let you look those up for yourself. I think we all know that justice isn’t something given to all…this is one of THE biggest illusions ever!

The phrase that I wish to concentrate on here, is obviously the part of the allegiance that is NOT struck through, “ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE”. Cause we all know there is no “liberty and justice for all”, so nevermind that bullshit! But this ONE NATION phrase is the ONE thing they did get right, in my opinion. However, I AM not certain if they saw what I SEE in these words. I have learned that in all of the words we use to communicate, there are little nuggets hidden away. When the English language was being crafted by some of the noted literary scholars like Constantine and Sir Francis Bacon, there was considerable amounts of thought put into the techniques used for ‘hiding’ things in plain view; it’s a game in a sense, a puzzle for us to figure out. They’re giving us clues and hints all the time. They disguised things using symbolism, logos & mathematics. They’re TELLING us things without telling us…they’re mainly telling that they’re smarter than you,THEY are the “illuminated ones”.  But the phrase, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, should have read more like ONE PLANET , UNDER GOD, in my opinion; even better, ONE UNIverse, UNDER GOD.  You see, even though we THINK and experience a feeling of division and separation, we are NOT so; we ARE truly indivisible from the cosmic Consciousness many of us choose to refer to as ‘God’. Even if we WANT to be separate, we can’t! This 3D construct of the mind gives us the illusion that we are separate from one another, separate from God. The holy bible even teaches that we were separated from God by the ‘fall of Adam & Eve’ and sin, and can only be reunited unto God through the acceptance of Jesus as savior. This may be partly true, but I interpret this as we are separated from the MIND OF GOD (or God Consciousness), not the spirit of God. We are spirit, God is spirit; therefore, we truly are “indivisible under God”, unable to be separated. Once we begin to overstand the concept of Oneness that we share with ALL peoples, all Life (plants, trees, animals, the oceans/seas/rivers/lakes, the planet) all things of the Creator’s great creation that is the UNIverse, we will BE powerful beyond our wildest dreams. Science has proven that all matter is energy. The only reason that any of what we see with our physical eyes appears solid and is able to take any form, is because of frequency of the vibrations of OUR planet on its axis. This is what also gives way to the existence of Life on earth, enabling our experience with matter as we have come to know it. With a basic understanding of the workings of atoms and molecules, we can understand then that neither space nor time exists between them; there is no separation. Therefore, space & time are only illusions created by the human mind.

So, try as you might to be separate from God, but no matter how hard you attempt, it IS NOT POSSIBLE. For God IS…I AM…YOU ARE. WE ARE ALL…ONE. No matter how you choose to slice it. Namaste!


  1. Ms. Weary permalink

    I really enjoyed reading this piece.

  2. We were taught to say “for all white people”.

  3. Thank you, your article inspired me

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