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Conversations with Love Vol. 1

October 17, 2011

She flips Her hair as she passes by, Her long sultry lashes *wave* at me like the mediterranean in the moonlight. eyes fiery like pools of bubbling lava. slow, long-motioned, waves Her lashes take. the sway of  Her hips in Her long, fitted and hand-sewn evening organza. She pulls me in magnetically, like a matador’s cape does the bull. i struggle to escape Her gruesome grasp; a strong, gravitational-like pull, it jerks and jolts Me into a tailspin; dizzies Me. She continues strutting by…effortlessly, seductively, knowingly; knowing NOT though, the effect she implies upon my person, my immediate field of energy. this wall i’ve constructed out of a sprawling metal ivy of fear, is now dangerously weakened, it shakes vehemently as She dances right up onto My aura, unaffected by My Love force field, specifically designed to keep Her locked outside. At a glance, I swear  she has fingers with iron nails like daggers, hot-pink painted, or a deep red-ish hue; seeking to spring forth warm, fresh blood from my heart as she slices open my flesh and swallows Me up in her ice cold ocean. am I Her sacrifice tonight? is it my turn again? already?? NO! For I resist the urge to connect with Her again. She is such a witty & conniving bitch! but….i Love Her still…her energy overpowers me; whips me into submission. We converse…

Me: hello, Love. i SEE You, you can come out from hiding now. no need to sneak about. how are you? how have you been?

Love: *in a lightly-sprinkled British accent, she speaks*, “I am always well, my dear. It has been a while, where have YOU been? Hiding? *she winks* I’ve been here…and there…waiting for You to join Me again, my Love…and give me another chance at winning your heart, and finally showing you how to Love; I’ve missed You so”.

Me: yeah, i’m sure you have missed me, Love…I’m so sure you have. Well I don’t miss you (lying), and please don’t hold your breath waiting for me to return. in fact, why don’t we just agree now that You just leave Me alone…and I’ll let You know when I’m ready to take a stab again? cool?

Love: *laughs softly* “no, my dear…you see, You don’t quite get this whole thing called Love yet, but You will. And that’s why I’m…” *interruption*…

Me: well you know what, I don’t want to get it, Love. OK? I really don’t. but…you know what? tell me anways, tell me what exactly don’t I get, huh? what don’t I ‘get’?? it’s pretty damn simple, i think! You run around from heart to heart, cause people all of this trouble, breaking them down to their lowest of lows, causing tears, pain, and heartaches, experiences of deep grief and sorrow. So what else is there to really ‘get’ about that, huh?! pretty safe to say that Love sux, if you ask me!

Love: don’t be so hostile, my Love. it wasn’t i ( Love) who hurt you. it was your misuse & misunderstanding of the energy of Love. The mass of humanity today does not understand what Love is. They believe that Love is a physical feeling or an emotional charge of some sort that creates a fluttering in the belly. this is NOT Love. but Love is the UNIversal language created through a high vibrational thought frequency, fully realised only when one innerstands his Oneness with ALL; Love is the only language by which God communes with and among earth’s creations.

Me: huh? but i tried…*Love interrupts*

Love: no, my Love. i want You to listen to me now.

Me: *sighs*…Ok. You’ve got my attention…go on.

Love: the more You run away from Love, the more Love will continue to haunt You. The more You unselfishly give of Your Self TO Love, the more Love will give back TO You. but You, and many other humans aren’t Loving properly, and it is not your fault entirely. you ARE Love. the pain that you perceive Love to have caused you is not real, its only an illusion. For true Love causes no such pain, only joy. true Love is perfect in every way.

Me: You’re killing me…c’mon, Love. let’s get this over and done with, please? I AM open-minded but you’re sounding a little ridiculous.

Love: *laughs softly & bats Her luscious eyelashes* “my Love, You are always too funny. this is one of the reasons I Love You so, and keep lurking near You, following You around. You have so much to give and You don’t even recognise it, nor do You overstand how to give it freely, as You were created to do. You’ve closed off the very circuits through which this Love current can and should flow. And You are the only one who can open up these shorted circuits.

Me: hmmm…uh huh….maybe…maybe.

Love: No, surely.

…to be continued

~by: bradfordspeaks


From → Life, Love, Philosophy

  1. Tracy permalink

    Bradford… You betta write (right/rite)… and I quote “You’ve closed off the very circuits through which this Love current can and should flow. And You are the only one who can open up these shorted circuits.” Well nah!!! Beautiful expressions here go ’88. I could imagine the setting/place/space.. Really cool read…Waiting on the next chapter and such… Take care 🙂

    • Oh noooo! LOL…I’m WIDE OPEN when it comes to Love, sistar! My chakra test shows evidence of it. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and showing Love. Volume #2 coming soon…;)

  2. Ms. Weary permalink

    Ok so its been a minute since I stopped by, still enjoying my newlywedness!!!!! I absolutely love this piece, u painted a vivid pic wit ur words. Now my only question is WHEN CAN I LOOK FOR A BOOK? I like to c my brothers doing n speaking positive truths. God bless u.

    • So glad that you’re happy, married or not. Never forget that happiness is birthed from within. Another human can only add to your existing happiness. Peace & Blessings my Love! ❤

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