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Huh? The Entire Universe Is Inside of Me??

December 1, 2011

I recently had an epiphany! This happens to me every once in a while. ūüôā I was having a discussion on FB with a dear brother of mine, regarding the amazing and obvious (to me) similarities between many of the ancient Egyptian stories and the events given account of in the Christian bible. You know, Isis/Osiris/Horus >>> Mary/Joseph/Jesus. I have discovered that much of the symbolism from Ancient Egyptian HIStory were plagiarized by the pioneers of the christian religion, so I was sharing my thoughts and findings. we went back and forth a few times, and being that we know how one another feels about these sorts of issues, we agreed pretty quickly to give it a rest because we could literally debate for hours and hours about the issue. Now, I am in no way implying that ALL of christianity (or any religion for that matter) is wrong. I believe that all religions with pure intent are sacred in some way or another, and serve – however slighly – to raise the Consciousness level of humanity. But what I AM saying is that I believe much of christianity, and many of its concepts and components are of a plagiaristic nature, and can be quite misleading without proper use of one’s own INNER-tuition guidance. There is truth there at the core, but fear comprises its spine. But so can be the case with any religious doctrines, right? Now you can choose to label these striking similarities as irony or coincidence if you would like; it is totally your choice. But the truth as I see it, is that the real¬†HIStory was stolen, manipulated, and re-distributed to the masses as European and ultimately western civilisations were positioning itself to come into dominance. These early pioneers knew that with a fear-based belief system in place, control would come much easier. ¬†Yet fear is NOT what Jesus’ message was ever about. Now the Oneness that once thrived in ancient Egypt – even Atlantis – would take the shape of separation, unlike any modern man had experienced in recorded¬†HIStory. But does separation really exist, or is it an illusion existing only in the human mind? Science continues to prove that everything is energetically connected and interwoven. So how can we be separate from anything, including our Source?

But…as I was scribing my final comment on this topic on FB, all of a sudden it hit me – why would God put all of the secrets to all the mysteries¬†about man inside of a book?? Why would THE brilliant Creator of our vast and enormous Universe allow something so precious and vital to our spiritual EVOLution toward Christ Consciousness to be put into a medium where conditioned-to-be, greedy, power-thirsty humans could get a hold of it, and through mass murdering and psychologically manipulative methods, make it whatever they wanted it to be in order to create certain perceptions about the world that would enable them to gain control over the minds of the masses? But of course God knew this would occur, right? Or is GOD even concerned with such? Who knows. Nonetheless, therein those books, some written on sheepskin, parchment paper, clay tablets and the likes, were clues for the Source’s creation to ultimately find its way back to Christ Consciousness. I have concluded that the bible, the Qur’an, the Bagvadhgita, or all other ancient spiritual writings that were Divinely inspired, are mere road maps, that is it! They do not contain some silver bullet for “salvation”. The only real truth that exists in this physical construct is LOVE…that LOVE is infinite, and that everything outside of LOVE has been constructed by the mind and born out of fear to enable the human duality experience. You are here simply to experience it, allowing Source to experience itself.

Now on to my point: Do you recall the cat – named ‘Orion’¬†– in the first Men In Black film? Remember the collar the feline wore around its neck that contained what appeared to be the milky way galaxy within it? If you don’t recall, click¬†here.¬† I apologize that it is in French, but you will get the idea. The entire movie, the key to the galaxy was hanging around Orion’s neck. What they had been desperately fighting, killing and searching for was hanging in plain sight, but no one ever thought to look at the cat’s collar. Everyone was distracted by what was occuring OUTside! So is it as I see it with us. We are hiding from ourSelves outside of ourSelves. We are searching for something that is right there inside of us, hidden behind doctrine, dogma, and ritualism. The key to who we REALLY are lies inside of us, not our physical bodies, but our Light bodies – the pure and true essence of YOU…ME…WE! The ¬†Conscious energy we like to refer to as ‘God’ has placed his/her essence neatly inside of US…because it IS us. This explains clearly the famous scripture “created in his own image”, which was not to be interpreted literally. GOD is not a man or human, our inner image is made of this likeness. Only you can access what has been placed INside of you, and claim your God-hood/Sun-ship.

I encourage you…look INward, not OUT. The book is already written, been written; but it isn’t housed inside of a library, on a bookshelf, or in the back of a church pew. It is laying open-faced in the vessel of YOU…eagerly waiting to be read. So…open the book.


  1. Latrice permalink

    Interesting, as always!!! Always making me THINK!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Latrice! Really appreciate the Love…and the point IS simply to make you THINK! ūüėČ RT for me, please. ‚̧

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