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Love Potion-Vol #2

December 15, 2011

her hair flickers like embers from an open flame,
auburn blooms, watch them break away, never reunite
they flail in flight, off into the wind and night, drifting to a place misunderstood; searching to find what’s good, shelter amidst the cold, stay lit, don’t fade, cause if it dies, what gives, who cares but me…so i pray my soul

glow immense, heat emitting, not really though, cause
from inside a different temp hides, so cold it burns out the fire;
drowns out the life…fire won’t live there, can’t breath enough of what it needs to stay i can only pray that ember finds it’s way, back to where it was born, the womb that carried its life until it went astray.

cold summer nights enclose my mind, takin me where i won’t follow;
make sense? no choice in the matter tho, dragging me down the stairs, i suffer through, tomorrow will be bright-her life is in her hands, return? who knows.. her timing isn’t kept on a clock, no tick tock to watch, but a life watch. watch-ing her dance in the rain, free? really? wishing i had the reigns to pull back what i made? no control can hold, this wild one is bold, you’re free to do what you do, if your soul says it’s true

always, i live in you

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  1. Tomorrow is always another day…
    Nice post! 🙂

  2. Ms. Weary permalink

    I love it!!!! N again I ask when is the book coming out!!!! U know I had given up on love n somewhat on finding happiness until I realized that I had to first b happy within n it took me a very long time to find that n ME!!!! Now I have a wonderful husband who love n adore me for me, I count my blessings daily n I thank God for helping me find ME!!!!! Brad I wish u continued success, u r awesome!!!!! Much love

    • Self Love, it’s a beautiful thing! In fact, it is probably the MOST important lesson for us to learn. Once we can Love ourselves, we are then able to give and receive Love from others…realizing that you ARE Love is a very powerful accomplishment; kudos to you! Keep on living, keep on learning, keep on growing/EVOLving! ❤

      • Ms. Weary permalink


      • I think I’m going to start working on the book, D. 🙂 I’ve actually been contemplating for some time but wasn’t quite sure what to write about exactly. I have a few ideas, just need to decide which to develop first. I do still sing, but not chasing a career in it anymore. would Love to write songs though, and that isn’t out of the question. I appreciate the positive energy! ❤

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