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The Love Between Her Thighs

January 30, 2012

In the beginning was the womb, and the womb was with GOD, and the womb was GOD;

independent and unrelated to any form of matter.

stretched broad as the ocean floor, but the sea could not SEE, nor behold what she would conceive;

for betwixt her knees would arise kings among queens, miracles she bore between.

the sea knew her not because she had not yet perceived what would ultimately be;

how befitting that she would BEcome WOMBman, giving bearth unto nations;

billions upon billions would be bearthed of her brilliance.

her all inner-standing mind, embracing our UNIverse, her very Essence festering with Life;

bubbling up from the depths of creation, like lava in a nu formation, she IS creation.

alpha & omega, from pure stardust sprang up her origins, no probation or innovation, healing nations of starvation.

birthing all that is, luring in Love from every direction and intersection. It was there where Love found me.

she IS Love-through her EVOLution would arise every solution; the Love she bore was enough and still gave more;

this amazing inner-G she released, allowed our world to feast, full of her Love became obese,

releasing Love back into the sea, no sperm need cum to complete her masterpiece.

for as above, so below…from her womb all Life would flow, this great Love we’d come to know;

non-phallic, but an erection still of her Love, for in her Love we rise, through the circumvention of her blood  and the Love ‘tween her thighs.

pregnant, but defeating death, spitting sweat, tears; no fear, we are made alive inside her Love. #Mother-Earth ❤


  1. @Blaqbentley Loves it!! and shared it on her fb wall, peace to you brother

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