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Love Potion-Vol #3

February 18, 2012

her Love covers me, no, not a tent nor shelter, but a cloud of gray, somber-like vibe.

it once kept harm out, over-watching, protecting me from the elements;

hello? AM I alive?!

delusional, I stand under the vastness of her sprawling limbs,

her branches span wide, mahogany, trunk stout, her bark is rough, controlling me like a nightmare;

i sleep, i dream; inescapable…running, but nowhere to hide, no cover to find.

no strength, no breath, i think I’m alive.

stranded on an endless highway calledd Love, my life suspended above me, hovering, but not covering me;

my own damn Life…now anger’s rays push through the clouds, singeing my pores, my heart’s frayed,

it’s what I deserve? NO. feels like I’m alive…yes, now i know I AM, because i have lived.

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