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Love Potion-Vol. #4

March 18, 2012

like watching paint dry on the wall of an lcd, flashes of my life flicker, reflecting back at me;

white noise, reversed tones of black on the photograph run backwards in my mental. My mind…

creases open, light enters the wounds re-created but this time, again, healing eludes me.

sprinting swiftly, I reach out to taste her touch. gone like the wind, alone to taste my own sweet tears.

please relieve me, don’t leave me; here to die in this familiar, dark, filthy alley way.

raped of your Love, naked I stand in the doorway, covered and wrapped in linen drapery I watch you take another’s breath;

peeping ’round the corner, fear-tainted, face painted, this is war dammit!

set me free from your chains, cold whips of your embrace; blood stained arrows of battles long gone.

skullz and bones, an ugly war zone, your path is a brutal one to trace, but a beautiful one;

spoils of Love’s war litter the grounds but i am helplessly pulled along.

a survivor, back off my back is strong. enlighten me, my load a heavy and dense duffle, bags & ruffles sag

rustle as we wrestle in a puddle of darkness…same darkness that once cuddled us.


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