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Strip Clubs: Are They Right or Wrong?

March 20, 2012

A life-long friend of mine posted an FB status today that read, “How do YOU feel about strippers and strip clubs?” I commented with some initial thoughts, and as I was writing, I began to realise that this is a blog topic that I’ve wanted to touch on for quite some time now. So thank you, Paris G. Smith, and here goes.

I personally don’t have an issue with strippers and strip clubs from a moral standpoint, because i don’t really subscribe to morals any longer. i only subscribe to what feels good or right (for lack of a better word) to me and what resonates with ME. and i use the term “right” quite lightly, as what is right for me may not be right for all. each person has their own definition of what feels right FOR them, and that feeling is largely based upon the experiences; which we know can vary vastly between us all. this is why i always stress the importance of high vibrating thoughts. in my highest Self, though the mind sometimes interferes, are mostly good/pure, so i KNOW when a feeling or thought is not deriving from Love and when i’m out off kilter. when i am in this High state of mind and spirit, i am mostly thinking of others, and not myself…

We cannot discount or take lightly what others have gone through in their Life that may have compelled them to frequent or actually perform in a strip club to earn a living; to have to “earn a living” at all is another post altogether. we are heavily influenced by our surroundings and upbringings. truth is, just about everything we do is suctioned around our perceptions, and those perceptions are created by what we ingest into the mind (consciously or subconsciously), concentrate and practise our thoughts around, until it becomes a belief. we have the ability to make ourselves believe practically anything! Hell, Hitler, the Pope, and the catholic church convinced an entire nation that the virtual extermination of millions of innocent Jews was the “work of GOD”. Wtf!? Really???

so…the only issue I have with strip clubs is with the way it – along with many other things in our society – has caused our men (and young boys) to observe and objectify women, and in turn fail to appreciate them for their depth and complexities, and to respect them as the Queens they are. but worse, many of the women don’t even know how to allow a man to treat them this way. this is the conundrum we find ourselves in today! the way we observe and value women has a direct affect on the way we treat them. this doesn’t apply to all men, of course. but anyone whose mind is plugged into the matrix, is contributing to this epidemic. but my issue goes far beyond the strip clubs; you can open up any book or magazine, turn the tv to BET or MTV, a sitcom, go to the movies, hell a simple commercial, etc. and there you will find women being sold and traded for capitalism’s sake. we have been conditioned to observe the woman in a physical ONLY way, oblivious to all the other wonderful and amazing things about her. now, many women have also allowed this for themselves, so there has to be some accountability there. they have surely played their part as an enabler in all of this….driven by money, attention, and fame. but these people that we vote into office, who are so-called looking out for our best interest, are continually allowing this mess to be perpetuated. if they wanted it stopped, they would pass legislation to do so. but the fact is, they don’t want to because SEX SELLS, and it lines their already deep pockets. truth is, pornography is one of the oldest industries on our planet.

sex is one of the most beautiful and creative expressions of LOVe on the planet, but we have managed to make it very ugly. me and my boys have surely spent our time in the strips clubs, trust! but i see this in an entirely different light NOW, especially now that I’m raising daughters of my own. i desire for them to have men who appreciate the whole of them, not just their beautiful physical qualities.

it is not a good look…but what it is, is history repeating itself; there is truly nothing new under the sun. so…..what are YOU gonna do to change it?


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