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How To Detect Your Life Purpose

April 10, 2012

“Your Purpose is out there waiting for you to Live it! So what are you waiting for? Legggggo!!”

Like many of you who are Facebook users, I often scroll through my timeline to see what hot topics are being generated at the moment. Well actually with this new design, my timeline is more like scrolling past me. Ha! I do this to find inspiration a lot of times, or to find topics like this very one to write about in my blog.

On this particular day, a dear sister of mine had posted something that caught my eye. I couldn’t see the entire update, so I moseyed my mouse on over, and hovered over it to get myself a closer look. There were many “Likes” given to the post already, and a plethora of comments followed it as well; all positive and encouraging ones. Without repeating the entire status update, I will attempt to paraphrase it. In a nutshell she starts out by quoting Webster’s definition of Purpose – the reason for which something is done or created; the reason something exists. She went on to say that she had been praying to GOD lately, asking questions like “why am I here? what is my Purpose in Life?, why have certain people come into my Life and leave? Why all the hurt and pain?” After reading those statements and questions, my heart went out to her because I know exactly what all of that feels like, so my compassion for her began to draw me in closer. 

When you look outside of YOU, it can seem as though everyone around you has found their Purpose, while you are still searching for yours; but they are still searching as well, trust me! But that very thought is what prevents us from moving forward and flowing into our own Purpose.

As humans, it is not uncommon for us to ponder these sorts of thoughts and inquisition; in fact it is quite the norm for the vast majority of us. This “WHO AM I?” question is inside of us all, but many choose to ignore it, and they are the ones who live a Life filled with suffering. The desire and longing to feel needed, valued, and connected to a knowing that there is a REASON for your existence, are all valid human emotions. At first, I hesitated to respond, because my initial thought (which was out of fear) was that people would hate on the non-conventional view on the topic I was about to present. I immediately stopped my Self, because inspiring others to find their own greatness is a part of MY PURPOSE, so I wasn’t going to let any “haters” stop me from sharing something with her that I felt in my heart could potentially help her realize her own purpose, and move her closer to a breakthrough! So I wrote………..

I decided to blog on this topic, and share an expanded version of the response I shared with her, for anyone else who cares to read it and benefit the same as she did. I believe this is a very important topic of discussion for humanity because without some feeling of Purpose it is very difficult to find Peace and joy; which is something we all deserve and desire greatly.

First of all, I challenged the ideology of waiting on GOD to reveal our Purpose in Life. If we have spent more than 40 years of living, and we STILL have not had our Purpose fall out of the sky from GOD, then perhaps it isn’t going to happen. Perhaps it is time for a new way of thinking. Ya think? Maybe we should stop looking UP and start looking IN….as Above, so Below. I mentioned that maybe GOD is waiting on US to WALK in our Purpose because there is no more that GOD is going to do or give to make our Purpose any more obvious. I realised that I was in the minority with the angle I was taking on this, but I truly felt I was led to THAT space, in THAT moment, to deliver THAT particular message.

So…I went on to say that I believe that from birth we already KNOW our Purpose; the gifts and passions we already have inside of us and are on display at all times, IS our Purpose. We simply forget, and while looking all around us, seeking the answer in every means outside of us, we continue to drift through Life feeling Purposeless. This sense of emptiness is a strong indication that we are not in alignment with Source. For when we are in alignment with Source and through that alignment connecting with our Higher Self, Purpose becomes clearer and clearer. Our thoughts will begin to vibrate on a very different and higher frequency. The fears we once harbored that held our Purpose captive, will have no choice excerpt to release us into that prevailing Purpose. We have to practice detachment from the outcome, however, and zoom in on what it is we ALREADY enjoy and have passion for. We only have to stop looking UP to GOD to whisper it to us, or send an angel in a dream with a message containing our Purpose. It isn’t going to appear in some “sign” other than one we choose to ascribe that meaning to. We must start looking INside to discover the answers of Purpose that GOD has already placed there. Once we acknowledge those passions and begin to focus our thoughts on them, the Universe, or Source, or GOD, if you desire, will begin to move things toward you. You may label them as signs, and that’s fine. But they aren’t – they are actually the physical manifestations of your thought.Energy made into matter.

So I asked my friend “what makes you smile, what makes you truly happy and her heart sing? What are you most passionate about?” And without hesitation, she replied, “My passion and desire is helping and encouraging others.” The light went off for her as she continued typing, “I guess that’s my Purpose!, she said to herself…I Love it!!!” See, it wasn’t hard was it”, I replied. She already knew, but the way she was looking at what she was already doing was not in alignment with what she perceived as a “Purpose”.  But it was! I encouraged her that all she needs to do now is expand on that affirmation. I told her to begin to think of ways in which she can act upon her passion for helping and encouraging others.

GOD put Universal Laws into place to essentially accommodate and conspire with our thought vibrations. So, whatever your mind/thoughts give its attention to the most, the Universe begins to shift shit around accordingly, and starts to work on your behalf to bring that very thing to fruition FOR you, and for YOUR Purpose. This exhibits a small portion of the fascination that I have with the Universe the Creator has perfectly designed for us to utilise as we see fit to Live a fulfilling lifetime, one after the other. Ain’t it great?!

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  1. Tammie "Rob" Wilson permalink

    Brad this is absolutely beautiful!! I must add –> Once I started doing the things I LOVE more, I noticed my purpose has always been inside of me 🙂 I just had to “reach inside”!! Now, everything is working in my favor! I stopped procrastinating and I am attending Nursing School. Nursing is definately a field that will enhance my devine purpose. And may I add that I am doing excellant; everything is like second nature. It’s like have have done this before… Who know’s maybe I have!! ;-)Again thanks and I am going to have to keep up with your blogs ’cause Bradford “can really” speak!! :-

    • I AM so happy with you, my Love!! 🙂 It makes my heart sing hearing and feeling your inspiration and enthusiasm about finding (and accepting) YOUR Purpose! I have absolutely no doubt that you will BEcome a wonderful nurse; what lucky patients to have someone with such a compassionate heart caring for them! All the best on this next phase of your journey! ❤

  2. Nikki Caldwell permalink

    (You’ve reminded me of something) A while ago (about 10 years ago), I was in a dark, cold, lonely cave – I was depressed. I was a wounded “soldier of love” (thanks for the definition Sade) and recovering. I felt like i didn’t have Purpose, not because the man I used to admire and be in love with hurt me almost to death, but because through it all, I felt like I let myself down. So … I just waited, I prayed, I talked to myself, I sat still … and then! I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of a Safeway grocery store and I literally heard the voice of God! And God said to me … “Everyday that you wake up, YOU have purpose.” And just like that, I stepped out of the cave! I felt light! My road to complete recovery from my break up after a ten year relationship opened up, and I healed. I’ll always remember that I have Purpose … my new journey is digging deaper into my Purpose. =)

    • what an awesome story, sis! thank you so much for sharing! I am happy to be WITH you on your journey as you dig deeper into your Purpose, deeper into your Self; I just bought a brand new shovel, too, so leggggo!!! 😉 ❤

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