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Manifestations of LOVE: Is it Possible to See LOVE? Yes!

May 11, 2012

Ever wonder if LOVE was something tangible, and could possibly be visualized some how? Ever wonder what that experience might be like? What if Love was something that could be experienced in the physical (excluding emotions), with only our sensory system? What if LOVE could be manifested into something we could interpret using our physical senses of smell, touch, sight, hearing, and taste? Typically it is our sixth sense and beyond the physical that enable us to experience LOVE in the way we do. But for the sake of thinking outside the box for a moment, what if we only had our five physical senses available to us to experience LOVE? Could we? How different would it make that experience for us? I realise that initially this idea may sound a little crazy to you, but c’mon…walk with me. Crank open up your mind, your spirit, your heart, imagination; your creative vortex, if you will…

So, if LOVE could manifest into something that we could observe with our sense of sight, what would we see? What would LOVE look like? Would LOVE look as beautiful as we perceive and imagine her to be, based on all the wonderful feelings, emotions/thoughts she tends to evoke inside of us? Think of LOVE and all it has evolved to mean to you, and what perceptions/thoughts you have formed about her; tell me, what do you see? Let’s go…


First, I’d like to look at color. Color is one the most noticeable things we observe with our sense of sight; color is everywhere! Colors have more meaning in our Universe than most people ever come to realise. What color would LOVE appear as if you were to lay eyes on her? Well, there are 7 basic colors in the spectrum: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Any combination of these basic colors will produce an enormous array of shades, many of which we witness daily. But, ALL colors are derivatives of Black. But we’ll come back to this one later. Red…surely Love would manifest as Red in the physical; Red being such a color of fire and passion, heat, and fervor. It is the color most of us in the West associate with LOVE. We also associate Red with the heart, the valentine’s day holiday, and the shape of the heart that is further associated with that. Or thinking along the lines of human Life…with blood turning Red once mixed with oxygen, we associate this red fluid with the breath of Life. So with blood being  our Life source, isn’t also LOVE? Or maybe LOVE would wear blue, as blue in many shades is a color closely associated with our skies, seas and oceans, with a sky surrounding our entire planet, and water covering 2/3 of its surface. Earth, the big Blue ball of the Milky Way! Blue would definitely be a color I could see LOVE wearing. Oh! Yellow! Yellow has to be considered strongly, as it is the color of our Sun-star, without which no Life on our planet could exist. Our Sun-star also provides the most powerful energy resource available in our solar system. Or maybe it would simply be Black, since this is where all other color begins. If you were to mix up all of the colors in the spectrum, the results would be…well, Black. Black is the color of what we consider to be “space”, or the cosmos. Black is the birth mother of all other colors. Science refers to this appearance of blackness in space as “dark energy”; this dark energy remains the most mind-blowing, mystical phenomena to the cosmologists, astronomers, and physicists communities to this day! Black…Love would most definitely appear in all Black, I would say.


Now, tell me what shape you think LOVE might appear as. In your mind’s eye, would LOVE take on the shape of a two-dimensional square, perfectly even dimensions on all four sides…just as we understand LOVE to act in all equality? Is she a square, only allowing things to rest on top of her when placed flat on one of her other sides? A square that when turned from one side to another, hides whatever is on the side that is faced down? LOVE wouldn’t hide things from us though. Would she? Maybe she would LOVE manifest herself in a spherical shape, one with an infinite, never ending roundness that would disallow mis-doings the ability to stay in place on top for very long, just as we should perhaps disallow others’ mis-doings toward us to remain in place for very long. Now that’s a thought…hmmm. Would the sphere be a perfect circle, or an oval shaped vessel? Would the perfect sphere enable her to hold/contain more, or would it be better if what she did contain were spread out over a wider space as in the oval/oblong sphere? What do you see?

Or…would LOVE’s shape perhaps be akin to the various shapes found in the ancient Flower of Life symbol? The Flower of Life is a sacred geometrical symbol containing within it a secret shape known as the Fruit of Life, which consists of 13 geometrically perfect spheres, each representing an informational system, ranging from the human body to the far-reaching galaxies. In just the first system, it is possible to create any molecular structure and any living cellular structure that exists in the Universe; basically every living creature. Think of the image used to represent what we know as the DNA molecule. In my mind’s eye, this would surely be the shape of LOVE if I could see her…as LOVE encompasses all and has infinite possibilities; it represents the key to accessing all-that-is. After all LOVE is LIFE, and LIFE is LOVE. Right? And without LOVE, Life could not exist.

Wait, what about this! Would LOVE possess a shape that consists of a combination of the most gorgeous and exotic shapes of women from all across this great planet and Universe? Surely LOVE would be feminine, right? In my opinion, yes, which is my reason for referring to her as such in this blog entry. But I might stretch to agree that she could be hermaphrodite. Agreed? Ok, back to the thought at hand: Would LOVE’s shape (or body) display some of the most exotic kinks, curves, and contours ever witnessed on the body of a woman; this combination would no doubt be fierce! This concoction could display the shape of the ancient Egyptian High Priestess and Queen of the Nile; the dark-featured, coolie hair Princesses of Ethiopia; the curvaceous lovelies living near the shore of the seas hinged up against by the Mediterranean; the spicy, voluptuous, Latin goddesses prancing through the tropics of Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia. Would she flaunt the heavenly, low-hipped shape of the Hindu belly dancers of India and Lebanon?

There are probably a million different answers for all of these questions regarding the look of LOVE. And the true beauty of this is that they are ALL CORRECT! In the physical, we can only perceive something by recalling our previous experiences with that thing; this is the power of the mind. Obviously our experiences with LOVE are going to vary vastly, and consequently our interpretative expressions of her as well. To really SEE LOVE for what it truly is, we cannot depend solely upon our eyes. Real LOVE can only be interpreted inwardly/spiritually/energetically. If the spiritual aspects of the Self are not properly aligned with the Source of real LOVE, the energetic aspects alone can be misleading, as it can often blend back into the physical, causing us to mis-create inadvertently. So again…what do you SEE?

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