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Why LOVE is so Marvelous!

May 22, 2012

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Unexpected, she crept up from behind, like Casper on a foggy winter’s eve; smiling with her entire face, fully expressed as bright as the twinkling of the north morning star.

Cosmos, she’s heaven’s most, stand up, open up…like a vortex when she wanders in; all in awe, bowing at her feet, gracefully giving reverence to her sweet grin.

Her hair, a cold, silky black hue, slicked back, pinned, like from a fresh shower, then to a swaying ponytail behind. Sir Youth – is her closest friend – they team up and they dance, go round and around, again and again.

Electrons stronger than the world’s most powerful magnet, gravity has not a surer hold; this pulling she emits, and I aint just talkin shit, can hold Nibiru dead firm in its grip.

3x the size of Earth, countless light years across, she stands, her spin gives a mammoth wobble; topplein’, she comes in to tackle me, grab hold of me, toss me, thrown down as I try not to fumble.

Gave Me the sheer pleasure of holding her close, an overdose of her Love I can’t seem to handle; gasping, is it just enough, or maybe too much, for my lil ole heart to handle.

This energy she releases is worth more than Earth’s most precious spoils; more contagious than the world’s worst epidemic, but welcomed unto my world as we connect among the stars, like dots making the illusion worth living.

She blindfolds me, spins me ’round and counts from 1, 2…to 10, a piñata placed before my blinded eyes; she beckons, “swing real hard, baby, knock me free and what pearls befall you are yours to keep”.

Could it be, tis what I hoped to SEE, a wondrous LOVE, a reflection of me? oh so beautiful, fuller than full, a thing I’ve never seen; a LOVE so free, unconditional.

LOVE, she is simply MARVELin’ us! 😉

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