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LOVE Manifestations: How To Hear LOVE’s Language

June 24, 2012

The sense of hearing is one that we value greatly, particularly those who have had a loss of hearing. We use our hearing to let us know when danger is eminent. We use it to listen to conversations with friends, family, and others. A young mother and father use their ears to hear the hunger cries of their newborn child, then race to feed and nourish her. Hearing is no doubt one of the most incredible senses that we have. With this in mind, I pose the question again: If we could use that same sense-ability to hear LOVE, what would LOVE sound like? What do we hear? Listen closely.

LOVE would, in my opinion, have to mimic the sounds we hear in nature. LOVE, being such a natural expression of all-that-is. There is pure beauty in nature; it is sheer poetry in motion.  She would sing like the sweet songs of the morning red bird, a melody unique in its own language…a lullaby of sanctity, peace, and harmony with all of nature. These birds that play outside of my windowsill before dawn, bathing in the morning dew…yes, those little miracles of nature. I can hear LOVE singing in a similar, sweet voice in my ear. Aaahhh…the forceful, yet calming sound of the ocean’s bubble-filled waves as the tide rolls in; what an incredible sound to revere! Surely LOVE would sing a song of like melodies. The serenity this sound offers to the human soul is absolutely immeasurable.

Or maybe the wind…would LOVE carry the sounds found in the panting of a gentle afternoon breeze? Can’t you hear her whisper softly, creeping underneath the threshold at the bottom of grandma’s unsealed doorway? Maybe she sounds like the faint trail of a wind off the tropical coasts of the Thailand, carrying with her the fragrance of the rain forests’ nectar. But LOVE, in our flawed perception, is not always beautiful, yes? So, would LOVE possibly manifest herself – in sound – like a roaring tornado set to destroy everything in its path? Is LOVE a destructive force at all? Would she come forth with the vengeance of a strong Chicago gust, ripping off the banks of Lake Michigan; tearing around the corner of a city skyscraper, causing young and weakling trees to bend at her mercy? That sound we hear outside in the pitch dark of night; a violent sound, whipping through the trees’ branches, bringing alive fear of what damage she might do by dawn. LOVE could sound like the turbulent and often violent noise of a springtime thunder’s crash. These boisterous sounds grab the attention and reverence of all living things within many miles of her vehement scream.

LOVE is also a highly creative and energetic force…some of the most amazing feats known to humanity have been achieved in the name of LOVE, or what we perceive to be LOVE. So perhaps if we were in LOVE’s presence, she would be a constant, heavenly and harmonic symphony; a living concerto of the most dynamic melodic combination ever assembled. A symphony, consisting of sounds completely unfamiliar to the human sense of hearing and musical intellect. Perhaps her sound would be akin to that of the stroke of an artist’s brush as it streaks across a fresh piece of canvas; or the clanging of a sculptor’s tools as he begins to meld with them in collaboration to create a timeless masterpiece that will transcend the ages.

Would she scream out pleasurable sounds that can be heard in the midst of the ecstasy of an afternoon Tantric LOVEmaking session? Would we apprehend those indelible sounds of passion that ricochet off of the walls, creating an acoustical potpourri?

Perhaps LOVE would not have a sound at all. Maybe her message reverberates is so strongly throughout the UNIverse that it can be delivered in complete silence; only vibrationally. Would LOVE just…BE…allowing only its energy let observers FEEL her presence? If she did not make a sound, would we know she was in the room? Only you know what LOVE would sound like to you. So tell me, what do you HEAR? What does LOVE sound like to you?

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