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Life – The Biggest Game Ever! Let’s Play!

July 25, 2012

life_is_a_game2 Your Life…yes, your life…is a game – the biggest one you will ever play. There, I said it! It is a game that YOU chose to come to this 3rd dimension planet to play. Will you suffer? Well, of course you will. If you didn’t suffer, how could your mind ever convince itself that this entire physical construct and human experience is nothing more than a…than a dream? If you knew right off that things would seem so unbearable here at times, you might not have volunteered to come and play. You surely wouldn’t give it your all if you truly knew there was no way you could actually lose, not even if you tried. If you really knew and believed that everything you see and experience is just a projection outwardly of what YOU have created INwardly, how likely would you be to struggle for survival the way you do? How likely would you be to let the toils of life weigh you down the way you do? If those weights did not occur – fully engaging your entire being – how would you discover that you could lift and conquer them? How would you ever uncover your true strength, and finally begin the pierce the veil that disguises the fact that you are dreaming? And the most important question: How would you become a Master of your Self? How would you ever come to the realization…that you…are GOD? How would you come to the truth that you are an extension of divinity, representing an aspect of Itself through the expression that you call, ‘I AM’.

One would only participate in The Game – the Biggest One Ever – if in your mind it all appears REAL: Filled with real disappointment, real (what we perceive as) “death”, real losses, real heartbreak, real war, real poverty and suffering, real local and planetary chaos. But will you lose ultimately? No! YOU CANNOT LOSE, BECAUSE YOU CREATED THE FREAKIN’ GAME! How can you lose the game that you designed, created, and wrote all of the rules for?! You have only hidden the rules of the game from yourself, and part of the fun is in finding them again. You have forgotten why you chose to come here and play in the first place, so you must try to remember. The real fun finally begins once you conclude and accept that you are, in factinside of a game. Then the hunt is on to find those rules, and experience the game in its complete fullness.

So you ask, “Ok Bradford, I’ll play along…so what then is the object of this ‘game’ you speak of?” Well it’s pretty simple for me, as I can only speak for myself. For me, there are actually three objects of the game: 1) To have fun – to have all the fun and lavishing experiences that I can fathom; to live a happy and joyous life, eventually realising that true happiness can be found here and now. Some of you wanted to go through some really intense suffering; such brave souls you are. You knew that by doing so you could exacerbate your spiritual evolution, which I believe is objective #2) Growth – to grow and evolve spiritually through the vast array of experiences we will encounter while in a body; 3) to awaken and find your true Self bumbling around in this jungle called Life, that is filled with endless possibilities. That’s it. It is the biggest game of hide and seek you could ever imagine! Except you are not seeking to find another person, you are only seeking to find your Self, howbeit through the mirrors that other people will provide you. The other individuals that appear in your “dream life” are only there to help point the way toward looking deeper into finding YOU. They do so by co-authoring certain experiences/stories with you. In fact, you’ve directed them to do so. Aren’t you an amazing and talented writer, producer, and director?? Oh my! 🙂 I-am Overstand that in your highest state of Consciousness – your GOD state of Being, meaning a state that is more intimately fastened to your Source than you usually are – this is exactly how you would choose isn’t it? Yes, it is! You would want to come here if you knew it would be so much fun; if you knew how it would benefit your spiritual growth in quantum measures, and aid in doing the same for so many other travelers. You would never pass up an opportunity to raise your level of Consciousness through physical experience; you would always choose to experience a different aspect of your Self at its highest peak via journeying though some of the lowest valleys known to the ego.

The entire Universe is a constant balancing, a dance between yin and yang, so the dualistic nature of the human experience should be expected and makes perfect sense. Without the existence of one, the other would simply go unnoticed – with the existence of this, there can be the experience of that. It is in rejection that we often learn acceptance; through heartbreak that we come to learn Love; and through loss that we can learn the value of the relationships we share with each other. These are just a few examples, there are far too many more to mention here. what-if-this-reality-is-a-dreamSo, if you were to accept the notion that your life as only a dream, a game that you could not possibly lose – simply because you made all of the rules and you are already the winner by default –  tell me, how would you play it/live it/dream it/experience it differently? What risks would you take? How far would you push the envelope? What is it that you have always wanted to do that you have been afraid to? In life – just like in our dreams – anything is possible, even flying! What are you waiting for? Fly…fly…fly! It all sounds a little crazy and bizarre, I know. No biggie, though, I expected that most of you reading this might feel that way; then again, perhaps you are one that I underestimated. 😉


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