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Is GOD Really Concerned With Your Power Bill?!

August 30, 2012
As I continue to travel my path of awakening, the Universe continues to show itself to me in such amazing and expansive ways. I have learned a whole new level of patience and compassion toward others. I have also learned to respect the decisions of others, and respect others’ right to believe whatever they desire. I have a greater understanding of the human condition than ever before, and my spiritual evolution has been the guiding light of my path. All that said, I must honestly admit that I am often bothered when people (including my own mother) say things to me like, “I asked GOD to take care of this/that for me, and I’m going to let it go now” or “I asked the lord to take this burden off of me, and I have faith that He will. But they never…really…let’s it go. If you are on my email list and get my Inspirational Injections each week, you might recall me sending out one a few weeks ago, highlighting a quote from 50 Cent that said, “Either pray or worry, don’t do both.” I thought this was profound so I shared it in an Inspirational Injection. Personally, I don’t think either is effective, at least not in solving any problems we might be facing. However, the notion that someone is listening to our problems and is going to help us with it, does appease the ego. In fact, as I wrote that sentence a warm and fuzzy feeling came over me accompanying that thought. But I quickly snapped out of it! There went a clue. 🙂
My mother and I have talks of spirituality vs religion frequently, and lately I have been asking her (as well as others) questions such as: “What does GOD have to do with your phone bill or mortgage getting paid? GOD didn’t create the debt, you did. So why would GOD be helping you manage it?” Also, “what does GOD have to with or any personal issues you may be dealing with? Do we really think GOD is somewhere concerned with our gas bill here on earth?” She doesn’t really have answers for me when I pose these questions, nor do really expect her to. It’s mainly to give her food for thought. I get that the logical mind can’t conceive the workings of the Divine, but what about a Divine mind? Can it? Has GOD ever personally come to earth in the flesh to help any human with a particular thing? This would imply that GOD is a human, or that He/She would defy that Laws that He/She set in place to govern the workings of our Universe. I don’t think that to be the case.  If you believe you came here to learn, how will you ever learn anything if the teacher were to give you the answers to all the tests? Or worst yet, took your tests for you?? This is not the way things appear to work from my perspective.  Now, just because GOD has left us here on our own doesn’t mean we aren’t Loved. What it means is that our Source understands that value of a good lesson. We should try this approach when rearing our own children. Let them go, they will figure it out eventually, trust me!
The way I see it is…the laws of the Universe were set into motion from the beginning, a beginning in which the concepts of time and space have no place. Our inner Being, our heart center, our feelings, thoughts, and emotions are how we communicate with the Divine; this is how we create our own experiences. That inner part of us is a transmitter and a receiver, constantly sending and receiving vibratory waves of encoded messaging. The Universe takes this information, decodes it, and then literally moves the material world around the match whatever it is you have transmitted. GOD has done the work, there is no more to do. It is up to us to figure out the rest! Pray if you will, but how do you feel when the prayers are not answered? Some even go as far as feeling like GOD has betrayed them when a loved one loses a life prematurely, from their limited perspective. Did GOD make a mistake? Is GOD playing favorites? Or are the workings of our Universe on auto-pilot, and we humans are actually driving our own individual ships, but collectively co-creating every single experience we have?
So I don’t believe (there’s that word again) that GOD is controlling our experience the way most of us have been taught. The concept of a man sitting up in the sky navigating prayer traffic from across over 100 billion galaxies needs to be revisited. This is not to say that GOD can’t, but again where would the lessons be gained if GOD did approach his offspring this way? We have been led astray and away from what our true potential is. It is now upon us to find it again, to re-discover what past civilizations once knew about the human potential. It is time to know and understand what Kundalini energy is, chakras; time to move into a deeper cognition of who and what we really are. Are you ready?
This is all food for thought. Take what you find useful, throw away what you don’t want. But open your minds to the possibilities, because the possibilities are endless.
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