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Super Bowl 2013 – Another Sunday (Occult) Ritual

February 5, 2013

Ok, call me a conspiracy theorist if you want…some of you already do and others are probably thinking it; but I still Love you. 🙂 But I say there is a little more than just “theory” going on here. As some of you already know, 11, 22, and 33 are very important numbers in Numerology. They are often used in various ways in occult rituals and esoteric proceedings. The Principles of Numerology refute the idea that any coincidences or randomness exists in our Universe. True or not, there comes a point where the evidence showing something a little deeper must be taken into more serious account. One event that had ritual symbolism written all over it, and one we all will never forget, was 9/11 (9+1+1=11), when the twin towers were allegedly bombed by two commercial jet airliners (which was a complete lie in my opinion–but, I digress). I wrote about it here if you’d like to read more.

Are we so naive to think that it is coincidence that the number to call in an emergency is 9-1-1 (9+1+1=11)? It seems someone really has an affinity for numbers. This could have been any set of numbers imaginable, but these were specifically and consciously chosen for a reason – and I’m not saying right off that this reason was a sinister one. The number 33 is significant and carries some interesting coinciding similarities with several notiable and historical events. 33 is considered a “Master Number” from a Numerology perspective, as well as are the numbers 11 & 22. Ironically, the number 33 represents the highest level one can reach in the Masonic fraternity; there are 33 vertebrae in the human spinal cord; and 33 was also the age of Jesus Christ at the time of his crucifixion/death (according to the holy bible)…Mastery of the Self. Do you find any of this to be ironic or merely coincidental? There were also ritualistic events that took place at the 2012 Summer Olympics in England, but that isn’t the focus here. You can research that for yourself and find your fill on that. Here is one link I will share on that. These symbols are very often displayed in hidden sight, and during major events at major venues to garner the peak amount of human minds at one time viewing the same event. What better way to reach and send a message to the masses than this?? Without a trained eye to notice these symbols/signs/messages, or at the very least an awareness that they even exists, one can live their entire life totally oblivious to it.

I bring all of this up to point out a more recent ritual that occurred at an event all of you were probably tuned in to this past Sunday – the 2013 Super Bowl. Well, this was Super Bowl 47 (4+7=11), so perhaps it had special meaning. It would take place on the 11th day, or 2/23/2013 (2+3+2+0+1+3=11). Do you recall the power outage that lasted exactly 33 minutes, and the game that resumed at precisely 9:11 PM.
Now, the NFL is one of the richest and most profitable organizations on the planet! And you mean to tell me that they didn’t have the absolute best sound and lighting crews in the world producing this entire event from start to finish?! So why did something like this still occur during the biggest sporting event of the year?? During rehearsals of Beyonce’s halftime show there were reportedly two power surges that took place and a loss of power was experiences. So the experts had more than ample time to fix whatever the power “issue” was. But they didn’t. Were they rehearsing the actual outage? Therefore, I believe this was intentional. It was to send a subliminal message to all of those who still slumber, and let the ones who are awake know that they see You, too. I share all of this to say only one thing — “WAKE TF UP!”

20 BradfordSpoke 13

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