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We Don’t Know Shit!

October 12, 2013


Please don’t be thrown by the title and click away. The title is intended to be an attention grabber, because I really want you to listen to what I am sharing. I assure you that the content is good, or at the very least, thought-provoking. This is one of the realist articles I have written to date, and it sums up everything-about everything-about everything, in a single thought – We Don’t Know Shit! So, what do I mean by this? I will explain soon enough. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with the thoughts/ideas that I will convey here. It isn’t even a matter of opinion to be debated, but a matter of fact. It is the only fact that we can be certain of, in fact.

People who know and exchange dialogue with me about deep topics on a regular basis, or even those who come in contact with me briefly and we happen to engage in philosophical-type discussions regarding life, death, humanity, existence itself, religion or spirituality, have all heard me state this very same phrase – “WE DON’T KNOW SHIT!” And really, we don’t. How do I know this to be true? Well, it is the only truth there is when you really stop to think about it. And you know it too, but you just haven’t accepted it yet. I finally have, and I am at peace with it. If you are honest with yourself I know you will agree. I have accepted that what I believe is because I have chosen to believe it, not because I have to, or because I know it is truth and I should. All I know is that  it is truth for me – and again, only because I have chosen to make it so. It has nothing to do with any connection to some greater truth. I AM that greater truth that is One with The Greatest Truth – no separation. Whatever it is, I am a part of it and it of me; whether it is what we call ‘GOD’, or something that is far more undefinable. I quickly digress, however; remember, I don’t know shit, either!

This ‘We Don’t Know Shit phrase often rises up from the very depths of my Being and most often out of my mouth when discussing religious or spiritual topics with others – those things beyond the physical. But even when we scale it way, way down – macro to micro – it actually applies to every single thing we think we know. Even to things that seem so definite and assured, such as science and mathematics. This “knowledge” is known, interpreted, and understood only according to our own human perspective, a perspective that I feel is vastly limited; it is only a fractional sliver of that which is unknown to us.

Most of this “knowledge” we claim to have, has been acquired from (or passed down to us by) those who’ve come and gone before us – our predecessors. There is some value in this, but it is all subject to scrutinization for finding self resonance. This is a very important point because the brief extent of our lives offers a very limited window for understanding, or even contemplating, questions like:

  • Who and what are we? Humans? Are we sure?
  • Why are we here?
  • How do we get here other than through a woman’s womb?
  • How does all that we eventually become, begin inside of a single cell?
  • Who or what is behind the mystery of life?
  • What happens to me when it is over?


I would imagine that much of what has been given to us was also passed down to those who are giving it to us, with of course a little embellishment of their own sprinkled in. Right? I mean, surely we cannot be so naive to believe that the stories we have been given are all 100% factual. Storytelling is a huge part of the fabric of our history, culture and heritage, even dating back to ancient times. Human Beings are highly creative creatures, and it appears that they are by nature, storytellers. And nothing makes a story better told than mystery and drama. We all love a good mystery! Think about it…how do television executives know that plugging in a commercial break precisely at the height of the discovery of another clue to a looming mystery, or just as an important crease in a drama-filled story begins to unfold, is the best way to keep you “tuned in”? They know how to keep viewers holding on, waiting to hear the next piece of the story. Because they know that suspense lures its viewers in and keeps them engaged. So viewers run to the restroom, grab a quick snack, check the dinner in the oven, (or pause the DVR) and rush to plop back down in front of television just as the 120 seconds of commercials has elapsed. All great stories are told in this very same manner. It is the art of intriguing interest, manipulating human emotions, and deepening the connection to the story. So, to believe that any story we have been – or are in the process of being told – is 100% true, accurate, or infallible, is completely naive. Not to question these stories, or to take them too seriously, is also unintelligent. It is a blind and bumbling walk into ignorance – and no matter what you have been told, ignorance is NOT bliss. Even though we are all ignorant. It sounds contradictory, I know. But life itself is a big, organized, contradiction. Can’t you see the dynamics within this interesting dichotomy I am attempting to paint here for you? This work of art clearly depicts that NOTHING is true, yet at the very same time, everything is – but true only to the individual experiencing it; who has chosen to make it true, thereby making it their reality.

It is pretty obvious to me that something of far greater Intelligence is at work behind the scenes of everything we see, feel, hear, touch, taste, and experience in our Universe, as well as what we do not see; but what that Intelligence is, I SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW! Some could argue that there is no such thing as an “unseen”, and they are right – for themselves. I personally believe there is much more to this all than meets the eye. Since the beginning of time (whenever that was), this question has left humans dumbfounded and perplexed. And time – what is time anyways? The way humans track and perceive time has even changed throughout history; calendars have changed; the number of days in a particular month and year have changed. Changed by whom, you ask? By men, that’s whom. The Infinite does not deal in concepts of time. Eg: Once upon a time, each of the twelve months only had 28 days – 30 or 31 days were unheard of. The rotation of the Earth on its own axis has shifted, which therefore affects how we perceive its 365 revolutions around the sun, making what we call a “year”. Time used to be tied strictly to the planetary movements, which it still is for the most part. So we don’t even know what time is. Every time we think we know something, we soon find out that – We Don’t Know Shit! Einstein argued with his Theory of Relativity that the time and space continuum is illusory, that these are just concepts of physicality and don’t really exist in the True Universe at large. Some ancient spiritual teachings even claim that the sole purpose of Time and Space is to slow down (or create) chronological time as we now experience it, so that we can experience it. They claim that the speed at which our planet is spinning is what allows physical matter to form and exist in the solidity that our minds perceive it in. So you see, it is all about perception, and how one person perceives can vary greatly from how another perceives. This would explain, in a nutshell, the multitude of beliefs that blanket our planet today.



This all boils down to a few mildly profound and complexly simple points; when we approach and comprehend life in the following way, we can avoid much self-inflicted suffering and finally begin to heal of ourselves as a creation:

1) Accept the fact that YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT – relax, it’s OK.

2) Accept the fact that what you think you know, was given to you.

3) Consciously choose to believe whatever you wish, and accept the fact that it is a choice – no more, no less.


That’s it – it’s really that simple. Though billions take comfort in the belief that there is a Supreme Being at the head of all of this; there is really no evidence that this Supreme Being actually exists – whether in this Universe, in other Universes, in higher planes and dimensions of existence, within us, in parallel Universes, behind this curtain of obscurity hiding all we think we know and what we don’t accept that we do not know. Well, yup, as I see it, all of the above are True, and it is all embodied in one form/non-form, and that form/non-form is Love. Love-Is-All-There-Is. I’m just being real and honest with you and with myself. But what do I know….Not-Shit!


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