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Exactly What Is Fear?

October 19, 2013
So, what exactly is fear? It is never wise to go into combat with an enemy without prior knowledge of what it brings to the table – mainly, its strengths and its weaknesses. And fear itself, in many ways, is our enemy for it can rob us of the kind of life we truly desire to live. But I digress, and I ask again, what is fear?
The dictionary defines fear as: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that something or someone is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or is a threat. It appears that humans and animals are the only living things possessing such emotions, but this is only because we can perceive their reactions with our physical senses. This doesn’t mean that plant life, and all other living things might not be experiencing this same emotion when it feels a threat is prevalent.
So, is fear normal or natural for humans? Or is what we call fear, not really fear at all, but merely a survival instinct instead? To me, a survival instinct is just that – an instinct, or a natural way of reacting to stimuli that could possibly threaten our existence. Additionally, an instinct will drive an action in order to ensure the continued state aliveness. In the case of human survival, we all have a built-in mechanism within our physicality, that warns us of possible danger. This I find to be one of the most beautifully and thoughtfully designed mechanisms given to us as a creation; it is a very intricate and complex way to assure that life will go on – that life will find a way; and it will.
This survival instinct is most often confused with the emotion we call fear, and this is completely understandable. You have heard me say several times before, that there are only two emotions that exist in this physical plane: fear & love. Every other emotion is only a derivative of these two. Emotions are driven by experience, and instincts – on the other hand – are driven by nothing more than a not-able-to-be-fully-understood desire to live; an unquenchable thirst to take that next breath. When this desire to live is no more, something inside of us has seriously gone array because this contradicts our most basic instinct, which is to do whatever it takes to remain alive.
20 BradfordSpoke 13
Extracted from Inspirational Injections™ with Bradford Speaks – 10/17/2013
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