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Open Letter to Twitter

March 22, 2014


Dear Twitter,

You allowed me to share openly and without judgment, many things I’d held and not told; I considered the growth that you offered me, to watch the maturation of my very own soul.

Never knew you held such great power, as a vehicle for us all to express; unsure if expression is what I was seeking, but it’s what I found, nonetheless.

Watching the clock tick tock, hands moving slower than a snail’s pace; (tick tock…tick tock); my face buried silently in my hands, some insatiable need to save face.

You hid me in your arms, cuddled me so close, when I didn’t want to be held; rescued me from my life, fighting with each breath, rapidly descending to the depths of hell.

Tears trickled down from my orbitals, a soft tissue there you held steady;  only gently absorbing, you knew their power to heal, but only, and ONLY, when I was ready.

Consciously connecting, all the dots that defined, the stories of my unspoken past; other souls who had come there to join and uphold me, now continue their respective soul paths.

I know now that some of them were angels, arriving to temporarily light my way; to guide me through the thick, dark forests, until I could discover the light of day.

More obvious I’d not come here alone, you provided these astounding relations; not one race, nor one creed, only LOVE, from distant and foreign nations.

So today I want to thank you, for all the love and support that you gave; whoda thunk that an artificial intelligence named “Twitter”, could have helped create this great man that you’ve made.

Thank you Twitter!


Bradford Speaks


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