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A Love of Knowledge, A Lack of Love

April 21, 2014

ImageThe inspiration to write this particular entry stems from a story I read recently regarding a quarrel that occurred several years ago between two well-respected leaders/teachers/orators/historians/researchers within the Afrikan or Black Consciousness Movement Community. I use the word “leader” lightly, because from what I have read, their actions are not characteristic of what I consider to be leaders. Their partnership, had it been honest and authentic, had the potential to be very beneficial to furthering the freedom and progress of people of Afrikan decent living in America, and people of color as a whole. But there is much consternation around whether or not Dr. Hagins is real, or just an agent for white supremacy due to some of his personal ties he has with law enforcement officials, and his past and current involvement with the Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.).

Kwesi has a long, respected history within the Afrikan community, and is considered an elder. I was not there to witness any of this personally, so I am only forming an opinion based upon what I have read, and what I interpret the flavor of this dispute to be. If Hagins is an agent, shame on him, and Kwesi is showing great wisdom in distancing himself from him. If Kwesi has displayed constraint in responding to Hagins’ open letter, or any other ploys to pull him into a heated public debate, he should be praised.

For those who are not familiar with the Black Consciousness Movement – it is a sociopolitical movement – dating back to the late 1800s, early 1900s and had a strong resurgence during the fight against apartheid in South Africa during the 1960s. The Movement in America aims to retrain the minds of disenfranchised black people in America and across all continents by reminding (or in many cases educating them for the first time) of their own rich Afrikan Heritage. This truth cannot be found today in most history books around the globe because it has been intentionally blotted out from our view. The masses of humanity are continuously led to believe that not many great things have come out of Afrika. We are led to believe that Afrika is a primitive and savage nation and people, and everything we know to be intelligent and progressive is of European origin. We were taught to believe that Arikan people were animals instead of the Kings and Queens of the humanity’s first high civilizations that we were. This Movement intends to augment this belief by use of the plethora of undeniable Anthropological, Osteological, and other evidences as proof that Ancient Kemet (known today as Egypt) is, in fact, the cradle of human civilization and are also the pioneers of the intellectual basis upon which all modern sciences and technologies are built.


Egypt was formerly called Kemet (KMT) before being renamed Egypt by the Greeks during their invasions there around 300 B.C. The literal translation of Kemet = Black. Some argue this refers to the skin color of the indigenous people living there, while others claim it is in reference to the rich, fertile, “black” soil enveloping the Nile River that was instrumental in making Egypt the world’s first to engage in transatlantic agricultural commerce/trade. Your child will not learn any of this in her school’s HIStory books. These and many other great truths have been withheld from our school teachers, particularly in the West, but also around the world, so few people know this truth in any detail in order to pass it on. If you have fully digested what you learned in your school’s textbooks, and have not done any alternative research of your own, how can you form a truly objective opinion? Simple – You can’t. History is just that – it is his story.



Additionally, the modern intent of the Black Conscious Movement in America, is to spread the knowledge of Egypt’s rich legacy to people of Afrikan decent. Much of which is unknown to them because it was stolen, plagiarized, or destroyed during the Greek and European inquisitions and the pillaging of the ancient Kemet libraries. This ancient knowledge from Kemet was later re-faced and re-presented into Ancient Greece, lending credit to the likes of Socrates, Plato, and Pythagoras as the pioneers of such knowledge. For instance, our knowledge and deep understanding of the four elements – Earth, Fire, Water & Air – are of Egyptian origin, and are the pillars of man’s understanding of the molecule and how it relates to matter. All basic knowledge in the subject matters of: Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Astrology/Astrotheology, Zoology, Geology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Masonry, Medicine, Poetry/Literature, Military Science and Law, all originated in Ancient Kemet, or what we know today as Egypt. But who do you know as the inventors/discoverers in your world? These are the points that this Movement wants to drive home.

Now that you have some background on the critical importance of the matter at hand, let’s get back to story about these two men squabbling and seemingly unable to reconcile their differences. Again, let me reiterate, I was not present for this, so I am only writing what I have heard and sense intuitively. These two gentlemen somehow joined forces several years ago during a visit that Ashra Kwesi made to Dr. Ray Hagins’, Chief Elder and Pastor of The Afrikan Village (formerly New Ephesus Missionary Baptist) Church, in St. Louis, Missouri. This division among these men dates back to around 2009, and there has been no sign of reconciliation yet as far as I know of. I have to conclude that there is something pretty major that is keeping them apart.


What saddens me most about this whole ordeal is the absence of true, agape love. It proves that no matter how much knowledge one might amass, without love, their message will live a very short life and will not have the affect you desire. Both Hagins and Kwesi speak of the importance of Unity among the black community in order to advance their people’s position in society, but I have rarely heard them speak of love. They speak of our Afrikan ancestors’ wishes for all Afrikans to come together and fight for the rights they died for, but again, nothing is mentioned of love? Did the ancestors not count love as a central part of their message and legacy? Was knowledge itself supposed to be the single key to freedom? I think not, but it seems that these two Afrikan leaders have allowed the desire and pursuit of money to choke out the love that is needed to keep their hope of Afrikan strength, freedom, and unity alive. How can you lead without love? Love, not war, is the foundation for igniting any real and lasting revolution. True revolution is a matter of the heart, not of the wallet. And ego can completely destroy a revolution, without a doubt! 

These two had developed a very healthy relationship in the beginning, and were planning to join efforts to further the re-education of blacks within their communities and around the world. However, the relationship went south when allegedly Bro. Kwesi was offended by a video Dr. Hagins filmed while touring with Bro. Kwesi’s group in Egypt. Apparently Dr. Hagins failed to mention Bro. Kwesi’s wife in the production, internet posting, and selling of the video. Wait…seriously?! You have GOT to be kidding me!! If this is true, then shame on Bro. Kwesi for allowing something so petty disrupt a cause that is so much greater. If there is more to it -and there probably is – let the cards fall where they may and I stand corrected. There is also an open letter on the web written to Ashra Kwesi from Dr. Ray Hagins, telling Dr. Hagins’ side of what happened between the two, and why their relationship had become strained. He cited his efforts to reconcile with Bro. Kwesi on a couple of occasions, only to meet Kwesi’s disinterest in doing so. In his letter, Dr. Hagins encouraged other Afrikans to shun or excommunicate Bro. Kwesi from the Afrikan community because of his behavior and disinterest in reconciliation. If this is true, my questions are, 1) why would Hagins find this to be an appropriate command to drop on his congregation of supporters or others within the Afrikan community and movement? 2) Why wouldn’t he just continue about his business of leading people into what he believes is the truth they need to set them free, and allow them to evaluate for themselves whatever information that would come out (if they wanted to) and form their own opinions? 3) Why not encourage them to dismiss it and move forward because there is too much work to be done? Only he can answer those questions. Now, why Bro. Kwesi decided not to reconcile with Hagins, I have no idea, but I’m sure he has his reasons. But men, where is the love?? If both of your hearts are in the right place, this should not be a problem. But it seems that ego has reared its ugly head again, and has completely annihilated your relationship. This presents a huge blow to the Afrikan community in America. The two of you could accomplish so much more together than you ever will apart. This is really a shame.

I must say that though I know neither of these gentlemen personally, here is the vibe that gives off when I listen to them both speak. My opinions are neither right or wrong, they are just my opinions, purely based on observation and my intuition.


  1. Very intelligent; possesses an incredible wealth of Afrikan knowledge that must be shared.
  2. Does not speak much of the importance of love or spirituality; his message is mostly about knowledge. This is total alignment with the Afrikan philosophy of “Know Thyself”, but the message of love is absent.
  3. Doesn’t appear to care much for notoriety or fame, but does care about the protection of what knowledge he shares.
  4. Doesn’t seem very free and open with his knowledge; I’ve noticed very few YouTube videos of his up for viewing. It seems he wants to force those who are interested into attending his speeches or buying his video/audio recordings.
  5. HUGE ego. Would have a hard time accepting that he could possibly be wrong about any of his facts; seems closed-minded.


  1. Very “religious” style still; his background and religious training are hard to escape.
  2. Does talk more about Afrikan Spirituality, and balances a blend of knowledge within.
  3. Very smart, but I’m unsure of intelligence; very strong traditional education (possesses multiple advanced degrees).
  4. Doesn’t appear to be about money, but also seems like he may have a greater agenda than he presents.
  5. Big ego, but doesn’t seem as big as Bro. Kwesi’s.
  6. Very open with what knowledge he has – numerous videos can be found of his teachings on YouTube.


One piece of advice from me to both of you brothers. If you don’t add LOVE into your message, nothing you do, individually or collectively, will flourish. You may amass money, fame, or whatever material jewels you desire, but if your purpose and intent are not pure, you will not have only failed yourselves, but also the people that follow your lead in search of hope. I encourage each of you to; 1) Re-evaluate your reasons for doing what you are doing – no matter how long you’ve been doing it, we all need to sit in a quiet space at intervals and take a closer look inside of ourselves; 2) Re-evaluate your messages, and make sure that its contents contain LOVE; and 3) Be sure that whoever you engage with, you always come from a place of love, which is your greatest connection with your Creator; and 4) Pray that you are not diverted from your course by material offerings from wolves wearing sheep’s clothing.


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