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What Is The Endgame For America?!?

May 28, 2014

is the New World Order a theoryCan someone please tell me, what is the endgame here? What is the purpose of the seemingly intentional crashing of the American economy back in 2006-2007? It can be argued that its alleged “recovery” is a fake, as our nation continues to print money on fancier and fancier paper, but out of thin air! Was this an act of economic tyranny by our very own? Are we all standers-by, in the midst of witnessing the economic genocide of an entire nation, or an entire planet? When we consider the globalization and homogenization of our economy with those of other major and minor international players – which has resulted in a continual allowance of millions of would-be American jobs floating over to foreign shores – what are we to make of it? Surely government “leaders” knew of the negative impact that such a pivotal decision would have on America’s local economy and the citizens of our homeland, right? They couldn’t possibly be so oblivious to this…could they? You can get caught into blaming one president or political party over another if you want to. But truth be told, this all began with one political party at the helm, and has been carried on by another. In fact, it’s been subtly forming before most of us were even born. But I will speak in current terms in this post, just to keep it familiar to you. So apparently, their plans are congruent, and both agree that this is the direction in which we should be headed. Therefore, mustn’t we assume that they simply did not/do not care how it would affect us? Mustn’t we assume that millions of American families being homeless, jobless, hungry, forced to take jobs that are sub-par to the skill levels they have acquired, just in order to put food on the table, simply wasn’t a high priority for them? In all of their grand wisdom, surely they must’ve known how this decision would affect the millions of American college graduates’ ability to find and land decent jobs that are commensurate with their educations and student loan debt accrual, right?. Mustn’t we also assume that our government leaders see corporate and shareholder profits and interests as far more important than the survival of its own tax-paying citizens and their basic and essential needs for life being met? I think so.


Here is an excerpt from Stephen Kizner’s book, Overthrow – it will give a bit of a backdrop as to why America has pursued such a path, and how long it has been in play: In America’s inception, the population was just not large enough to support the vast amounts of production happening in this resource rich country, so the only way to expand the consumer market was through opening up foreign trade. In his late 1800s book, ‘The Influence of Sea Power upon History’, Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan, Naval Captain and Director of the Naval War College, argued that “no nation had ever become great without control of foreign markets and access to the natural resources of foreign countries. To achieve that control, he asserted, a nation must maintain a navy powerful enough to protect its fleet and force uncooperative countries to open themselves to trade and investment. A navy with such ambition needed a network of supply bases around the world, so Mahan urged the United States to not only build a canal across Central America (Panama Canal), but also to establish bases in the Caribbean, the Pacific, and wherever else it wished to trade.”  From that point, this has become the adopted worldview of our government and its hidden hand elite. There really is a “mad scientist” and a group of madmen behind all of the mayhem in our world today, seeking to take over the world! Sounds crazy, but I am convinced that it is true. Though I don’t know all of the details surrounding it, there does seem to exist – within the smoky lofts of American and global politics – a very sinister plan for world-wide colonization and dominance. This is a plot that most people are not aware of, or can’t even imagine their (s)elected leaders having in the works for their futures. Normalcy Bias has blinded the most of us.


Many will say that it is all a myth or conspiracy theory, but it is in fact, the drive shaft that set into (and keeps in) motion the Imperialist mindset we see today – an ancient European mindset that believes the rest of humanity is wrong, savage, and uncivilized in the way they live life; they believe it is their duty to “Christianize” them all and show them how to live a more enlightened existence like that of their own. And in the process, they have natural resources on their land that would help us expand commercialism and our wealth. How freakin’ arrogant!! This is the same mindset that has been behind America’s attacks on and attempted and/or failed colonization of places/people such as the Hawaii, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Africa, the Native Americans, and so many others. Often the results were mass murdering and slavery among these indigenous people and lands.


policestateHere’s the deal, by moving all of these jobs across seas, choking out the purchasing power of the middle and working classes by lowering living standards and failing to increase minimum wages/benefits, pushing more and more people into the poor house, reducing the population through an inability access to affordable healthcare and healthy food and water free of chemicals and GMOs/GEOs, suffocating small businesses with heavy tax burdens, who then becomes your consumer, America?? It seems like an economic suicide to me! Are there now too many people to consume the products you produce? Or is it since you produce so little now, giving it all away to China and India, you have little use for the large population? These actions makes little sense in an system whose functioning success is entirely dependent upon massive consumption. Are we all to eventually become Walmart shoppers, accepting poorer quality products because it is all that we can afford? Where is the once “land of opportunity” headed now, I ask?

In light of all of this, and so much more, please share with me your thoughts/comments below on what you feel is going on in our world today? What are these people attempting to accomplish, here and globally? Why does the U.S. continue to wage war or establish a military presence in so many places around on the planet (over 1,000 military bases to date)? Why is it so heavily engaged in foreign affairs, neglecting its own so close to home and leaving so many issues at unresolved here? Share your insights with me, and please don’t tell me it’s the devil! Lol…I’m looking for true intellectual discourse here.



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Bradford Speaks is a Life Architect, Coach & Youth Speaker, who desires to wake up the world to see one that it could exist in if only it could employ more love and less hate and war. He seeks to speak to and inspire our youth to live at a higher level of consciousness, to see themselves as their brother’s keeper. He is also an author and self proclaimed philosopher. You may visit his company’s site, Bradford Speaks Life Management, LLC to learn more about his work, and to schedule individual sessions or book him to speak to your youth organization. 

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