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Who Is It That Has Such Ill Will For America?

September 7, 2014

There seems to be some very malicious intent on the part of somebodys to run The United States of America deep into the ground where no one can ever find it again; these somebodys want it seriously destroyed. For its leaders to have allowed so many horrid events to occur on its watch – events they surely must see and realize are intimately connected and interwoven that they can only crash like a deck of cards when gently nudged – seems to be such a mystery. Or is it?

The engine that drives America can only run for so long in its current condition before finally collapsing. Particularly, what is going on with our penal, justice and law enforcement systems will ultimately have a negative and profound long-term affect on life as we have come to know it here. The disproportionate incarceration rates of young black and Hispanic males, many for petty drug crimes, are staggering. Due to the methods by which much of the economic data we are given is calculated, the foundational devastation that is occurring beneath our feet goes largely unnoticed to the masses, especially to those of us who feel we are OK/safe for the most part because we have taken the necessary steps to keep it that way. Right? To not see how these events connect and affect us all, is very naive and irresponsible. We don’t typically pay attention to this because we are too busy making sure we remain OK/safe; but we are also the ones who hold the power to demand that America change its course. If we don’t, we are going to find all of our neighborhoods (black, white, Asian, Hispanic, or whatever) surrounded by million dollar privately and publicly owned prison facilities, filled with American citizens who will one day re-enter society, no longer able to earn a decent living due to the stigma of now being labeled an ex-convict. Now what for them? Remember, many of these people are being locked up for crimes that just a few decades ago would’ve maybe gotten them a warning or community service. Mental illnesses are also being grossly overlooked. Today the same once minor offense can cost 5-10 years of one’s life in prison. People don’t see this – it isn’t reported in the mainstream media. Prisoners become guaranteed streams of revenue for a corporatized prison system that PROFITS from the imprisoment of American citizens. Why is this OK?? What kind of madness is this??! So in truth, many of our “criminals” aren’t necessarily bad people – they are just victims of a system designed to criminalize people for profit.

What can we expect as a result of this allowance? More crime, a fully militarized local police force (citizens will be asking for additional protection out of fear – they’ll foolishly vote it into legislation), increased unemployment, homelessness, starvation, more hate/racism, increased debt, failing health, and the list goes on and on. None of this will happen because people are bad per say, but simply because they will be trying to survive! No different than someone who is currently living in the ghettos of America. This cycle has already begun; it has been happening underneath our noses for several decades now. Some might argue a century but either one is far too long. The good news is that it can be dialed back. The bad news is that it will take many, many years to do so, and a bravery and solidarity of the people of this nation that is largely unknown to those alive today. We have lost our will to fight for matters at home that affect it’s most. We are unguarded at a time when we should be most guarded. So I do believe it is possible, but not at all an easy undertaking.

Though America’s beginnings were constructed in murderous conquest, genocide, extortion, deceit, slavery, and many other injustices towards Native American, African and poor people, it was once upon a time a country that had so much potential for true greatness; it has had numerous chances to truly ‘right its wrongs’, but has turned its back on the regular. It has continuously pissed those opportunities away by failing to do what is right by ALL people, and choosing instead to bow down to corporate, racist, and global interests instead of handling business on its own turf. America has held the golden key in its palms [but fumbled] on many occasions, to become the flagship for other nations to pattern themselves after. Many have greedily done so, and have tied their hitches onto it and to its whores of Wall Street. They will sink right along with her if they refuse to abandon ship.

The many wrongs that America’s “leaders” and citizens have allowed to continuously be done to underprivileged poor people and people of color, is a debt that cannot be overlooked and must eventually be repaid. They can’t possibly be so blind not to see the inevitable consequences that await their actions, which is why I feel that the continuous running down the same self destructive path must be intentional.

The America we could have known has been taken captive, and is being held hostage. She is being raped by an unseen hand, and is screaming for her freedom. Who will come to her rescue? Somebodys at a very high level does not want good for America. Either that, or they want so good for themselves, that they can only see America as a useless pawn in their rearview mirror. I can see it all so clearly now…can’t you?

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