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Inspirational Injections with Bradford Speaks – Dec 2, 2014

December 3, 2014


















The primary of living is to fall in love with the moment.” -Bradford Speaks

Bradford Speaks’ Mind
Though some believe they have solved the mystery of life, such a claim is an extremely bold statement to make; so let’s be clear that this is not my claim here. But I want to also be clear that it is my claim that from my perspective the point of living is to totally fall in love with the moment; and I believe this with 100% of my being. If this belief serves to solve life’s mystery for you, then so be it – embrace it wholly. It certainly works for me! 🙂
When we are unwilling to embrace  the moment – and ultimately fall in love with – every single challenge, struggle, consequence, victory and success life brings our way, we suffer. We spend more of our time trying to figure out the “why”, instead of taking it all in as simply what-IS, and loving it just as it is. As humans, our nature is to weave meaning to things; we attempt to attach meaning to all the twists and turns of our lives. This is why the phrase “everything happens for a reason” is so popular in modern culture. We may not know what that reason is, but we are fairly certain it must have some meaning behind it. It all just can’t be random, can it? Weaving meaning is the way we make sense of the vast and mysterious world surrounding us. We should strive to make meaning of our experience, and come to love whatever meaning we make of it. We typically find it easier to fall in love with what we like A LOT.
So my suggestion is: Set your intention on making the point and meaning of life one that you like A LOT, so that falling in love with it is smooth and easy.
Embracing each moment in no way means to ignore our feelings or emotions. Feelings and emotions are what give life depth, contour, and well…motion. They are what make a still frame shot into a movie. Life represents itself to us in small bits – or what many call, moments. Like single, milliseconds of a motion picture, we edit each frame simultaneously in our minds, and then paste them favorably together to create a story we can be proud of. But, is it the actual story that makes us proud, or is it the way we receive and perceive the story? I would argue that it is the latter.
Often times we cannot change the story, but we can ALWAYS change our perspective on the story. Change your perspective on anything, and you will be amazed at the love that can potentially follow.
Shine Brightly,
Bradford Speaks
Life Architect, Coach & Youth Speaker
Certified NLP Practitioner
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