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What Does GOD Really Want of Your Life?

December 15, 2014



Above: The Christian GOD interpretation

Literalists and religious fundamentalists who parade around in getups of fanaticism have littered our world today with misinformation that has formed the greatest misconceptions about what we call GOD. This has been largely a result of ignorance and little fault of their own. Culture is the true and underlying culprit, this we must overstand. However, there has to be some responsibility and accountability on all of our parts to want to see and discover the real and largely unseen world that surrounds us – not the fantasy world living in our minds that has been created for us by others. This fantasy is what has driven humanity mad, and has held firmly in place the apparent wedge that exists between the relationship of sciences and GOD. This fantasy world has also served to keep humanity captive to a substandard understanding of its true and powerful potential and nature. As I told a friend the other day, “my brother, Science IS GOD! The two cannot be separated.” To fail to see this is a vast oversight of what sits quietly bound, yet screaming just beneath our noses! 

These misconceptions that I speak of have shaped our perceptions of the being often referred to as GOD – and particularly what IT wants of our lives. In truth, we have no clue – none of us do. But the belief that we do has left billions on Earth with the feeling of guilt that they have and are constantly failing to achieve what is expected of them by a GOD who forgives, but only to cast judgement again. What gives! Through sacred texts, so-called “enlightened” men have given us rules, principles, and commandments, all bearing the unique signature of their own interpretations of experience, wrapped and presented as synonymous with GOD’s wishes for how we are to live. Billions have swallowed this idea whole, primarily for a lack of alternative perspectives to consider. These interpretations have been passed down through generations by the purveyors of this “truth”, which is really only truth to them, and based upon their personal experience. Sidebar: You must have your own experience in order to truly know! They have gifted us countless ancient, outdated, obsolete and irrelevant second and third-hand stories and accounts of what GOD wants out of the lives of every single human being on Earth. A life that has been given freely and without any expectation of what to do with it. But we’ll get to that in a minute. Note: I use the word “IT” or “Source” – to refer to what most label GOD – in complete reverence…reverence to the fact that I do not perceive this Divine entity of LOVE as personified in the form of a male; I vehemently reject this idea in fact. If I had to assign IT a gender, it would both male AND female/masculine AND feminine. No human form at all would be my highest preference; I hope this chosen terminology doesn’t bother you as a reader and distract you from getting the point and intention of the entire article.


Above: Interpretation of one of the Hindi GODs

So let’s get to it! It is my personal belief – and I think most of us can agree – that life is given to us freely; to use entirely as we wish. To our awareness, we did nothing to arrive here on earth. You didn’t have to do anything to earn your existence, did you? So for all intents and purpose, Life appears to be some sort of gift, right? When we think about the proper intent behind a gift, it is for the receiver to use that gift in whatever way they see fit or desirable. Of course, as the giver of the gift, we may have our own wishes about how we would like to see the receiver use the gift we gave. But in the end, it is their choice on how – or even if – they use it at all. However, the way in which we choose to use the gift of life does not come without consequences attached to those choices. But this does not mean that you are not still free to live it as you wish. For example: if you choose to use drugs and alcohol without moderation, it isn’t a sin – but you could end up dead or acquiring health issues that could affect your gift in drastically negative ways. If we choose to engage in casual sex or promiscuity, it isn’t a sin – but such partaking could lead to fatal or life-long diseases, or a child shared with someone we never had any intention of being with on any long-term basis. If we choose to bring harm to or mistreat others, it isn’t a sin – it might be considered immoral by many social standards, however, and the results could return a similar fate to the perpetuator of such hatred. So you see, there is always cause and effect at play – it’s just the way our Universe is designed. The purpose of this design is to create unlimited potentiality for the experiencing of limitlessness, as well as to provide a mechanism and a mirror by which human beings are to see themselves in their relationships to other people, things, events, and experiences.


Above: interpretation of the ancient Egyptian GOD, Osiris

The best way to analogize the GOD/Man relationship, and the inherent expectations that accompany it, is to consider it within the context of the relationship between a parent (the creator on a microcosmic scale) and a child (the created). The parent typically loves the child, there is rarely any doubt about this fact. The parent wants only the best for the child, we can probably all agree on this as well. The parent also harbors a great desire to see their child smiling, happy, and joyful as they move through life. They want to be there to celebrate them and their achievements, as well as to wipe the tears from their eyes when they are feeling sad, are hurting or suffering. These are just a few of the most basic things that any parent wants for their child – they want the absolute best for them. Parents will set certain rules into place for the child to abide by, in an effort to protect them from harm. This is a symbol of their love. They will often use others to help get messages to their children that they are having a difficult time delivering. Love is never a question. The most primal thing that a parent wants to see in their children is their surviving and thriving. An emotionally healthy parent has a deep, deep desire to see their child filled with glee. And THAT, beloved, is the only hope and expectation of you with YOUR life from your Creator to you, the created.

The Creator/parent at some point must come to the realization that they cannot protect the child from all suffering that life is sure to bring. They realize that at some level they must let go a little, to allow the child to get their feet wet with the rich experiences of living. But, they will always be there for them. Not because they want to, but because they have no other choice. You see, the connection between a parent and child is far more complex than most of us are aware of. It is not just a physical or genetic one, but a spiritual and energetic one as well; this is most often overlooked. Energetically, a parent can never escape the connection they share with their child; not even when they abandon them or give them up for adoption. There is an invisible line, an ethereal link that is always there connecting you. Such is also the case between YOU and YOUR Creator. Even when you choose what some might view as a crooked path, or life of chaos for yourself, just like a child is always connected to and loved by its source, so are you also connected and loved eternally by YOURS.


Above: New Age interpretation of GOD – pure energy; without form, but containing all forms

The variations in which we could possibly live our lives are endless. We tend to only be aware of the limited number of ways that we have been exposed to; oblivious of the fact that there are people living in distant corners of this planet, living a completely different way of life than you. There is no expectation for how you are to live your life, but I do believe there is a hope that you will during your time here, choose to live an enlightened one – a life that is filled with love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, and selflessness. The hope is that you will awaken from the dream, and to the realization that YOU are the dreamer. Always know that you are ALWAYS connected to, and ALWAYS loved, no matter what you choose for your life. It is impossible to lose love, because Love is what you are.



20 BradfordSpoke 14

Bradford Speaks is a Life Architect, Coach & Youth Speaker, who desires to wake up humanity to see a world that could exist if only it could employ more love and less hate and war. He seeks to speak to and inspire our youth to live at a higher level of consciousness, and to see themselves truly as their brother’s keeper. He is also an author and self proclaimed philosopher. You may visit his company’s site, Bradford Speaks Life Management, LLC to learn more about his work, to schedule individual sessions, or book him to speak to your youth organization.


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