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The Political Chess Game: Check Mate on Our Civil Liberties and Our Minds

October 5, 2015


Dear friends – I don’t quite know how to put this, except to just say it like it is – If we do not awaken to the ‘game’ that these actors are putting on for our political entertainment and our brain entrainment, we are going to soon wake up only to find ourselves and our families in a much worse hell than we are already in today. I have never been more thoroughly convinced that there is a hidden agenda – one that has existed for centuries – to obliterate what freedoms we still have left in America and in all of the free world. My GOD, we need a people’s revolution before it’s too late!


The Politician/Puppet – It is evident to me that the job of the politician/puppet in our world today is one of pure trickery and deceit, darkness, and exploitation of human beings through a unique blend of corporate and government aligned interests. The political processes to which they ascribe, and their use of the mass media machine to shape public opinion, ‘campaign’/pander to the public, are not-so-obviously intended to brainwash us, confuse us, and to keep us distracted from digging for ourselves to see what is really going on behind the “wizard(s)'” curtain. The wizard(s)’ primary intent is disinformation! But how do you fight to expose and destroy this wizard if due to extreme secrecy you are unable to uncover who the Wiz really is? So you’re left chasing after a moving target, which is also the intent. This is all a part of the great chess strategy – ultimate secrecy. This is why we have seen an extremely significant increase in the number of documents deemed as classified by the U.S. government in the last decade or so, as well as an enormous drop in the number of declassified documents. Though we have been promised more transparency by White House administrations, what we’ve actually gotten is much more secrecy and lack of disclosure. The United States’ Central Intelligence Agency is a huge cog inside of the disinformation wheel. In fact, former CIA Director (1980-87), William Casey was quoted allegedly saying:

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.


This specific intent did not leave the C.I.A. with Casey’s resignation – disinformation and counterintelligence are two of the primary reasons for its existence. If you’re willing to do just a little bit of digging, much if their dirty laundry is available for all the world to see. We all have to take some level of interest in our own freedom. They’re even arrogant about it, as if they dare anyone to challenge their crimes and their reasoning for them. The minute we place our trust/vote of confidence in these people within this two party system of (D) and (R) that we are invisibly forced to participate in, we have sadly already lost. Neither of these parties are loyal to the interests of the American people, nor to the protection of their constitutional rights; their only loyalty is to the Empire, and the succession of that Empirical concept to future propagandists that will replace them but continue their work of dismantling society. Every four years we get run over by the propaganda tractor, whisked again into thinking that ‘this candidate will be better’. Well they won’t, and I can guarantee it. They aren’t allowed to be.


Nazi Soulmates – It is widely known now that Adolf Hitler’s propaganda and war machine was heavily funded by wealthy, elite Americans and Europeans — just to provide a little greater perspective here. So let’s think about this for a minute – less than a century ago, the people of Germany never in a million years would have imagined that their beloved country would become the war machine and Nazi monster that it did under Hitler’s leadership. What human in their right state of mind would knowingly be a participate in such a travesty? This did not happen overnight; what preceded it was years of cultivating the soil of the minds of the German people to lead them toward accepting the sins he would commit in their name. This is not unlike the mental cultivation taking place in minds of Americans today! And if you’d open your eyes real wide, you will see that America has been slowly becoming an extension of those same Nazi ideals, which came into much clearer view for me after the carefully planned WTC attacks of 9/11/2001 and G.W. Bush’s blinding passage of The Patriot Act. When there is still no scientific explanation that can be given around how a 757 commercial jetliner could crash into the Pentagon building, only leaving a hole about 15′ in diameter, while the wingspan of such jet is 10x that, and you proceed to publish a report that substantiated such a scientific impossibility, you have completely lost all of my trust and belief in your ability to tell the truth! The Patriot Act alone took away many of our constitutional rights and civil liberties almost overnight, all under the deceptive guise of an American-created pseudo “war on terror”. These changes have happened so gradually that it’s easy to overlook – much like a marriage that has been deteriorating for many years, but both husband and wife have managed to turn a blind eye to the damage, hoping things will get better all by itself, or that perhaps some event will come along and cause all their problems to disappear without fighting and putting in the needed work. Something happening at such a gradual pace can be easily missed, and I understand that. Without conscious study, we all bear such a limited view of history. The majority of us suffer from short-term loss or are sickened with a case of total American amnesia. It can also be quite difficult to connect dots occurring over a string of two to three decades, particularly when none of the events within those lengthy timeframes are noticeably connected, or either have taken place outside of the periphery of our own lifetimes.

The Plan – To imprison us all – mind and body, and the mind piece is nearly complete. Some believe that this is an off-planet agenda, which is how I generally tend to lean. We (the West) have become that German war and propaganda machine now, my friends, and American citizens, not only Jewish people, are the targets. Like Nazi Germany, this is a machine that will stop at nothing, except death, to succeed at imposing its power across the globe. This machine utilizes staged events and terroristic imagery of death and destruction as psychological warfare to evoke fear in the hearts of its own people, using their own land and resources against them in their thrust for world domination. Our freedom is in grave danger, more than ever before in recorded history, and the signs of it are everywhere. Can’t you see it?! Are we waiting for some sort of savoir??

What’s Next – I believe that a complete collapse of the global economy is the next phase of this cataclysmic agenda to bring us all to our knees, literally begging peace, and for our lives and our families to be saved from suffering. In fact, the global economy and the freedoms that many of us have historically enjoyed, have been greatly under siege since the Federal Reserve Bank, IMF, and most recently Corporations have hijacked America’s politicians and politics back in the early 1900s. The Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Obama, and both Bush administrations have all plucked away at our constitutional rights one piece at a time – each had their part to play in bringing this final agenda to fruition. What freedom we (believe) have now is mostly perceived freedom.

Gun Control & Martial Law – Nationally, the end goal here is martial law, which starts with the confiscation of guns from Americans. One angle toward achieving this goal is to create a race war and a perception of uncontrollable mass shootings in America that only ‘Martial Law and increased gun control can bring into balance’. Turning Black Americans against White Americans, while turning our own law enforcement against us both! This can be achieved if there is a war successfully created between races, with Blacks and Whites fearful and untrusting of each other…fighting and killing each other, deepening the stereotypes that exist about each other, etc. Also, when law enforcement officials become so fearful of their own lives being in danger at the hands of citizens, this will make it that much easier for them to abuse us, our rights, kill us, and throw us into prison or concentration camps for the sake of their own safety. None of the raw and real facts support the need for more gun control on America, however, this agenda is atop the list for POTUS Obama  right now. The things that are really in need of attention are, of course, at the bottom of the list of priorities. This also is intentional.

More on this later, but for now keep watching with great vigilance.


20 BradfordSpoke 15


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