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What More Do We Expect From A Warmongering Nation?

March 26, 2016

When we set our eyes upon the Great Seal of the United States, with the bald eagle eagle-sealas a part of historic American symbology, there are several things about it that most people never notice or ascribe any real meaning to. For this piece, I will discuss the unknown significance of a few of those things. Have you ever noticed or wondered why the eagle’s head faces to one side, as opposed to facing straight ahead or to the opposite side? Did you think it was just a preference of its creators, or has no significance whatsoever? Maybe you noticed and gave it some thought, or perhaps you didn’t. But you probably never wondered at any depth why this was so, or if there was any reason for it at all.

You should know that governmental bodies, and much of our society in general, is covered in symbolism taken from ancient times, sometimes re-done, and used in plain sight with the masses never thinking twice about the intention behind them. Unless one is an initiate into one of the various secret cabals that hoard this knowledge, they would never notice it, or think anything of it. In one of the bald eagle’s claws it is clinching onto an olive branch, which since ancient times has been seen as a symbol of peace. In the other claw it is clinching thirteen arrows – this number represents the thirteen original colonies of what would eventually become The United States <em>for</em> America. (Yes, you read and I typed correctly – I wrote <em>for</em> America. This is how it was in the beginning when America was established as a true and rare Republic. This union would eventually convert into a private corporation (just like the Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank), and the name of the country/company would change to what we know it as today  – The United States <em>of</em> America. (If you want to learn more about this, it can be easily researched). The bald eagle is symbolic of great strength, longevity, keen eyesight at great distances, regeneration, prosperity, and prowess, among other things. Its wingspan averages anywhere from 5.9 to 7.5 feet across. Let that sink in for a minute. Its wingspan is equivalent to the height of an average American male! So its massive reach is also intended to be symbolised in its choosing.

The eagle’s head faces to the right, in the direction toward the olive branch found in its right claw, symbolizing America’s preference toward peace. It looks away from the arrows – a symbol of war – indicating its desire to avert war, but prefers peace instead. Any person with a brain knows that this is not true; and it has certainly NOT been the operandi modus of the United States to date. In fact, it is written in the original constitution that the United States cannot initiate or declare war without being attacked first. So in more cases than not, it has staged attacks against itself in order to give reason to enter into wars.


Here’s the truth: Though along our shores it remains relatively peaceful, America is a warring country by nature, not a peaceful one. Again, this is no secret to any breathing, thinking human being. Some already know this, and many are still in denial of this fact; continuing to romanticize the ideals of American ‘greatness’.

War seems to be the way of the conquerers; it is an ancient tactic, and is also how Imperialistic and oppressive forces maintain their group. War is an engrained part of the fabric and culture of America. We are responsible for tens, if not hundreds of millions of human deaths upon this planet! America is one of the biggest terrorists on Earth. But we deflect and shift the blame into Islamic jihadists as opposed to looking at ourselves in the mirror, applying judgment, and then our so-called leaders (dead or alive) taking responsibility for their own actions in creating such devastation in the Middle East and around the world. We are currently in negotiations to restore relations with two countries – Cuba and Argentina – in which American CIA and military operatives were openly involved with  coups d’tats in these countries in attempts to overthrow democratically elected officials by the people of those nations, and seek to install its own puppet government that would protect its own interests on these nations’ soil.

AmericaKillsWe can rant, kick, and scream all we want to about gun control, and roll around in fear of our neighbors’ ownership of guns, but the truth of the matter is that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. There are so many people who have been affected by this war mentality and reality we’ve been infected with. The idea of war has existed for millennia, and is seemingly the chosen strategy for Empires to project power across vast distances. The original settlers in America have fostered a war mentality since the inception and colonization of the first 13 union states. This very land was stolen in an eventual act of war against the indigenous and Aboriginal Americans already living on the land. For God’s sake, The Civil War was a war between those who now shared this land after it was stolen, and had different views about its future direction. So they fought about it! WW I, WW II, The Vietnam War, Philippines-American War, The Korean War, The Persian Gulf War, Desert Storm, which thrust the middle east regions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and other surrounding nations into utter chaos and ruin. The ‘Drug War’ against America’s poor and negro; The KKK’s war in America against African defendants and American Aboriginals…I could go on and on.

How did we ever expect that these barbaric and medieval practices of murder and devaluation of human life would not somehow bleed over into our society? We literally pump this mentality into the minds of our children through video games, virtual reality, movies, and  documentaries. We continue to greedily choose to chase wealth over an evolved, intelligent, and high-thinking society. I don’t believe that all of these mass shootings of today are fully authentic, but for any that are, we can only peer into the mirror to clearly see the source from which much of the world’s turmoil flows.

20 Bradford Spoke 16

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