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What are Police, Really?

July 8, 2016


What I’m about to say isn’t popular, and will undoubtedly tick some people off. Some will say the I’m-so-sick-of-hearing phrase, “not all cops are bad”, others will say, “Blue Lives Matter”. And I’ll say upfront that you are both correct. If you know me at all, you know that I’m not about doing or saying what is popular, but what is righteous.

I remember when I was a child, propaganda campaigns would play on the mind control box aka tell-lie-vision, in a child like voice, saying: “The man in blue is a friend to you”. This phrase would be repeated in various ways in my life. At home, my neighbors would repeat this propagandist mantra. In school, the same message was repeated and reinforced by my teachers, principals, and other school administrators. They even handed out collateral to us to take home, that outlined the policemen’s role in protecting our communities, and how we are to feel safe in their presence. Even these administers of this propaganda didn’t know any better; they had been/still are being brainwashed to believe this as truth by the very same propaganda machine. My girlfriend’s daughter will willfully and playfully leave our side to run up to an officer of the law – a complete stranger, in total and utter adoration – with a seemingly nostalgic feeling of safety in her eyes. She is convinced that they are good – and yes, some are. This blind assumption we all make as children is both troubling and curious. This false message is both dangerous and confusing, especially to the American negro who has also been force-fed this myth, but while at the same time having historically been on the blunt receiving end of much of the violence and brutality that law enforcement [legally] dishes out to its citizens. This has led to a grave distrust in those who “police” their communities, and has driven an even larger wedge between this segment of the population and law enforcement that what previously existed. The American negro has historically been the prime target of this state-issued violence; below I detail for you one of the reasons that is the case. This distrust of police in the negro community is easily understandable, for it is they who have experienced the worst treatment and criminal profiling at the hands of the police over the past 200 years or more. Before this, it was the slave master who dealt out the abuse. 

But how does this happen? Well, it is social indoctrination, not unlike any other religions of cult. This dangerous assumption about police and authority is the product of an intentional creation of a particular culture that encourages the worshipping of law enforcement. This is an environment where any mentally weak bully needing to feel good about themselves can thrive. I can even recall when my children were younger, they would do the same thing; I supported this action, of course, until I learned better and redirected them on the fact that this group of individuals are respect-worthy, yes, but worhsip-worthy, no. I have given special direction on this to my own two Suns. Nationalism and Patriotism also create this same nation and country worshipping culture. Concepts like these will cause a grown man to send his suns and daughters off to fight and die in wars they do not even understand. Those who do understand them, do not send their children.

Contrary to what you might think and believe, the true purpose of tell-lie-vision is to push propaganda in order to subliminally seduce the mind; it is intended to produce cultural belief systems that are self-enslaving. I literally gave my brand new 50″ Samsung flat screen away several years ago, and have no desire to own another one – ever. Even the internet is to be treaded lightly with great trepidation. There is a reason why in the early 1900s a monopoly took place over the media industries in America, and now much of the world; this monopoly still exists today. A group of wealthy and evil men and families realized long ago the power of print and visual media to subconsciously spread mental and cultural viruses across this entire great planet that would serve to literally destroy the minds of millions.

As of 2003, this monopoly consisted of ninety-eight percent of the 1700 daily newspapers being owned by fewer than 15 corporations, with Time, Inc taking about 40% of the total revenues. The three major TV networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS still have the majority of the television watching audience.

Have a Coke and a Smile


Mind Manipulation Example: In September of 1957, American advertising executive James Vicary told a gathering of journalists that subliminal advertising had been successfully tested. For a period of six weeks, subliminal messages to drink Coca-Cola and to eat popcorn has been shown to 45,699 patrons at a movie theater. The projected subliminals had been brief in duration, 1/3000th of a second, and had been projected every five seconds during the airing of motion pictures. It was reported that popcorn sales rose almost sixty percent, while Coca-Cola sales increased almost twenty percent.

Ref. Human Rights Law Journal, “Freedom of the Mind as an International Human Rights Issue”, Vol. 3, No. 1-4

Still today even, our children are brainwashed to believe this ancient myth about the role of the police and “authority” in our society to be true. This perceived “authority” is what holds the endless stream of control mechanisms you see in place against you. I have constantly worked to steer all of my children away from joining any military branch, because even though I never joined, I am well aware of the further indoctrination and brainwashing that takes place in those particular environments.

Now let me be clear again. I am not anti-police, however, I am anti-those who seek to siphon my freedom away, and the freedom of those whom I love. This includes all of you. And this is the category I see the role of police in America sitting squarely in today. So I am anti-that space they stand in. 

The freedom vipers don’t all wear uniforms, and I realize this. I have friends who are in law enforcement, whom are attorneys, prison guards, etc. I love them all dearly, but they are (whether unknowingly or perhaps knowingly) on the wrong side of his-story. And I say this in LOVE, so don’t take it personally. But if you do choose to take it personally, and decide to hang up your uniform and badge to join the rest of us who are truly fighting for freedom in America, I will happily welcome you with open arms. You are currently employed by the oppressor, and that is what I want YOU to see here.


A Gross Misinterpretation of Authority


The role of the police, or any body of “authority” in a society for that matter, is greatly misunderstood by most; I have also misinterpreted this most of my life. In fact, this role in society is probably most misunderstood by those who actually wear the badges, uniforms, carry the weapons and perform the daily tasks of oppression that they believe to be “protection and service”. The entire law enforcement industry has been monetized, using silly ticketing, fines, and the ridiculous charging of fees on top of fees to extract money from the already economically oppressed public. Their role is not to protect you and l, though that is what they and we are led to believe. Their role is actually to protect the property of The Corporate State – the rich, and the so-called “elite”. We get some semblance of protection as a side bar to that. The primary purpose of their function, however, is to ensure that the rich and elite’s positions of power and control over our lives are held tightly in tact. Tough pill to swallow, I know; but such is the case with truth. This is the world we live in, folks, and all of modern history has been secretly and deliberately causing us to drift in the very direction we are heading, via the engineering of mass consciousness; it is far from a coincidence. Any REAL and honest student of his-story will tell you this. Any “educated” historian or so-called “intellect” will typically see it differently, from a more mainstream or popular perspective. This is largely because they are not willing to be honest with themselves.

Police are those among us who unwittingly uphold an oppressive structure that actually spawns violence. Their issuance of violence upon the population, and their strict order following, poses the biggest threat to our security, our freedom, and our sovereignty. Violence can only beget violence, not peace. Tougher laws do not ensure peace, either; nor does imprisonment or increased brutality. We have proven this in America! And you can see it across the globe as they continue their creation of chaos and the locking down of our planet. The rate of crime actually rises as laws and the enforcement of those laws stiffen. These things do the exact opposite of what one might ordinarily think they would. We don’t naturally think this, though, we are taught to think of it in this way. Those whom the police (or as many believe, heroes) truly serve, couldn’t care less about the fact that they put their lives on the line daily, and THEY know this to be truth! They will smile in their face, pat them on the back, give them medals and such. But deep down these social architects know what their true purpose is.



Even after reading this, many of you will continue to hold onto your ideas about police being heroes, and that’s fine. There are some heroic acts that they perform, but they are not gods. My hope is that one day before it is too late, you will realize that nothing could be further from the truth. To me, the hero is that cop who holds his buddy accountable, and calls him out when he is getting out of line. These personal checks and balances are a necessity! And if he does not listen, that hero should then make his actions publicly know. The public should be made aware that his colleague is a danger and a potential menace to society. But they won’t do that, now will they? They won’t, nor will their superiors report it. This kind of honesty, and what I consider to be a true heroic act, is frowned upon amongst their ilk. The REAL hero becomes an outcast; a “rat” who can’t be trusted, simply because he is willing to be truthful and stand against open tyranny in order to truly protect our communities from psychopathic policemen. He’ll be out of work in no time! So they hush in the face of injustice, quietly following orders that are destroying freedom for us all, including their own! But this they cannot see. This is exactly what we are dealing with – a secret society of sorts, that has embedded itself within our communities, whose loyalty is only to the Order of Police and The Establishment, not to the communities and citizens they claim to “serve”.  Again, no slight on the individuals. Many of them enter the field with good intentions, and some positively impact lives. The underlying intent of its erection, however, still remains malevolent, regardless of the individual’s personal intent. A study was done several years ago around how the FBI has been infiltrated nationally by the Ku Klux Klan. You can read the article here. Should we be so naive to think that the same did not happen within local law enforcement ranks? The CIA? District Attorney’s offices? The entire legal, courts, and judicial systems? The prison system? All of these highly political bodies have been infiltrated, I contend, and not only by the KKK. They have been littered with people and the offspring of those who never stopped hating black people, and taught their children to do the same. They merely changed outfits, locations, and professions. There is no need to wonder why black men in America are being harassed and snuffed out at such an alarming rate, is there?

The way they are behaving today is culturally and psychologically driven; I’d even argue there could be some Mind Kontrol MK Ultra at play in some of these mass shootings and police brutality cases. These people are trained to think and act in a certain way, to identify and view a certain kind of person who fits a particular stereotype they have been trained to seek out and perceive as trouble. Mad scientists who have spent their entire lives inside of a lab, looking through a microscope and studying CT Scans, spending countless hours performing extensive tests on live human subjects to better understand not only how the human brain and behavior co-relate, but also how to control and manipulate it. They have used this wealth of research and knowledge to design a psychological profile of the kind of malleable mind needed to perpetuate this kind of mistreatment and lack of consciousness on the population at large to maintain and sustain their control of it. Stay woke, or if you’re not awake yet, it is high time to awaken to the reality of the Matrix we live in!

20 BradfordSpoke 16


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