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Why the “Blacks” Are the REAL Problem in America – Part I

July 26, 2016

liesintruthIt seems these days that the truth is more often hidden among the lies than ever before. My research has shown me that this has always been the case on some level or another. One has to not only know that he must dig to find truth, but he must also possess the skill of  knowing how to dig in order the find the truth that is tucked away among the popular narrative, only to be revealed at an appointed future time in the space/time continuum. 

I was recently scrolling through my Facebook feed, and ran across a video that was being pushed to “go viral” by some “politically conservative” group, obviously looking to agitate emotions and stimulate additional commotion, dividing face-bookers with matching views against those with opposing ones regarding America’s complex social issues, specifically regarding race. The gentleman’s ignorant and uneducated rant is undoubtedly aimed at getting viewers up in arms over this re-hashed and hashed again topic that most of us only acknowledge the symptoms of, while refusing to acknowledge and inspect its origins and why it just won’t die for god’s sake! You’ve probably noticed how these propaganda “agents”, far more than there used to be, troll social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, posting their garbage in order to keep people from focusing on the REAL issues plaguing American society. The video was produced by some guy named Tommy Sotomayor (an apparent alias), who is a self-proclaimed agent for positive change in the “black” community. Interestingly enough, his methods for creating what he clams to be positive change, are quite derogatory in nature, and abusive towards those whom he claims to be helping – methods which have no way of creating such change, but only for perpetuating the abuse. 

Over the last several years he seems to have been able to muster an audience of followers, uneducated cons and clowns like himself, which I also suspect to be comprised of white supremacists, false entities posing as supporters of his views, and other self-hating “blacks” such as himself who blame “blacks” for being in the socio-economic predicament in which they find themselves. Foolery!

I wanted ttommyso share with readers my response, with additional elaboration, to this ignorant, confused, self-hating, internet fame seeking “black” American male, who states unequivocally that “Blacks” are the most violent among Americans, and the root of the many problems in American society, as opposed to the REAL problem of white supremacy and western imperialism. He further states that “Obama needn’t get rid of guns in America, he only needs to get rid of niggas.”

Thomas Jerome Harris aka Tommy Sotomayor in above photo

I was appalled at what I was hearing from his mouth, and at the same time compelled to school him, as well as others involved in this discussion. Something tells me that he really isn’t this stupid, but that he only loves publicity, and like many others, will take it whether good or bad just to remain relevant. After all, we’ve been told that ‘any publicity is good publicity’. Whether he saw or read my comment doesn’t matter, but my hope is that at least a few hundred of the people following that thread can educate themselves on why “blacks” are the REAL the problem in American society. 

american way

To all of you who are engaged in and supporting the senseless conjecture this man spews, trumped (no pun intended) with phony statistics – thank you for 1) showing the rest of us who you really are, and where you really stand in your contribution to the problems we face as a nation, and not to its solution; and 2) for exhibiting your enormous lack of understanding around this racism issue we are experiencing in today’s America, and the America of centuries past. It is blatantly obvious to me that you haven’t the slightest clue, and are missing the point of everything going on in the world today, particularly in America. You are enabling this racist bigot, whom I am convinced is a hired agent of divisiveness, seeking self popularity by simply being what he considers as “controversial” on sensitive and complex topics that aren’t easily explainable nor solvable. Foh, dude! In the way of statistics, one should trust very little they cannot verify with their own eyes. Any truly intelligent person knows this, but many of you are latching onto what this guy is pimping out because it fits what you have already been indoctrinated to believe – that “blacks” are their own worst enemy. Considering the corruption in today’s corporate political systems and controlled media, ANYTHING dished out from a government agency or the press – especially in the form statistics – should be doubted right out of the gate!

“Statistics” are often used and greatly slanted by certain groups, agencies, organizations, or corporations, to peddle a particular narrative to a specified target audience. That audience in a white supremacist America, is the white audience. White America is manipulated by the media propaganda machine – a machine which Tommy here is now an agent of – into believing that “blacks” are the root of all the problems in America. Any sane person knows this is not true. The narrative within the particular statistics he quotes here, is one of division! So I refuse to get into a war around statistics – it is futile.

Mr. Sotomayor (Harris) offers no solutions in his rant; solutions aren’t good for YouTube clicks and ratings, but drama, controversy, and chaos are; which is why he offers no solutions. Other than what seems to be the suggestion of a mass extermination/genocide, or mass exodus of ALL “niggas” out of America, which I guess would include his ridiculous ass as well. That’s really brilliant, Tommy…just brilliant. -__- He attempts, unsuccessfully howbeit, to point his hypocritical finger at “black” America, in a feeble attempt to try and simplify what is a much more sophisticated structural and systemic problem than he would like to admit or acknowledge. We all have a level of responsibility in fixing these issues we are facing, if it is something we truly want to see fixed. If not, we and our children will be stuck with it until we finally decide to choose differently.

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Let’s talk about why “blacks” are the REAL problem, and are ruining everything for other Americans. This will require sharing a few of the things Mr. Sotomayor and many others are ignorant of, don’t care enough to give any real thought to, or don’t understand the simple law of cause and effect.  


  • Never-ending marginalization of the American negro, and the constant subversion of “black” unity, and their communities’ attempts to uplift itself for hundreds of years now: This isn’t about what happened during slavery, or even after the abolishment of it in America; we are talking about what is happening to this very today, and the long-range negative repercussions of yesteryear that were intentionally designed to toss the American negro into the socio-economic abyss of dysfunction he finds himself in today, and to keep him there indefinitely. Through local and federal policymaking and legislation during the Great Migration, so called “blacks” were institutionally locked out of any possibility of creating generational wealth that white Americans – even poor ones who had long worked alongside “blacks” – were afforded after Reconstruction. This was intentional and purely divisive. The so called “black” Americans who had moved from the South to escape the brutality of Jim Crow, found themselves with access to better job opportunities, but still weren’t allowed to borrow money from banks to purchase Real Estate, which has historically been the cornerstone for wealth building in American. Via “redlining” policies put into place by federal housing agencies, hard-working “blacks” were locked out of home ownership, and forced to live in certain economically depressed pockets of urban America, which would eventually result in what are known today as “ghettos”. Yes, ghettos were created by The Department of Housing and Urban Development. Read here to learn more about how this was done, while those who had to power to stop or change it, conveniently looked the other way. Simply because of the color of their skin, no matter how hard they worked, they were disallowed to share in the prosperity of a massive economy in which they played a significant role in building. Without the accumulation of wealth, we know that opportunities for a good education, career advancement, and expanded cultural exposure and experience, are grossly limited; not just to the individual of that day, but to their generational lineage to follow. The effects of this cause are extremely far-reaching. To recover from such abuses takes decades, or generations; and if covert policies such as these continue to be created (which they have), a people may never recover. So such is the case today. Considering how far “blacks” have come in America, even in the face of such cruel and marginalizing policies, one can only imagine how much more progress could have been made had they not been oppressed in such a vile and cruel way. “Blacks” have been continually behind the eight ball in American society, trying to play catch up decade after decade. Hoping the next president or congressman will do something different to help their situations. They don’t. They can’t. No matter the color of their skin. That just isn’t how white supremacy works, unfortunately, and most people don’t understand this. I live in Southern California, and the effects of this kind of oppression are glaringly obvious! When we take a drive down Pacific Coast Highway, where any property located anywhere along that coastline corridor is worth many millions of dollars. This is extremely coveted property. Very few people today can afford a home or land in these areas – black, white, or otherwise. Many of these  properties are inherited – passed down to family members from grandparents and great-grandparents who benefitted greatly from the building of the American Empire. Hardly any of those homes are owned by “Black” Americans. All of the reasons I have previously mentioned are why this is so – if you are not allowed to accumulate any wealth, then it is very unlikely that you will have anything like beachfront property to leave to your grandchildren and great grandchildren upon your expiration. You can choose to accept or reject this – it is truth nonetheless.


  • No one speaks about the numerous efforts of self-liberation by “blacks” that have been put forth, but are always infiltrated, subverted, and undermined. The media shoves into the consciousness of its prime target, middle class white Americans, ideas that “blacks” are ‘unwilling to just pull up their bootstraps and work harder to lift themselves from the bottom position they are in’. This propaganda cause the white middle class target to ignore the fact that a system exists to keep “blacks” where they are, regardless of how hard they work. Positive movements that are organized to empower “blacks”, both socially and economically, are often demonized or made out to be “terrorist” organizations. Law enforcement has worked in concert with the the political and mass media arms to help shape public opinion in a desired direction that discredits these movements, thwarting, or at the very least hedging any progress made by them. The renowned Black Panthers were an organization committed to uplifting the negro communities all across America, by providing healthy meals, books and education, and protection of men, women and children against a pervading police brutality cloud which hovers above “black” communities nationwide until this day. A government program called CointelPro was organized by the President J. Edgar Hoover and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) in coordination with local police departments nationwide, to infiltrate and cause division among Black Panther leadership, and other politically charged groups. A covert and unconstitutional pre-dawn raid operation, orchestrated by the aforementioned state-operated terrorist groups, led to the assassinations of young B.P.P. leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. Most notable and researched assassinations of the 1960s are those of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr, both organized and carried out by United Sates government intelligence agencies and their minions. When not even a credible assailant can be produced around the murders of such popular figures, in all likelihood it is inside job.

How in the world can anyone get a leg up in a society where every time you try to lift yourself up, those who are in “authority” do everything in their power to snatch you back down to the bottom – where they believe you belong?  

So you can see now, blacks are the real problem in America, and it is because they have always been made out to be the problem, even though they are not. You, who call yourself Americans, are the problem. Not white America, “black America”, Irish-America, Italian-America, Mexican-America. But anyone who chooses not to see this for what it truly is – a war being waged against us all; one of the greatest games of divide and conquer the world has ever seen.

There will be a sequel to this – a Part II, and perhaps III. So stay tuned…


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