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If America Only Knew

February 1, 2017

If the American people only knew a fraction of the assault that has been launched against them over the course of the last several decades and “administrations”; if they only understood the level of deception, manipulation, waged psychological warfare, and all out deliberate and controlled demolition of their political, educational, moral, healthcare, socio-economic, mental, and spiritual well-being, that eventually rolled them into the state of unwitting apathy in which we find ourselves today, making us just right for the plucking; if they only knew that most of their thoughts, choices and decisions are not their own; if they only knew that those whom they believed could be trusted to serve their best interests, were by and large the ones who have  betrayed them the greatest. If they only knew how deep the tyranny runs, there would be a mass revolution taking place in the streets today in this very moment! Or not…

Sadly, most of us haven’t a clue of where to even begin to look to identify and “out” these criminals who have slowly and methodically stolen away our prosperous way of life and future potential. And now that we have been collectively lulled to sleep, we are more ill prepared than ever for any sort of a defensive against this existing tyranny. As a result, instead of facing truth, we numb ourselves by engaging in conjecture around presidential puppetry, immigration/emigration, racism, sexual gender, sexual identity and preferences; celebrity gossip, television and entertainment…and Yung Thug?(whomever that is). As important as some of these issues may be – as we argue about them – the culprits are sneaking discretely out of the back door, bags filled with our money, our cities burning in their rearview. We must wake up, we must resist, we must fight. 


20 Bradford Spoke 17
Bradford Speaks is a Life Architect, Relationship/Awakening Coach & Youth Speaker, and Social.Spectator who desires to wake up humanity to see a world that it could exist in if only it could employ more love and less hate and war. He seeks to speak to and inspire our youth to live life at a higher level of consciousness; to see themselves as their brother’s keeper. Coach Speaks is also an author and self-proclaimed philosopher. 

You may visit his company’s site, Bradford Speaks Life Management, LLC to learn more about his work, and to schedule individual sessions or book him to speak to your youth organization.

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