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The 21st Century Parent’s Ultimate Struggle Against Pop Culture

August 16, 2017


It is nearly impossible for any parent(s) rearing children in our world today to deny the struggle that accompanies this already enormous undertaking. The struggle is far more difficult than any previously expectant parent could imagine prior to bringing a new and innocent life into such a mad world. The cycle of birth continues due to this inability of hopeful parents’ to concede to the fact that the world is a very volatile and dangerous place to introduce someone you love. The human desire to reproduce is so strong that it numbs the sensible practicality of many choosing to make themselves over through reproduction.

The challenges that parents must contend with today are arguably far more difficult than any generation of parents in recent history, yet they are far less noticeable. This isn’t to say that there haven’t been very difficult times in our past – I know there have been. Today they appear to be much more subtle, subliminal and stealth, particularly to the un-trained senses. Today’s challenges for rearing a healthy child and “normal” child are not limited to: Poisons that are sprayed across our skies; genetically modified organisms and chemicals placed in our food and water supplies and the plethora of health conditions they cause, many of which place a very heavy burden on families left to deal with the effects of their child’s compromised immune systems; intentional miseducation labeled as “schooling”; the suppression of knowledge; unheralded exposure of the human psycho-emotional faculties to violence, murder, racism, hatred, and so much more. And all of this in the midst of what is claimed to be one of the most technologically advanced societies in recorded history. Obviously, technological advancement does not equate to wisdom. So, either social consciousness has not evolved in direct proportion to technology, or humanity is up against a force that it doesn’t yet fully recognize nor understand. I contend both to be truth; the latter to be more the truth.

No animal on planet Earth would knowingly subject someone it loves, especially its own flesh and blood, to a known danger. This goes against every natural instinct that it possesses. It would, in fact, do everything within its power to protect the loved one from potential harm – this includes giving its very own life as a sacrifice. Yet as a whole we fail miserably to recognize that by choosing to reproduce at this point in time, we are doing exactly that!

Like many of you, I’m sure, I have on numerous occasions questioned whether I would have conceived children had I known what I know now about the outright cruelty of the world in which we live; had I been able to see things then from my current perspective. But there is some naivety within that allows us to convince ourselves that we can protect them – that we’ll be much better parents than the rest; that all the craziness won’t somehow affect our own. Had I been fully aware of what evils would line up in opposition to my seed’s intrinsically good-hearted nature and desire to survive, boy, would I have chosen differently! At least that’s how I feel today. I express this openly, harboring no feelings of remorse nor regret for my decisions to reproduce, as I believe the desire to do so is pretty well hard-wired into our DNA. I humbly express this with a loving concern for all of their well-being – both my seed and yours. I also offer this with the complete overstanding that we can only make decisions based solely upon where we stand today in our present levels of knowledge, understanding and maturity, and at the particular time of our decision making.

What is Pop Culture & How Is It Weaponized To Infect Our World

Many basic aspects of a society can be taken, ‘weaponized’, and used to influence mass consciousness – Pop Culture is one of those aspects that is now a social weapon.

I have chosen to utilize this article primarily to express my deepest thoughts and feelings around this dilemma we and our children are faced with, as we square off with the architects and culprits of this dark path our children are being unwittingly led down – that culprit is named Popular Culture aka “pop culture”. It is a fight that no one can endure alone, as we are engulfed in it at all sides. Defending against it will require a community effort, there is no doubt about it.

Pop Culture, in my opinion, is the single, most threatening element to the future of our children. It threatens the kind of world most of us desire to live in, as well as the image that mankind has long held of himself – a creation of Divine Consciousness aspiring to ascend beyond that.

Pop Culture is mostly comprised of and organized by a nefarious plutocracy and the thugs and goons that it employs. This cabal and its constituents work in blatant and direct contrast to the hope that ninety-nine percent of humanity on this planet clings to of a world filled with kindness, love, peace, a sense of morality, consideration, equality, harmony, and a mutual acceptance of our many and unique differences and distinctions; a world without war and senseless dis-ease and death; a humane community that cares for and respects one another.

I have been observing and studying the effects of popular culture – its tools and its mechanisms – for several years now. I am watching much closer during the development of this younger batch of children that I am personally rearing today, than I did while rearing my older ones – who are now 21, 23, and 24 years of age. This is largely due to my lack of awareness of the power and influence of pop culture at that time in my life, as well as a lower state of consciousness regarding the journey of man through this seeming time loop he finds himself entangled in. More knowledge, experience, and usually age, tend to bring about a deeper inspection and introspection of our world, which ultimately yields a broader lens of perspective through which we view it.

As a father of six in his mid-forties, who was a raging teenager during the 1980s, and a burgeoning young man in the 1990s and 2000s, I can only share with my children the significant social and political changes I have personally witnessed and experienced over the course of my very short time here on this planet. I passionately attempt to paint for them images of a world that existed not-so-long ago, and how I have seen it shift, largely as a result of the use of the pop culture device to influence and train the minds of the youth, and reshape the world in the presence of their naivety with regards to that previously existing world. Oddly, all of this “culture” is orchestrated under the auspices of freedom and so called “democracy”. We naively presume that these are noble and benevolent constructs, but they are only smoke screens for what lay beneath. The changes over this brief span of time since the turn of the 20th Century, have been subtle yet enormous; slow and yet steady and drastic; and from any conscious observer’s viewpoint, completely mind boggling! But only if you knew what existed beforehand. I don’t claim my generation to have been totally exempt from the claws and weaponization of Pop Culture – we were highly influenced by it as well, only in slightly different ways. Down to the most minute details of human life, society is being engineered from the highest levels of government and corporations, which today are intimately interwoven. Once closely regarded ideas such as freedom, individuality, or original thought are rapidly being herded toward the outskirts of human society and labeled as unpopular or uncool things to pursue.

I am attempting to help you see what I see, so that we can all attempt to converge upon this enemy of mankind, attack it ferociously through our keen awareness of it, and turn the future of our world and children toward a more positive trajectory.

The Technetronic Era

Technetronics is a term coined during the 1970s by global elitist and intellectual, Zbigniew Brzezinski, to describe what was the forthcoming merger between the height of development of electronics and the rising technology via of the Internet, personal computing, and personal computers. This merger began largely in the West, the United States more specifically, and enabled Western culture to originate there, but then be “pushed” through and across the world through the use of the Internet – first using email and then viral-prone social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

The Internet created a massive and powerful web that would link and entangle third-world nations and cultures to first-world influence. As a result, a vacuum would be formed that would pull into its vortex a sea of nations, along with their various philosophies, cultures, and religions, which would combine to foment a strong opposition to western culture by traditionalists residing in foreign lands. The world shrank significantly as the rising Technetronic Era came into clearer view, creating an intercontinental hyper-connectivity that humanity has not seen before in recorded history. Brzezinski predicted that due to the massive cultural influence that the rising Empire called the United States would wield toward the rest of the world, it would become the preeminent and global purveyor of culture. This is what I see to be the mechanism for disseminating the poison that is to tear down and then reorganize human civilization into a fascistic, dumbed down, easily controllable and malleable organism that is desired by a powerful few.

Being American is Cool

Four decades of a moral and social dismantling I have witnessed. Many parents and non-parents alike – and I’ll even go as far as to say that most Americans – are unaware of the fact that the social decay we all have witnessed over the last several decades in American society, has been engineered on a mass scale by many of those we have held in high esteem; Yet these people have no loyalty towards the values we all hold so dear. Cultural engineers are who create the designs of new beliefs, thoughts or philosophies that are dropped into the collective consciousness of the masses, and sold by pop culture icons so that it will permeate the population. This is exactly how modern elections are engineered – largely through the use of repeated symbols and slogans designed to captivate the imaginations of potential voters and steer them into desired directions. These new cultures are then dispersed to the peddlers to push out into the mainstream – public figures and entities such as politicians, famous celebrities, corporations, the mass media and entertainment industries, as well as academics. It is this same mechanism that is responsible for the onset of Identity Politics, such the LGBTQ and trans-humanism movements, all co-signed by the Liberal agenda coming out of Washington, DC. Anyone with conservative views has been neutralized and their voices marginalized. Speaking truth regarding what we are witnessing has become a crime, and not caring much for the most popular trends is deemed unconscionable.

Newly designed cultures are then dispersed to the peddlers to push out the agenda into the mainstream. These peddlers come in the forms of propaganda that is promulgated, often for a fee – by public figures and other prominent entities such as politicians, celebrities, corporations, all forms of mass media and entertainment, as well as academia. The pushing of this cultural propaganda can also include churches, political and social organizations that are organized for a specific purpose, and I mustn’t fail to mention false flag events that are produced in order to elicit an emotional response that drives millions into a particular category, mostly through the use of fear. It is also this very same mechanism that is responsible for the onset of Identity Politics, such the LGBTQ movement, transgender, trans-humanism movements, Antifa, white supremacy, BLM, all co-signed by the Liberal agenda born out of the minds of a xenophobic minority and administered by the corporation in Washington, D.C., in partnership with other corporate and one-world global interests. Anyone with conservative views has been neutralized and their voices marginalized by this powerful faction. Truth does not prevail in a society so driven by what is deemed “popular”; in such a society, it is illusion that reigns supreme.

America would be perceived as the one who does it best; it would become the standard by which the rest of the world would define itself by, because Americans are what’s happening…Americans are hip…Americans are cool! Whatever Americans would do, the world would follow; that was the idea, and it couldn’t have been more spot-on. Is this not evident when you see a young Chinaman break-dancing and sagging? Is this not evident when you look at India’s Bollywood and how closely it mimics America’s Holloywood? Is this not evident when you hear a German or a Pole spittin’ Gucci Mane, or a Nigerian singing along with Chris Brown, Rhianna, or Lil Wayne? It is pretty apparent that this poison that damages moral fabric and culture has spread from America, far eastward. If you want to know what devices are being used to deconstruct the morality of America, look no further than the folks who are bought and paid for to spew this poison domestically to our children, and abroad to others. Snoop Dogg promotes the “coolness” of smoking marijuana; Wayne and Future encourage our youth to pop pills and sip on ‘lean’. What great role models the record labels are presenting to our children, all the while knowing the vast influence that art has on a young and developing mind.

A primary culprit of social engineering for the world is The Tavistock Insitute. Click to learn the truth of who this organization is, and what they actually do.

Defining Culture


culturea: the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations; b: the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group; also: the characteristic features of everyday existence {as diversions or a way of life} shared by people in a place or time popular culture Southern culture c: the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization; a corporate culture focused on the bottom line d: the set of values, conventions, or social practices associated with a particular field, activity, or societal characteristic studying the effect of computers on print culture.

In the graphic above, take note of all the aspects in which a society is shaped by culture – manners of interaction/engagement, values, expected behaviors, customs, rituals, and so on. Culture is not synonymous with law, however; it is a collective of opinions and trends that are created and set into motion for the mass populace to follow. Culture is then solidified by law in order to give it the appearance of legitimacy. Culture is not based around what is deemed acceptable by the individual for himself, but by what is deemed acceptable by society for the individual. This is extremely powerful, and this is the meat of the battle we are up against to save our children!

While arbitrary culture is found amongst adults everywhere on Earth, it is most easily viewed amongst children. Culture creates ideas of style compulsion, body image compulsion, and action compulsion. To prefer pink over blue is a personal preference. To wear blue because you fear wearing pink is the destruction brought by arbitrary culture. – Jeremy Locke, The End of All Evil

No matter how we may choose to look at it, all culture – whether we label it as benevolent or malevolent – is a form of brainwashing. Culture presents a way of doing things based largely on the ideas of those within a society who are perceived by the population to possess supreme knowledge and influence. Culture offers a particular direction in which a group of individuals, most often the affluent sitting atop of a society or community, have decided to lead the masses. This group of plutocrats in most cases, implant in society: what beliefs are to be held by its members; what actions should or should not be performed; how things should or should not be done; what attitudes or speech is acceptable among the collective of society. These are all forms of control. In other words, what I am saying is that culture is nothing more than a method of control.

Pop Culture’s Devices of Manipulation & Control

Governments aka “The State”

plutocrat a person whose power derives from their wealth. plutocracy – a government by the wealthy.

Throughout human history there has existed [always] an upper, [sometimes] middle, and [always] a lower tier amongst civilizations. For whatever mental, social or psychological reasons, human beings seem to possess this internal need to be led by someone(s) they believe to be more capable or qualified to lead them than they are to lead themselves. This upper tier in societies – historically comprised of the most wealthy among them, and from specific, often royal family bloodlines – typically controlled what traditions and rituals became “the norm” within the society. This was most often implemented and enforced by some militant group organized by the oligarchy. These wealthy magnates were in every sense the government that ruled over the herd of society – they made the laws, created the tax systems they collected from, developed the trades, city structures, controlled the dissemination of the natural resources; and in a silo determined which religion or ideologies would be followed by the herd.

It is debatable whether we know for certain when was the last time Man has been truly free; if ever there were a time. Over time, as Man’s consciousness began to evolve, he began to realize the continuous, hopeless and corrupt evil among his leaders and began to challenge their forced authority. These plutocrats, who sought to continue their rule over the common Man, had to mount a more covert means of control. They never relinquished this control, it only changed form. This new form of control would be one that is virtually invisible to the untrained observer, targeting the mass subconscious of the people; allowing them to believe they are free, while still being enslaved. This is the system we are faced with today.


There is a biblical scripture which states (paraphrased): “Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”


Children in school in China

This “training” that takes place within most societies begins with the complete design, control, and administering by the State, of the education system that “schools” the youth of the nation. This is where the child forms many of their most fundamental thoughts around life, and how they ought to function within society. Teaching someone etiquette isn’t a bad thing, but this isn’t necessarily schooling’s function; shaping the minds of our youth in a certain way is its function. This is why governments seek to control and fund this critically important aspect of society. It isn’t [typically] – as one might think or believe – because governments desire to educate the child for the betterment of the child and his future; it is to educate the child on how to assimilate in order to best serve the State and its future. At the end what is produced is a brainwashed worker bee who lacks the skill or intuition to think freely for himself. It is to train generations and generations of children to ignore reality and to rely upon the State for their basic needs and to do all the thinking for them. This way they are able to implement control mechanisms all around them, without the worry of them questioning any of it. Because of their schooling, they lack the investigative skill to see it or think outside of it. When this implementation is done very slowly in a drip drop fashion, and with the aid of people children tend to look up to and respect, they are able to create new normals in society without 95% of the people ever noticing it is happening.

Such brilliance lay in the process of taking the child from the loving and nurturing parental and home space very early on, and beginning to fight for control of the mind of the child, is the fact that once you have captured them, it is very difficult for them to break free. The formative or ‘imprint’ years for a child are between the ages of 0-7. This embedment requires a constant bombardment with ideas, concepts, hence the need for schooling, not education. John Grotta gives a thorough explanation of the difference in the two systems that we so erroneously confuse and misuse. Not because we lack intelligence, but because we have been trained NOT to see what is before our very own eyes.

Below is John Taylor Gratto’s simple interpretation of The Purpose of Schooling. Education has been taken hostage, and “Schooling” is the imposter currently standing in her place.

The Struggle is REAL

The struggle to raise a child who is free from the dis-ease that pop culture emits is a stark reality for many parents around the world and seems a nearly impossible feat. Shielding and protecting their fragile minds from the dangerous cultural occurrences that are bringing about the societal deterioration of what we desire most becomes more and more difficult each and every year. As our children become oldler, if a strong and healthy self-identity has not been developed, they are often swept up into a whirlwind of drugs, alcohol, sex, and immorality. They will desire a life and style of the rich and famous that is glamorized for them to aspire toward but will disappointedly never achieve. With many households today being forced to maintain multiple jobs, spanning 60 plus hour work weeks just to make ends meet, very little time and opportunity remains to provide the kind of ‘homeschooling’ that is needed to undo the ‘schooling’ and teach them how to be aware of the negative influences always lurking nearby. Sure, there is much they must and will experience and learn on their own, but this doesn’t negate the deep desire of a loving parent to be a partner with their child in that learning process, imparting what wisdom they have acquired along their journey to the benefit of their seed.

Love them, hold them, keep them safe as best you can. You look out for mine and I will look out for yours. It takes a village to raise a child. This must be our covenant with one another.

20 Bradford Spoke 17

Bradford Speaks is a Life Architect, Relationship/Awakening Coach & Youth Speaker, and Social Spectator who desires to wake up humanity to experience a world that could exist if only it could employ more love and less hate and war. He seeks to speak to and inspire our youth to live life at a higher level of consciousness; to see themselves as their brother’s keeper. Coach Speaks is also an author and self-proclaimed philosopher. Go here to buy his book, 40 CCs of Inspiration !

You may visit his company’s site, Bradford Speaks Life Management, LLC to learn more about his work, and to schedule individual sessions or book him to speak to your youth organization.

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