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What Does The Evidence of Today Tell Us About Who Did 9/11?

March 18, 2018

Even with calculated and deceptive attempts to destroy literally TONS of the evidence, it is still possible to know who was behind the events of 9/11, and how the perpetrators got away with it if we have the political will to at least follow the facts that we do have and the courage to accept it.

Excellent fact and evidence-based presentation here by Mr. Christopher Bollyn, that connects so many dots in one of the most complex, heinous and sinister crime operations to ever befall the United States and its inhabitants in our lifetime. This single event changed all of our lives forever, and served to reconstruct the face of American culture completely, turning us over to both a surveillance and borderline police state. They want US under surveillance, not potential “terrorits”, for fear of what might befall them when the American people finally discover the crimes committed against them, their children and their great grandchildren. These criminals will need all the protection they can get from a very angry mob – and armed with 🔫! Dual citizenship sure is an added benefit to all those involved.

According to the evidence we, all roads appear to lead back to Israel, Mossad intelligence and its agents, sad to say. Netanyahu is NOT a friend to America and our way of life; he is, in fact, a foe. I would even go as far as to say, an enemy. One who should have no access to this land nor to any American foreign aid. He is also an enemy to good Jewish people everywhere, and to life on this planet in general.

We have been sold an incredible myth in this Mossad created and led attack, cloaked and spoon fed to us through Zionist owned media channels as a “War on Islamic Terrorism” narrative. Until the culprits of this specific crime are identified and brought to justice, and this entire ordeal properly resolved in the collective American conscience, the already long road back will be an even longer one, and much more difficult. I would imagine that if these criminals were properly identified, many of whom have been, we would also find correlations to other events of terror that continue to haunt our homeland and our way of life, e.g. school and mass shootings, bombings, education and industrial destruction, etc – all plotted to keep us all in a constant and heightened state of fear, which I personally refuse to do!

We are unwittingly funding someone else’s agenda with our tax dollars, isn’t it obvious? This is bigger than Trump, stop blaming this guy. So whose is it, and why don’t we have any say in it? Why does Congress continue to fund and support these never-ending wars that are destroying all of the near and Middle East? Why did both Bushes? Why did Clinton? Why did Oboma, and why does Trump? What is the white 🐘 in the room that we’re missing??! Or, do we see it, and simply lack the will to accept the truth that stands before us? We all must demand to know the answers to such questions!

March BradfordSpoke 2018


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