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The Plan To Save The World

August 6, 2018

In case you haven’t noticed, we are at war, and the future of our children, our country, and life as we have come to know it are at stake. This isn’t a war of guns, missiles, and bombs -not yet- but an internal war of inteligence between the forces of darkness who have long subverted American freedom and liberties and the forces of Light whom I believe wish to return it. A real life Justice League narrative is unfolding right beneath us, my friends. Buckle up!

As I have stated numerous times over the last decade or so, the powers of darkness have long sought to rule over and control humanity in ways unimaginable to the typical thinker. They are willing to destroy all life necessary in order to achieve this objective. As with any real war, however, there are two sides, and in-depth, strategic planning cannot be overstated. In this particular war, it seems as though the Light has been completely dominated and muffed out by the forces of darkness for several centuries now. There is a spiritual component to this that I won’t get into with this particular post. A dark veil has existed over us for decades now, and has mostly seemed unpiercable. In the famous words of Morpheus – a prison that we cannot see, taste, nor touch”. Until now…[Enter the Internet and the Information Age.]

Before now it has appeared as though there are just no more good guys left, not since JFK! No one willing to put the people above themselves and smoke out these rats hiding in the corners of our society, looking for any and every opportunity to exploit what we and those who came before us worked so hard to build. Why does everyone we put into the high office turn out to be corrupt behind the scenes, while smiling in our faces on the idiot box? Why has something transparency continue to be touted, but only exista realistically as pure conjecture? In fact, there have been many who have wanted to speak out, but were forced to remain silent; their families and livelihoods threatened, even their very life force snuffed out for murmering a thought of informing the public.

Go with me here – now what if the invisibility of the Light was because its forces have been in the basement, busy planning its own counter-attack to these terrorists against humanity? It could take decades to assemble and vet a team of individuals, likely military minds, who could be trusted enough to remain silent and dedicated to the task before them, and not be “flipped”, even in the face of assassination. Building a strategy that will take down such a vast, global, and wicked web of evil requires unwavering planning at every level, nothing short of the type of long range planning that took place in Bavaria centuries ago to activate the evil plot against humanity that is in existence today. This is no small task!

Criminals are everywhere, folks, and many of the people we know and have come to admire, are criminals. Top celebrities, businessmen and women, congressmen, senators, governors, mayors, preachers, authors, journalists, across the entire public spectrum. They have abused the power and platform we have given them, and have used it to usurp more and more the power of the people. Well, I believe their time is now coming to an end, and a prison cell or death sentence awaits all who have betrayed us. They shall be punished according to their crimes.

So, what if there is a plan? A Plan to Save the World? I damn sure hope there is because we are all in grave danger today. Our entire world – nature itself – hangs in the balance. Are you ready to get off your political party bench, see what’s really going on in the world, and fight for justice and freedom for all humanity – all colors, all races, all religions, all cultures? You should be! Most people aren’t bad people – by nature I believe in the good in the majority of us. We can also be naive, trusting, and highly suggestible, which is one thing that is used against ue, and makes us vulnerable and controllable. Even still, we’re all in this together. #WWG1WGA

Click the link below, and be inspired…

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