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How Governments Use Propaganda to Shape Public Opinion and Gain Approval for Their Evil

indeepthoughtI have been in much retrospective thought over the last few weeks; really the last couple of years. Reconsidering not only the meaning of life, but also what it means to be human.

In light of all of the negative “news” of Aboriginal American Negros, primarily males, being brutalized and gunned down by police – real or not – at ever-increasing rates, is disturbing to say the least. The rates of incarceration of the American negro as compared to their white American counterparts who commit crimes at essentially the same rates, is disheartening. Any American, regardless of race or origin, should find these facts equally as disturbing. The most disenchanting thing about all of this, though? Is knowing that it is all being engineered from behind the scenes; by the architects that literally form and shape our reality.

There is not a doubt in my mind today that most of what we as humans experience as “reality” is largely engineered by those who seek to control the estate of our minds and consciousness. Whatever you are open to lending your mind estate to, this dark force will meet you at that intersection. In fact, they create the intersection, and then design and build the specific guide rails that will eventually lead you towards the desired intersection without your realizing it. They are the masters of manipulation. On what grand level this manipulation operates, I cannot even put into words in a single blog post. There are, however, a plethora of books that have been written, which greatly detail its origins, death/disappearance, and resurgence, and its continued existence within the fabric of our society today. 

I was a journalism major in my undergrad studies, and I couldn’t be happier that I never fully pursued a career in the industry of mass media. One might think that during that time back in the late 80s, early 90s a more honest, prudent, and responsible press was available to us, but history shows us this was not the case then, and has not been the case for quite some time now. In fact, David Rockefeller was quoted saying at a June 1991 Bilderberger meeting in Bayden, Germany:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.” 

He went on to explain:

 “It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

— It should be noted that Arkansas Governor, William Clinton and Dan Quayle were also in attendance.

It is this sort of complicity by our press that has allowed various forms of fascism to flourish in America, and around the world. As I have grown older in age and wiser in my understanding of geopolitics, I have gleaned that the press cannot be trusted. This is not because there is a shortage of good people who enter the field of journalism with the desire and intent to accurately report in truth to the public, but it is because they cannot do so and expect to remain employed. In fact, I recently learned that as of about two years ago, a  bill was passed into law which allows for American citizens to be propagandized. This means that it is now “legal” for the press, and all of its constituents, to be used as a tool for shaping public opinion. It isn’t like this hasn’t been done in the past – I’ve seen it numerous times through the years. What I didn’t realize, however, is that it wasn’t legal until recently.

Politrick-ans, top law enforcement and military officials, academicians, news anchors, entertainers, and anyone who is allowed to have a significant voice in the world of mainstream-ism, conspire together at the command of their bosses, to produce this theatrical “drama” to polarize the minds of citizens, and sway and shape public opinion, often for political reasons, and to bring about a particular desired result within the social organism. Regular every day people who are participating simply to earn a paycheck or “five minutes of fame” or notoriety, are typically unwitting, and completely unaware of their role in this production of mass reality to engineer mass consciousness. They are accomplices to their own destruction and don’t even realize it. This is the deceit that lay behind propaganda, and this production we call life.  




Above are actual examples of how propaganda campaigns precede an attack on the declared enemy; it is used to demonize the enemy, cause public indignation and an openness to accept the elite’s clamoring for war and the assault of other human life. These were used to garner American support for its atrocities against humanity. There are tons of other examples. 

This is how propaganda is used by governments against the public in order to sway their opinions in a pre-desired direction: During the advent of the Vietnam  War, for instance, there was much opposition from the public. Many felt we had no good reason for going to war with Vietnam. “The powers that be” wanted to incite fear within the hearts and minds of Americans, kind of like they have more recently done with muslims and the 9/11 lie. The public will see a barrage of propaganda, mostly subliminal today (since their understanding of human behavior is far more advanced than we realize), aimed toward creating an unconscious hatred towards another group of people. This makes it much easier to gain the approval of the masses for an already planned out attack. False flags still seem to be the tool of choice in the art of war today. A false flag was used to instigate the Vietnam War, for example – Tonkin Gulf lie and the propaganda that would follow led to an all out assault and massive destruction of Vietnam, and decades of peril after a chemical attack using Agent Orange on their population. There is still tremendous suffering among the Vietnamese people from an event that happened more than 50 years ago. 

In this regard, propaganda is a psychologically driven tactic that has been used for many, many years and in many other countries, including the United States. It is used to push certain ideologies, many historically revolving around nationalism. Today, however, much of the propaganda we see and hear is geared toward the destruction of nationalism, and the promotion of “globalism”, or World Government with a set of laws to rule over all on the planet. 

The Constitution has historically protected Americans from being harmed by this sort of danger to its Republic. This is one of the reasons that President Barack H. Obama and his cabinet have been fast at work over the last seven and a half years, deconstructing and re-interpreting critically important pieces of the United States Constitution to bring this, and many other walls down that have long held fast Americans’ civil liberties and protections from government over reach and abuse. He alone, however, is not solely responsible. Each president since J. Edgar Hoover, has played a significant role is loosening Americans’ grip around their “constitutional rights”. ‘Rights’ being a silly word when we really stop to think about it. Nonetheless, most Americans are completely oblivious to this deviant and tactical decomposition of the constitution. But don’t take my word for it – Read here how it’s been done. And here is another article to consider.
In conclusion, it is my intent in this writing to make readers aware of the psychological warfare that is being waged against them in daily life. Just because you cannot see, hear, or even sense it, does not mean it does not exist. It does, and there are enormous amounts of evidence available today that prove this to be truth. 



20 BradfordSpoke 16

Bradford Speaks is a Life Architect, Relationship/Awakening Coach & Youth Speaker, who desires to wake up the world to see one that it could exist in if only it could employ more love and less hate and war. He seeks to speak to and inspire our youth to live at a higher level of consciousness, to see themselves as their brother’s keeper. He is also an author and self proclaimed philosopher. You may visit his company’s site, Bradford Speaks Life Management, LLC to learn more about his work, and to schedule individual sessions or book him to speak to your youth organization.




What are Police, Really?


What I’m about to say isn’t popular, and will undoubtedly tick some people off. Some will say the I’m-so-sick-of-hearing phrase, “not all cops are bad”, others will say, “Blue Lives Matter”. And I’ll say upfront that you are both correct. If you know me at all, you know that I’m not about doing or saying what is popular, but what is righteous.

I remember when I was a child, propaganda campaigns would play on the mind control box aka tell-lie-vision, in a child like voice, saying: “The man in blue is a friend to you”. This phrase would be repeated in various ways in my life. At home, my neighbors would repeat this propagandist mantra. In school, the same message was repeated and reinforced by my teachers, principals, and other school administrators. They even handed out collateral to us to take home, that outlined the policemen’s role in protecting our communities, and how we are to feel safe in their presence. Even these administers of this propaganda didn’t know any better; they had been/still are being brainwashed to believe this as truth by the very same propaganda machine. My girlfriend’s daughter will willfully and playfully leave our side to run up to an officer of the law – a complete stranger, in total and utter adoration – with a seemingly nostalgic feeling of safety in her eyes. She is convinced that they are good – and yes, some are. This blind assumption we all make as children is both troubling and curious. This false message is both dangerous and confusing, especially to the American negro who has also been force-fed this myth, but while at the same time having historically been on the blunt receiving end of much of the violence and brutality that law enforcement [legally] dishes out to its citizens. This has led to a grave distrust in those who “police” their communities, and has driven an even larger wedge between this segment of the population and law enforcement that what previously existed. The American negro has historically been the prime target of this state-issued violence; below I detail for you one of the reasons that is the case. This distrust of police in the negro community is easily understandable, for it is they who have experienced the worst treatment and criminal profiling at the hands of the police over the past 200 years or more. Before this, it was the slave master who dealt out the abuse. 

But how does this happen? Well, it is social indoctrination, not unlike any other religions of cult. This dangerous assumption about police and authority is the product of an intentional creation of a particular culture that encourages the worshipping of law enforcement. This is an environment where any mentally weak bully needing to feel good about themselves can thrive. I can even recall when my children were younger, they would do the same thing; I supported this action, of course, until I learned better and redirected them on the fact that this group of individuals are respect-worthy, yes, but worhsip-worthy, no. I have given special direction on this to my own two Suns. Nationalism and Patriotism also create this same nation and country worshipping culture. Concepts like these will cause a grown man to send his suns and daughters off to fight and die in wars they do not even understand. Those who do understand them, do not send their children.

Contrary to what you might think and believe, the true purpose of tell-lie-vision is to push propaganda in order to subliminally seduce the mind; it is intended to produce cultural belief systems that are self-enslaving. I literally gave my brand new 50″ Samsung flat screen away several years ago, and have no desire to own another one – ever. Even the internet is to be treaded lightly with great trepidation. There is a reason why in the early 1900s a monopoly took place over the media industries in America, and now much of the world; this monopoly still exists today. A group of wealthy and evil men and families realized long ago the power of print and visual media to subconsciously spread mental and cultural viruses across this entire great planet that would serve to literally destroy the minds of millions.

As of 2003, this monopoly consisted of ninety-eight percent of the 1700 daily newspapers being owned by fewer than 15 corporations, with Time, Inc taking about 40% of the total revenues. The three major TV networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS still have the majority of the television watching audience.

Have a Coke and a Smile


Mind Manipulation Example: In September of 1957, American advertising executive James Vicary told a gathering of journalists that subliminal advertising had been successfully tested. For a period of six weeks, subliminal messages to drink Coca-Cola and to eat popcorn has been shown to 45,699 patrons at a movie theater. The projected subliminals had been brief in duration, 1/3000th of a second, and had been projected every five seconds during the airing of motion pictures. It was reported that popcorn sales rose almost sixty percent, while Coca-Cola sales increased almost twenty percent.

Ref. Human Rights Law Journal, “Freedom of the Mind as an International Human Rights Issue”, Vol. 3, No. 1-4

Still today even, our children are brainwashed to believe this ancient myth about the role of the police and “authority” in our society to be true. This perceived “authority” is what holds the endless stream of control mechanisms you see in place against you. I have constantly worked to steer all of my children away from joining any military branch, because even though I never joined, I am well aware of the further indoctrination and brainwashing that takes place in those particular environments.

Now let me be clear again. I am not anti-police, however, I am anti-those who seek to siphon my freedom away, and the freedom of those whom I love. This includes all of you. And this is the category I see the role of police in America sitting squarely in today. So I am anti-that space they stand in. 

The freedom vipers don’t all wear uniforms, and I realize this. I have friends who are in law enforcement, whom are attorneys, prison guards, etc. I love them all dearly, but they are (whether unknowingly or perhaps knowingly) on the wrong side of his-story. And I say this in LOVE, so don’t take it personally. But if you do choose to take it personally, and decide to hang up your uniform and badge to join the rest of us who are truly fighting for freedom in America, I will happily welcome you with open arms. You are currently employed by the oppressor, and that is what I want YOU to see here.


A Gross Misinterpretation of Authority


The role of the police, or any body of “authority” in a society for that matter, is greatly misunderstood by most; I have also misinterpreted this most of my life. In fact, this role in society is probably most misunderstood by those who actually wear the badges, uniforms, carry the weapons and perform the daily tasks of oppression that they believe to be “protection and service”. The entire law enforcement industry has been monetized, using silly ticketing, fines, and the ridiculous charging of fees on top of fees to extract money from the already economically oppressed public. Their role is not to protect you and l, though that is what they and we are led to believe. Their role is actually to protect the property of The Corporate State – the rich, and the so-called “elite”. We get some semblance of protection as a side bar to that. The primary purpose of their function, however, is to ensure that the rich and elite’s positions of power and control over our lives are held tightly in tact. Tough pill to swallow, I know; but such is the case with truth. This is the world we live in, folks, and all of modern history has been secretly and deliberately causing us to drift in the very direction we are heading, via the engineering of mass consciousness; it is far from a coincidence. Any REAL and honest student of his-story will tell you this. Any “educated” historian or so-called “intellect” will typically see it differently, from a more mainstream or popular perspective. This is largely because they are not willing to be honest with themselves.

Police are those among us who unwittingly uphold an oppressive structure that actually spawns violence. Their issuance of violence upon the population, and their strict order following, poses the biggest threat to our security, our freedom, and our sovereignty. Violence can only beget violence, not peace. Tougher laws do not ensure peace, either; nor does imprisonment or increased brutality. We have proven this in America! And you can see it across the globe as they continue their creation of chaos and the locking down of our planet. The rate of crime actually rises as laws and the enforcement of those laws stiffen. These things do the exact opposite of what one might ordinarily think they would. We don’t naturally think this, though, we are taught to think of it in this way. Those whom the police (or as many believe, heroes) truly serve, couldn’t care less about the fact that they put their lives on the line daily, and THEY know this to be truth! They will smile in their face, pat them on the back, give them medals and such. But deep down these social architects know what their true purpose is.



Even after reading this, many of you will continue to hold onto your ideas about police being heroes, and that’s fine. There are some heroic acts that they perform, but they are not gods. My hope is that one day before it is too late, you will realize that nothing could be further from the truth. To me, the hero is that cop who holds his buddy accountable, and calls him out when he is getting out of line. These personal checks and balances are a necessity! And if he does not listen, that hero should then make his actions publicly know. The public should be made aware that his colleague is a danger and a potential menace to society. But they won’t do that, now will they? They won’t, nor will their superiors report it. This kind of honesty, and what I consider to be a true heroic act, is frowned upon amongst their ilk. The REAL hero becomes an outcast; a “rat” who can’t be trusted, simply because he is willing to be truthful and stand against open tyranny in order to truly protect our communities from psychopathic policemen. He’ll be out of work in no time! So they hush in the face of injustice, quietly following orders that are destroying freedom for us all, including their own! But this they cannot see. This is exactly what we are dealing with – a secret society of sorts, that has embedded itself within our communities, whose loyalty is only to the Order of Police and The Establishment, not to the communities and citizens they claim to “serve”.  Again, no slight on the individuals. Many of them enter the field with good intentions, and some positively impact lives. The underlying intent of its erection, however, still remains malevolent, regardless of the individual’s personal intent. A study was done several years ago around how the FBI has been infiltrated nationally by the Ku Klux Klan. You can read the article here. Should we be so naive to think that the same did not happen within local law enforcement ranks? The CIA? District Attorney’s offices? The entire legal, courts, and judicial systems? The prison system? All of these highly political bodies have been infiltrated, I contend, and not only by the KKK. They have been littered with people and the offspring of those who never stopped hating black people, and taught their children to do the same. They merely changed outfits, locations, and professions. There is no need to wonder why black men in America are being harassed and snuffed out at such an alarming rate, is there?

The way they are behaving today is culturally and psychologically driven; I’d even argue there could be some Mind Kontrol MK Ultra at play in some of these mass shootings and police brutality cases. These people are trained to think and act in a certain way, to identify and view a certain kind of person who fits a particular stereotype they have been trained to seek out and perceive as trouble. Mad scientists who have spent their entire lives inside of a lab, looking through a microscope and studying CT Scans, spending countless hours performing extensive tests on live human subjects to better understand not only how the human brain and behavior co-relate, but also how to control and manipulate it. They have used this wealth of research and knowledge to design a psychological profile of the kind of malleable mind needed to perpetuate this kind of mistreatment and lack of consciousness on the population at large to maintain and sustain their control of it. Stay woke, or if you’re not awake yet, it is high time to awaken to the reality of the Matrix we live in!

20 BradfordSpoke 16

“The Mother Ship”, She Calls It

“The Mother Ship”? 

If Hillary is placed into office – and she will be – just another puppet of the elite she will be. She’s been vetted for this very moment in America’s history. She has been a faithful and loyal puppet for the puppeteering elite who lurk within the shadows of our government, directing society, the way of our lives, and of the world. And for those of you who were “Feeling the Bern” as you called it, so would he have been another puppet. You just don’t get it, do you? Or maybe you do and just don’t CARE enough to DO anything about it. Resist, we must! We are all being led on…deceived, lied to, yet again by these bogus and comical political theatrics. Wake up, please.


Logo of uber-rich financial arch-criminal Rockefeller family’s Trilateral Commission. HQ District of Columbia (Washington), Chairman Joseph S. Nye, Jr.; HQ Paris, French Republic; European Union (EU), Chairman Mario Monti; HQ Tokyo, Japan, Chairman Yotaro Kobayashi

You will find some way to convince yourself that it is valuable and important to have outside organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, that holds secret meetings about how our society should be run, and toward what direction. You won’t admit to yourself that we should be really suspect about any such way of making decisions for our future. An independent organization like the TLC, having no connection at all the branches of government already contained within the infrastructure of the United States government, should hold NO AUTHORITY for offering any sort of consultation around our affairs – foreign and/or domestic! If those elected are that incompetent, they should either step down or there needs to be a re-election. The citizens elected the people who hold certain offices to work on their behalves, not some group of wealthy billionaires whose children will never be affected by wars fought on foreign OR domestic lands because they have the means to escape and take cover if war was ever brought to America’s homeland. Angelina Jolie is allegedly among this group of “wise individuals” that you have found justification for the existence of in your minds. Did you know this? And if you did, did ever think about why? You should. No disrespect, but what knowledge and expertise does an actress have around world affairs? What say should she have the privilege to voice around the future of this country and the world?  This should raise serious eyebrows. But it doesn’t, and I’m going to tell you why doesn’t. – CARE

Hillary Clinton (and I won’t get into she and Bill’s criminal pasts in this post) has been vetted for this very moment in American history. I’ve said it before and I am saying it again – American Presidents are Selected, not Elected. This is also the case for many world leaders in the free world. Hillary has been a faithful puppet; a tool of the global elite as was her husband, patiently awaiting her time to shine. And it has finally come. You just don’t get it, do you? Or maybe you do and just don’t CARE enough to DO anything about it. Resist, we must! We are all being led on…deceived, yet again by these bogus and comical political theatrics.

anti+technologyMy greatest concern at this moment in my life is not my life, but that of our children. I care not that I can make more money and become more “successful” in this world’s terms; my concern is not that all of my children are good students, earn good grades, and are good human beings; it isn’t even that I maintain the greatest of health and live a long life. Don’t get me wrong, I care about these things; they are all admirable. But my greatest concern and wish right now is that more of you would wake the hell up! Take notice, and resist the prison being erected around us all. Stop being a slave to money and materialism, doing any and everything just to acquire more of it. It isn’t REAL! Recognize its decisiveness, and be brave enough to turn it away, to say no, the life of my fellow humans are worth more than that. But waking up takes WORK!! It takes TIME! It take READING! It takes significant sacrifice and work on the Self! No different than anything else one wishes to be good at. Your TIME, however, is being stolen away from you by the temptation of this  frivolous pursuit of materialism; to keep you from being able to do the necessary discovery critical for healing our world! Who is willing to make the sacrifice of putting money and material acquisition aside for the moment? Who among you are willing to make the changes in your life that will allow you the TIME to focus on the REAL problems we are facing in our world, creating a means of putting your THOUGHTS, ENERGY and EMOTIONS into ACTION? Who???! Please! 

YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THIS: We cannot – and will not – create any REAL change in our world if we don’t first acknowledge that there IS a serious problem we are facing. Stop pretending that there isn’t! Stop being complacent! Stop being apathetic! Stop going with the flow! Facebook and all social media outlets should be FILLED with nothing but posts, comments, and intelligent dialogue pertaining solely to this paradigm we are all facing. We should ALL be discussing how we can bind together across the globe, toss this criminal cabal out onto the streets, and right humanity’s ship, dammit! Yet we continue to post about mostly bullshit; things that have little to nothing to do with what really matters; nothing to do with the dilemma we are in. We all know this – that we are facing a very serious turning point, but the masses of us still remain mostly silent about it, as if it’s going to all just blow over and magically disappear all on its own someday. Well I’ve got news for you – it ain’t!

These people whom we are up against are few, but they have a deep understanding of how we move, think, and respond. How? Because they just sit back and observe us like we’re in a fish bowl. They have the brightest minds in human psychology studying and understanding our behavior patterns in the same way that a watchmaker understands the most intimate inner workings of his most masterful timepiece. They watch the hands of our lives go tick-tock-tick-tock, while we cheer on shows like Dancing With the Stars.  Most of you will continue on with your day today, as if nothing is there; as if I didn’t post this and it didn’t resonate with you; as if you aren’t affected by it all. We all KNOW something isn’t right! What I am saying, is that the great majority of you have CHOSEN, and continue to chose to remain in blissful IGNORE-ance. And that is REALLY sad. CARE enough to Wake up!


20 Bradford Spoke 16 

Bradford Speaks is a Life Architect, Coach & Youth Speaker, who desires to wake up humanity to see a world that could exist if only it could employ more love and less hate and war. He seeks to speak to and inspire our youth to live at a higher level of consciousness, and to see themselves truly as their brother’s keeper. He is also an author and self proclaimed philosopher. You may visit his company’s siteBradford Speaks Life Management, LLC to learn more about his work, to schedule individual sessions, or book him to speak to your youth organization. 


Communications Efficacy – How To Build Quality Relationships


What More Do We Expect From A Warmongering Nation?

When we set our eyes upon the Great Seal of the United States, with the bald eagle eagle-sealas a part of historic American symbology, there are several things about it that most people never notice or ascribe any real meaning to. For this piece, I will discuss the unknown significance of a few of those things. Have you ever noticed or wondered why the eagle’s head faces to one side, as opposed to facing straight ahead or to the opposite side? Did you think it was just a preference of its creators, or has no significance whatsoever? Maybe you noticed and gave it some thought, or perhaps you didn’t. But you probably never wondered at any depth why this was so, or if there was any reason for it at all.

You should know that governmental bodies, and much of our society in general, is covered in symbolism taken from ancient times, sometimes re-done, and used in plain sight with the masses never thinking twice about the intention behind them. Unless one is an initiate into one of the various secret cabals that hoard this knowledge, they would never notice it, or think anything of it. In one of the bald eagle’s claws it is clinching onto an olive branch, which since ancient times has been seen as a symbol of peace. In the other claw it is clinching thirteen arrows – this number represents the thirteen original colonies of what would eventually become The United States <em>for</em> America. (Yes, you read and I typed correctly – I wrote <em>for</em> America. This is how it was in the beginning when America was established as a true and rare Republic. This union would eventually convert into a private corporation (just like the Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank), and the name of the country/company would change to what we know it as today  – The United States <em>of</em> America. (If you want to learn more about this, it can be easily researched). The bald eagle is symbolic of great strength, longevity, keen eyesight at great distances, regeneration, prosperity, and prowess, among other things. Its wingspan averages anywhere from 5.9 to 7.5 feet across. Let that sink in for a minute. Its wingspan is equivalent to the height of an average American male! So its massive reach is also intended to be symbolised in its choosing.

The eagle’s head faces to the right, in the direction toward the olive branch found in its right claw, symbolizing America’s preference toward peace. It looks away from the arrows – a symbol of war – indicating its desire to avert war, but prefers peace instead. Any person with a brain knows that this is not true; and it has certainly NOT been the operandi modus of the United States to date. In fact, it is written in the original constitution that the United States cannot initiate or declare war without being attacked first. So in more cases than not, it has staged attacks against itself in order to give reason to enter into wars.


Here’s the truth: Though along our shores it remains relatively peaceful, America is a warring country by nature, not a peaceful one. Again, this is no secret to any breathing, thinking human being. Some already know this, and many are still in denial of this fact; continuing to romanticize the ideals of American ‘greatness’.

War seems to be the way of the conquerers; it is an ancient tactic, and is also how Imperialistic and oppressive forces maintain their group. War is an engrained part of the fabric and culture of America. We are responsible for tens, if not hundreds of millions of human deaths upon this planet! America is one of the biggest terrorists on Earth. But we deflect and shift the blame into Islamic jihadists as opposed to looking at ourselves in the mirror, applying judgment, and then our so-called leaders (dead or alive) taking responsibility for their own actions in creating such devastation in the Middle East and around the world. We are currently in negotiations to restore relations with two countries – Cuba and Argentina – in which American CIA and military operatives were openly involved with  coups d’tats in these countries in attempts to overthrow democratically elected officials by the people of those nations, and seek to install its own puppet government that would protect its own interests on these nations’ soil.

AmericaKillsWe can rant, kick, and scream all we want to about gun control, and roll around in fear of our neighbors’ ownership of guns, but the truth of the matter is that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. There are so many people who have been affected by this war mentality and reality we’ve been infected with. The idea of war has existed for millennia, and is seemingly the chosen strategy for Empires to project power across vast distances. The original settlers in America have fostered a war mentality since the inception and colonization of the first 13 union states. This very land was stolen in an eventual act of war against the indigenous and Aboriginal Americans already living on the land. For God’s sake, The Civil War was a war between those who now shared this land after it was stolen, and had different views about its future direction. So they fought about it! WW I, WW II, The Vietnam War, Philippines-American War, The Korean War, The Persian Gulf War, Desert Storm, which thrust the middle east regions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and other surrounding nations into utter chaos and ruin. The ‘Drug War’ against America’s poor and negro; The KKK’s war in America against African defendants and American Aboriginals…I could go on and on.

How did we ever expect that these barbaric and medieval practices of murder and devaluation of human life would not somehow bleed over into our society? We literally pump this mentality into the minds of our children through video games, virtual reality, movies, and  documentaries. We continue to greedily choose to chase wealth over an evolved, intelligent, and high-thinking society. I don’t believe that all of these mass shootings of today are fully authentic, but for any that are, we can only peer into the mirror to clearly see the source from which much of the world’s turmoil flows.

20 Bradford Spoke 16

The Political Chess Game: Check Mate on Our Civil Liberties and Our Minds


Dear friends – I don’t quite know how to put this, except to just say it like it is – If we do not awaken to the ‘game’ that these actors are putting on for our political entertainment and our brain entrainment, we are going to soon wake up only to find ourselves and our families in a much worse hell than we are already in today. I have never been more thoroughly convinced that there is a hidden agenda – one that has existed for centuries – to obliterate what freedoms we still have left in America and in all of the free world. My GOD, we need a people’s revolution before it’s too late!


The Politician/Puppet – It is evident to me that the job of the politician/puppet in our world today is one of pure trickery and deceit, darkness, and exploitation of human beings through a unique blend of corporate and government aligned interests. The political processes to which they ascribe, and their use of the mass media machine to shape public opinion, ‘campaign’/pander to the public, are not-so-obviously intended to brainwash us, confuse us, and to keep us distracted from digging for ourselves to see what is really going on behind the “wizard(s)'” curtain. The wizard(s)’ primary intent is disinformation! But how do you fight to expose and destroy this wizard if due to extreme secrecy you are unable to uncover who the Wiz really is? So you’re left chasing after a moving target, which is also the intent. This is all a part of the great chess strategy – ultimate secrecy. This is why we have seen an extremely significant increase in the number of documents deemed as classified by the U.S. government in the last decade or so, as well as an enormous drop in the number of declassified documents. Though we have been promised more transparency by White House administrations, what we’ve actually gotten is much more secrecy and lack of disclosure. The United States’ Central Intelligence Agency is a huge cog inside of the disinformation wheel. In fact, former CIA Director (1980-87), William Casey was quoted allegedly saying:

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.


This specific intent did not leave the C.I.A. with Casey’s resignation – disinformation and counterintelligence are two of the primary reasons for its existence. If you’re willing to do just a little bit of digging, much if their dirty laundry is available for all the world to see. We all have to take some level of interest in our own freedom. They’re even arrogant about it, as if they dare anyone to challenge their crimes and their reasoning for them. The minute we place our trust/vote of confidence in these people within this two party system of (D) and (R) that we are invisibly forced to participate in, we have sadly already lost. Neither of these parties are loyal to the interests of the American people, nor to the protection of their constitutional rights; their only loyalty is to the Empire, and the succession of that Empirical concept to future propagandists that will replace them but continue their work of dismantling society. Every four years we get run over by the propaganda tractor, whisked again into thinking that ‘this candidate will be better’. Well they won’t, and I can guarantee it. They aren’t allowed to be.


Nazi Soulmates – It is widely known now that Adolf Hitler’s propaganda and war machine was heavily funded by wealthy, elite Americans and Europeans — just to provide a little greater perspective here. So let’s think about this for a minute – less than a century ago, the people of Germany never in a million years would have imagined that their beloved country would become the war machine and Nazi monster that it did under Hitler’s leadership. What human in their right state of mind would knowingly be a participate in such a travesty? This did not happen overnight; what preceded it was years of cultivating the soil of the minds of the German people to lead them toward accepting the sins he would commit in their name. This is not unlike the mental cultivation taking place in minds of Americans today! And if you’d open your eyes real wide, you will see that America has been slowly becoming an extension of those same Nazi ideals, which came into much clearer view for me after the carefully planned WTC attacks of 9/11/2001 and G.W. Bush’s blinding passage of The Patriot Act. When there is still no scientific explanation that can be given around how a 757 commercial jetliner could crash into the Pentagon building, only leaving a hole about 15′ in diameter, while the wingspan of such jet is 10x that, and you proceed to publish a report that substantiated such a scientific impossibility, you have completely lost all of my trust and belief in your ability to tell the truth! The Patriot Act alone took away many of our constitutional rights and civil liberties almost overnight, all under the deceptive guise of an American-created pseudo “war on terror”. These changes have happened so gradually that it’s easy to overlook – much like a marriage that has been deteriorating for many years, but both husband and wife have managed to turn a blind eye to the damage, hoping things will get better all by itself, or that perhaps some event will come along and cause all their problems to disappear without fighting and putting in the needed work. Something happening at such a gradual pace can be easily missed, and I understand that. Without conscious study, we all bear such a limited view of history. The majority of us suffer from short-term loss or are sickened with a case of total American amnesia. It can also be quite difficult to connect dots occurring over a string of two to three decades, particularly when none of the events within those lengthy timeframes are noticeably connected, or either have taken place outside of the periphery of our own lifetimes.

The Plan – To imprison us all – mind and body, and the mind piece is nearly complete. Some believe that this is an off-planet agenda, which is how I generally tend to lean. We (the West) have become that German war and propaganda machine now, my friends, and American citizens, not only Jewish people, are the targets. Like Nazi Germany, this is a machine that will stop at nothing, except death, to succeed at imposing its power across the globe. This machine utilizes staged events and terroristic imagery of death and destruction as psychological warfare to evoke fear in the hearts of its own people, using their own land and resources against them in their thrust for world domination. Our freedom is in grave danger, more than ever before in recorded history, and the signs of it are everywhere. Can’t you see it?! Are we waiting for some sort of savoir??

What’s Next – I believe that a complete collapse of the global economy is the next phase of this cataclysmic agenda to bring us all to our knees, literally begging peace, and for our lives and our families to be saved from suffering. In fact, the global economy and the freedoms that many of us have historically enjoyed, have been greatly under siege since the Federal Reserve Bank, IMF, and most recently Corporations have hijacked America’s politicians and politics back in the early 1900s. The Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Obama, and both Bush administrations have all plucked away at our constitutional rights one piece at a time – each had their part to play in bringing this final agenda to fruition. What freedom we (believe) have now is mostly perceived freedom.

Gun Control & Martial Law – Nationally, the end goal here is martial law, which starts with the confiscation of guns from Americans. One angle toward achieving this goal is to create a race war and a perception of uncontrollable mass shootings in America that only ‘Martial Law and increased gun control can bring into balance’. Turning Black Americans against White Americans, while turning our own law enforcement against us both! This can be achieved if there is a war successfully created between races, with Blacks and Whites fearful and untrusting of each other…fighting and killing each other, deepening the stereotypes that exist about each other, etc. Also, when law enforcement officials become so fearful of their own lives being in danger at the hands of citizens, this will make it that much easier for them to abuse us, our rights, kill us, and throw us into prison or concentration camps for the sake of their own safety. None of the raw and real facts support the need for more gun control on America, however, this agenda is atop the list for POTUS Obama  right now. The things that are really in need of attention are, of course, at the bottom of the list of priorities. This also is intentional.

More on this later, but for now keep watching with great vigilance.


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blue-lives-matterFirst and foremost, my condolences go out to the families of the two men and NYC police officers who were killed in the line of duty a few months ago. I meant to post about this matter at the time it happened, but somehow got sidetracked. So here goes…ALL LIVES MATTER, and it is never pleasant to see anyone lose a brother, sister, son, daughter, niece, nephew, or any other loved one, no matter how it comes about. That said, the comments made about New York Mayor Bill De Blasio in that moment by NYPD union president were out of line, in my opinion, and a direct attempt to agitate an already blazing inferno between law enforcement and American citizens, both in New York and around the country. He should have been sharply reprimanded and disciplined from the highest levels for his tactlessness, reckless, and unprofessional commentary and action. A period of suspension at the least, to take a moment to reevaluate whether he is of the right psychological mindset to lead one of the largest, most well-armed and brutal police forces in the United States. The fact that this did not happen, again indicates to me the lack of accountability for law enforcement officials and their actions.

While I empathize deeply with these humans and their families for the losses they have incurred, it takes a blind fool to fail to – or refuse to, rather – associate their murders to the citizens vs police boiling point that has been reached through the violence and additional over-policing that has resulted from the splattering of so much American blood across American soil – disproportionately black and brown blood but is increasingly incorporating white blood – at the hands of local, state, and federal law enforcement. The argument can also be made that there is a direct connection to the spike we have witnessed in the prison populace in America since the 1980s. This recent heightened awareness swirls around the silent genocide that has been taking place right underneath all of our noses for several decades now, under the guises of a fabricated War on Drugs, failed policies of Law and Order that have, in fact, created more criminals, and a “get tough on crime” philosophy in America that insists on not taking note of the mental state of many of its citizens due to constant social trauma. American presidents of the past – Nixon, Reagan, both Bush’s, Clinton – have centered entire election campaign platforms around these myth-made-real in the minds of Americans, spoofs.

cop-blklivesmatter policelivesmatter

Connections are Everywhere: You may not be aware that statistics indicate that when the so-called War on Drugs of the 1970-1980s was launched, initially by POTUS Richard Nixon, crime in America was actually at an all-time low, with around 300,000 humans being warehoused in prisons at the time. So there was no real need for a “war” of this nature to ever be initiated. So what was that all about? This alleged “war” has not truly been one waged against illegal substances or drug dealers, but one waged against the poor, black and brown people desperate to survive. It would go on to cripple and devastate entire communities around the country, turning millions into criminals and/or addicts. This ‘war’ was waged within communities that already lacked employment opportunities, and were already the victims of poor education systems and shabby resources, which as a result worsened its inhabitants’ ability to actively prepare for participation in a world that was moving rapidly from one based around industrialization and manufacturing, to one much more global in scope – a world based around hi-technology, and would require a specific education and skill set in order to thrive. Millions were left behind by this! The aftereffects of these immoral and federally supported efforts against this group of people have been far-reaching, reverberating still to the tune of now more than 2.2 million of disenfranchised among us via incarceration. A staggering number of others remain under some level of law enforcement supervision. Of all of these lives harmed, a large portion of their offenses were non-violent and the punishment did not match the crime because within the ‘Get Tough on Crime’ philosophy were embedded longer and harsher sentences for crimes of that nature, such as simple possession of narcotics, etc. The majority of those incarcerated were drug users and addicts needing rehabilitation from the very drugs that were intentionally implanted into their communities; they were not dealers needing prison time as punishment. Opportunities for a quality education, employment and fair pay would have been much more plausible gestures than the heroine and crack cocaine they decided to “gift” our American ghettos.

The real criminals and thugs here are not necessarily wearing baggy jeans, hoodies, and Timberland boots as we have been led to believe; but many (not all) of them wear suits today; ties, camouflage gear, and uniforms bearing shiny badges pinned to their chests with patches bearing the American flag symbol attached to their shoulder. That is whose interest our law enforcement are truly sworn to protect and serve – whether they are aware of it or not. Let’s see if I can’t be a little more clear – The original purpose of policemen was to protect the State and the assets of its rich and wealthy from other citizens they felt might threaten it – poor and black citizens. Its purpose is to keep you and me out! Our benefit is an ancillary one, at best. And to you, the officers who watch your colleagues perform foul deeds and say nothing, you are accomplices to those deeds – Shame on you!


The fact that police union members and leaders – in unison and in public – decided to disrespectfully turn their backs on Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, simply because he chose to speak out against and question their policing ethics, tactics and practices, should speak volumes to all of us. I applaud him for speaking up – it’s about time somebody with some political juice grew a pair and did so! Kudos, Mayor de Blasio! Perhaps his empathy spills out because recent events hit a bit close to home for him. Maybe his concerns have a little something to do with the fact that his wife is Black/African American, as well as the two biracial children they share. You see, love sees no color, so his concern lies with the love for his son and his family, regardless of his skin color. Having a conversation with his teenage (mixed black and white, but considered Black by America’s one-drop rule) son, cautioning him to be careful when encountering law enforcement in any way, is an intelligent, wise, and necessary conversation to have with any young black man living in today’s America – for the sake of their very lives! This should not be held against him in any way, or against any parent with the interest of protecting their child. If he deems it necessary to have such a conversation with his own son – who one might think would be shielded from harm in some way – how much more should we all who are at a much lower level of sociopolitical status and influence? He obviously feels his son’s life is in potential danger daily, as well as the rest of ours.

What the future holds for America as it pertains to the relationship shared between law enforcement and the Black community is largely unknown at this point, but historical and recent events would indicate that it is not a positive one, and a long fight lies ahead. Just as during the Civil Rights Period, the federal government is dragging its feet about aggressively getting involved, so the growing discomfort from this toxic virus swells in the belly of America. You would think they would have learned from the history that precedes us; its almost as if someone(s) want things to boil over.


Today we have an emerging police state that apparently feels it is above the law – whose actions should not be questioned; one that holds citizens highly accountable when one of their fellow officers loses a life, but does not want to be be held equally accountable when their carelessness, recklessness, and lack of compassion has claimed triple the amount of (black) American lives through brutality, murder, and incarceration, destroying entire families and whole communities, leaving innumerable children fatherless…and/or motherless in many cases. There’s this thing called cause and effect – every cause has an effect. You cannot enact a cause without there being some sort of effect that follows, i.e. The Gulf War and the long-range effects it has had on life in the Middle East. The effects of their mistreatment toward Black Americans, appears to be an open revolt against them. What a complete mess we have on our hands right now…and the origin of everything we are experiencing with regards to this dilemma we face, stems directly from imperialist ideals that date back centuries. This ideology begat America’s white supremacy and racism sicknesses, which begat racist laws and public policies aimed at continuously oppressing a certain group of people – African descendants. Some may choose not to see or to accept this reality, but it is a very sad and ugly truth that must be addressed.

There is undoubtedly a greater narrative to play out here. Only time will tell what exactly that narrative will be. Some of us already know it, though we still hope for the better.


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Bradford Speaks is a Life Architect, Coach & Youth Speaker, who desires to wake up humanity to see a world that could exist if only it could employ more love and less hate and war. He seeks to speak to and inspire our youth to live at a higher level of consciousness, and to see themselves truly as their brother’s keeper. He is also an author and self proclaimed philosopher. You may visit his company’s site, Bradford Speaks Life Management, LLC to learn more about his work, to schedule individual sessions, or book him to speak to your Youth organization.